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  1. psychonurse

    MRSA outbreak

    I can remember when this MRSA stuff started and all the inmates were telling us that they got bitten by a spider and it went from there. Well that was many years ago and it is still running rampant in the facilites. We don't always put them on antibiotics unless they get really large and it is after the culture comes back and shows us what it is resistant to. Sometimes we have to use Rochepin but most of the time we are using Doxy. A few years ago we contacted the Convetex company and they came in and did a great demonstration of their dressing supplies and we have been using them with good success. At the beginning we sometimes dress the wounds twice a day when there is a lot of drainage. We have them shower with Hibiclens daily and when they are draining we restrict them from work and activities. We have had quite a bit of success with this although there are some people that you won't be able to get totally clear since their hygiene isn't the best. We have had some of those lesions in the worst places but I really feel sorry for the guys who have the cellmate that have one of these and doesn't do good washing and the other guy ends up with them. Sonya
  2. psychonurse

    I am not ashamed

    NurseBean73, I can remember about 24 years ago a girl that I worked with at the hospital left and went to corrections and I thought that she had lost her mind. To leave a great job in the hospital and to take care of INMATES!!!!!:no: I thought that I could never do that....Well a few years later and I found out how much the hospital appreciated me and I went out to the prison and I will never regret my decision. I have learned to appreciate the job and taking care of inmates. I have found that the doctors where I work have much more respect for me than they do for nurses in the hospital. We are the eyes and ears for them 16 hours of the day and they learn to rely on us a lot. The autonomy is great. Today something happened that just showed that to me again. We had an inmate come up as an emergency and he is a Chinese man so I know they can be pretty stoic sometimes. Well he came up and had all the classic signs of a kidney stone. I went to the doctors, told them what was going on and the clinical picture and they told me to send him out even without checking him himself. Well he went to the hospital and was admitted as he has a huge stone and they are going to have to surgically remove it. I think we atone our assesment skills quite a bit because we don't always have a doctor around and we have to be able to know when someone needs more care than we can give and to send to the hospital. I really think that we are just as much a nurse as anyone else and you should be proud to join the ranks. Sonya
  3. psychonurse

    how do you get into a RN job in corrections?

    It depends on where you live. Oregon is always looking for RN's and LPN's, not only because of the nursing shortage but because we keep building more and more prisons and it isn't going to stop. We have a good retirement program, right now the money isn't good but I am on the bargaining team and we are going to work hard to try to get more money for the nurses. If you are interested into going to God's country just google Oregon Department of Corrections and there is a place to look for jobs, but I know there isn't a prison in the state that isn't looking for nurses right now. We have one opening right now and there are other facilities that have many more holes in the amount of nurses that they need. I have been a correctional nurse for 19 years and I wouldn't trade my job for anything in the world and getting close to retiring now. Sonya:paw::paw:
  4. psychonurse

    RE: Malpractice Inurance

    Woolfpak, I have been in corrections for 19 years and have never had malpractice insurance. I had it when I worked in the hospital and wasn't sure about how well my bosses would cover me in a lawsuit. Well I let it lapse when I started to work corrections. I don't know how it is in California but if an inmate tries to sue you, your lawyer is the attorney general and they will defend you unless you have done something blatent and no insurance company will cover you if you do something really wrong. I think that if you have malpractice insurance, it would just make you more of a target by your clients...I just don't think it is necessary in our area to keep malpractice insurance. I was sued once and it was all taken care of and I never even went to court. Sonya:yeah:
  5. psychonurse

    What kind of LTC resident will you be?

    I have a feeling that I am going to be pleasantly confused because I already am part of the time.....now what was I doing before I sat down at the computer???? Oh yeah cleaning....ugh- ugh- ugh!!!!! I don't know if I want to go to a LTC....please....let me stay at home and go out sleeping..... Sonya
  6. psychonurse

    I bummed my interview...just wanna vent!

    I have worked for the Oregon Department of Corrections where we are also having a building burst but the powers that be don't want to pay the nurses very much. I have been helping with the bargaining for our new contract and it has been a big fight to try and get more money for the nurses. The only thing that is helping me right now is the fact that I have worked there for 18 years and I still have a great retirement coming up... In fact in three years I am going to retire and only work part time....and I don't even know if it is going to be in nursing but I think that I could be a good consultant to some correctional facilities due to my experience. Anyway we are having a hard time getting applicants in fact there is no one on the list for a RN job right now. We have resorted to using agency nurses and that makes it really hard to swallow....knowing that they are making more money than I and there is many things that they aren't able to do in the facility. I am sure that the panel interview was tough, I didn't have any trouble getting my first job in the facility. My boss knew me from the outside and we were expanding at the facility and she kind of pushed me through the process. The nurses that start with us now are iterviewed by the Health Services Manager and Nurse Manager and usually someone outside the Medical unit....I am glad that I didn't have to go through all that. I agree, you need to get ahold of the powers that be and tell them that you were intimidated by the interview process but you will be ready for it this time and would like another interview. Good luck with your attempts and you will never regret going to work for the state.... Sonya
  7. psychonurse

    Irritating coworker -RANT

    I too am appalled at the idea of Correctional nurses cant work anywhere else, well I believe in the "walk a mile in my shoes.' I have worked in hospitals but I wouldn't down grade nurses who work in a hospital. I have been a correctional nurse for 18 years and I have been certified as a CCHP for 6 years and I am proud of my affliation with the organization. But that isn't the only reason that I am responding to this thread. Are you considered management?? Do you have a union where you work? You are not only in a hostile work environment but her talking about what she does on her time off and her body is not appropriate. If you do belong to a union, get to know the shop steward or your union representatives because that is blatantly against the union rules. If you have any questions, please PM me and I would be glad to answer your questions. I am sorry that your orientation into correctional nursing was such a bummer. There might be many reasons that they wanted to hire someone else for the boss...and you need to let her know that you are her boss.
  8. psychonurse

    med noncompliance

    Since it is probably a control issue you may do what we do for inmate compliance on some psych meds. When they are first put on may keep on person, we call them in at several different times of the day and week to check to see if they are taking thier medications. If they continue to not take take them properly, we put them back on the medication cart and she needs to sign a refusal of care paper saying that the department isn't going to be held repsonsible for her not taking her medications. Sonya
  9. psychonurse

    Wondering if Corrections is for me

    I have been a correctional nurse for 18 years and I have throughly enjoyed my job until the last 8-10 months. We have lost a few nurses to retirement, sickness and just bosses stupidity. We are down 8 nurses and they have put us on 12 hour shifts and not only 12 hour shifts but sometimes 16 and they call you all the time on your days off to see if you could come in. I am so exhausted that I ended up with a sinus infection and I have felt horrible. Don't get me wrong, most of the time I really like my job, the automony of it the job for me. The doctors respect you more and you don't have to worry about the office politics as much as in a regular hospital. I have recomended correctional nursing to some nurses that I have worked with or people that have taken care of me when I was in the hospital and they thanked me for recomending the job to them...Its just how you feel about your job and how you react to your clients...it always makes a difference. Sonya Oregon Department of Corrections
  10. psychonurse

    Happily Addicted to allnurses.com

    There are times that I feel that way also but with less than 1000 posts I don't think that I am addicted as badly as some, but I really need to spend more time in here......this is a place that my culture lives LOL.....Nice song though and I will probably have it in the brain for the next few days....Love you all allnurses.com
  11. psychonurse

    Males or Females

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I would much rather take care of the 1600 males that we have than the 200 females that we had. Women are much harder than men hands down.........:monkeydance:
  12. psychonurse

    basic training programs required for corrections?

    Yes we use both RN's and LPN's in Oregon, we have such a shortage of nurses that they are filling some postions with LPN's. I know that the facilities on the Western side of the state have quite a few working for them and we have one at our facility. Corrections is an interesting place to put your hat up and work. Its fun to play the mind games with these guys. There is a new place in Lakeview and another place opening is opening in Madras soon.
  13. psychonurse

    allnurses.com showcased in OJIN article - Must Read!

    Great site Brian, I have enjoyed it for many years..... And even though I have praised this site all these years and told every nurse I know about the site, I am still not a staff or moderator......thats okay thats fine....i realize that I haven't even broken 1000 posts....I have found out how those people have done it and I am determined to get more posts on this site.....Anyway you know I was just joking about all that stuff I love this site and the friends I have made here that are still with us and some that are not.....I love coming here and checking out whats happening and commenting when I feel the need....hope we have 50 more great years and after that I don't care cause I won't be around LOLOLOL:lol2:
  14. psychonurse

    Prenatal Care

    Sorry we don't have female inmates, just males, but I know that the facilites in this state that do have females, they do provide prenatal classes to the women so that they have some help before its all out in the open.
  15. psychonurse

    basic training programs required for corrections?

    When I started with the departmemt 15 years ago I had to take a physical exam and then I had to do the rifle range, march with the officers and learn how to use handcuffs. Oregon has changed its rules and we don't have to do all that stuffl. We learn how to do shakedowns and searches but no hand to hand combat or shooting of guns is required. Oregon has openings everywhere and we are opening another prison in about a year and the rest are not full. The wages aren't the greatest but our benefits aren't bad. And if you can make the 20 years you can do okay on retirement.
  16. psychonurse

    Informing inmates of medical care

    Our inmates sign up for a triage type thing and they tell us what is wrong with them, we have protocols to use that will help to decide if we can treat them or if we send them on to the doctor. If we have tried all our treatment modalities , we scheudule them for the doctor and he will treat him appropriately. We also chart in the charts what we see and hear from each inmate when we are triaging them. Some times the inmates will demand being seen by the doctor and we will schedule them for that. Its a fun silly game we play at correctional nursingl