Fellow student made a nasty comment what should I do?

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I took the pharmacology ATI test for practical nursing and I was excited that I passed... well I passed with an 81% we only had to have a 40% to pass. I was talking to my friend and a fellow student came to stand with us, so my friend asked how he scored he only got a 77% and my friend told him that 77% was good. He said "Not really." My friend then told him what my score was. He got really huffy and said " Well that's just amazing... seeing as you didn't know what Lopid was." I admit when my instructor asked me what Lopid was I went totally blank... but that by no means makes me stupid when it comes to pharm. I can't stand that guy anyways he's cynical and he thinks he knows more than a lot of the other students. I didn't say anything to him even though I wanted to. That comment really ruined my whole day. What should I do in a situation like this. He's in my clinical group so I'm sure it won't be the last time this happens. Sorry for the super long post. Thanks in advance for any replies. Kandy

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Brush it off as insignificant ... put it behind you ... and move on with your life. Such comments are minor wrinkles compared to life's real problems. This guy obviously has some sort of problem that causes him to feel the need to put other people down. Don't turn his problems into your problems.

If you feel a need to defend yourself, you could say something like, "Well, I knew enough to score higher than you did," and let it go at that.

Congratulations on doing so well on the test.



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Get over it and move on. Why do you care what this loser thinks?


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People like that make negative comments because they WANT to ruin your day..or make you feel stupid...don't let 'um..you did good ...so feel good :)

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Oh hunny I know completly where you are coming from. I am an eternal believer in the goodness of people. I will always think the best of them before I have to be convinced that it isn't the case.

A classmate of mine told me last semester that I thought I was better than everyone else since I was taking maternal/newborn as an honors class. So I just brushed it off thinking he was just joking around. Then I had to do the class presentation on my research and he said it again two more times. I was so pissed off I just told him off after it was all said and done. Now I just keep that in the back of my mind when dealing with him so he won't get tome anymore. I actually concidered him a friend before that.

You would be suprised the kind of people that enter the nursing program. There are always a few plain ol' jerks in every class. Just pay attention to the majority who say what a good job your doing cause you know that they are telling it right! :p


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Just remember, people like him will be put in their place soon enough! Just keep up your great work.

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Some people can only make themselves feel better by putting others down. That's sad. And that is their problem...not yours. Forget his comments.

This is actually a lesson for your future. There will be co-workers like this and your challenge is to work with them while maintaining your professionalism. Snappy comebacks can often make you appear as smart-a$$ as they are. Ignoring them or using a more assertive communication technique will fare better for you in the long run.

(Of course the fantasy of him melting away like the Wicked Witch of the West can make you feel better too!)


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You will find them in every walk of life. We had this guy in our class that used to try to find instances to contradict whatever the instructor was trying to get across to the class. Needless to say when he got to clinicals she had a field day with him. I think he did pass his bridge program but im not so sure he finished the RN program. And truthfully, i dont know that he could have passed NCLEX, he would have tried to contradict every question and blame someone else for missing the questions.

Blow him off,, i always like to say they get theirs in the end and usually they do. You will walk on a floor someday and find him working as your CNA or something. Let him wonder where that will take him. And it is true, a place i worked closed, and i have watched people who were there as my supervisors and took every opportunity to throw it in peoples faces that they worked "under" them, pop into our hospital as housekeeping staff and maintenence. Now nothing wrong with maintenence or housekeeping, but they definately aint the boss now. They have to take my orders.

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He obviously got what he wanted. A reaction from you, that being that you felt your day was ruined.


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" Whatever people do, feel, think, or say, don't take it personally. Others are going to have their own opinion according to their belief system, so whatever they think about you is not about YOU, but it is about THEM."

-----Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.-------

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Jo Anne - love your quote.

Everyone else is right - forget about it. His comment isn't worth worrying about.


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Whatever you say

bounces off of me and sticks to you! :D :D

Don't worry about the other people.

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