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  1. MandyInMS

    I Would Like Your Opinion.... am I right?

    walk6miles....I totally understand your frustration (((hugzzz)))....sadly this happens WAY too often all around the country and world...I did like you and raised a little hell about conditions, ect. only to be put in the same situations over and over again...I've been out of nursing now for about a year and a half , because I could no longer tolerate the BS...there came a time where it just wasn't worth it to me to put my patients & my liscense on the line daily...I'm not suggesting you do as I did...surely there has gotta be SOMEWHERE you can do a great job under reasonable conditions and leave feeling like you have made a difference........best wishes :)
  2. MandyInMS

    Floating to diffrent units in your hospital

    Had problems with floating a while back..a supervisor was determined that everyone was to float to ER.. my hats off to ER nurses, but I am NOT one of them..lol...there was no training or orientation prior to being floated there...some of the other nurses who gave in to her pressure described it as "sink or swim", being thrown to the wolves and being expected to perform as an experienced ER nurse...I cont. to refuse to go stating the obvious fact of no training,ect...it's a WHOLE diff way of nursing in the er...now mind you I have floated to numerous other areas that I felt comfortable/competent(sp?) with, so I'm NOT totally inflexable...and after seeing several other coworkers leave work in tears after being forced to float I knew "sticking to my guns" was the right thing to do. Sorry but I will NEVER be put in a position where my liscense or patient care is compromised....the end :)
  3. MandyInMS

    working on Christmas?

    Working holidays sux no matter who ya are :/ I'm SO grateful I was able to quit my suckie hospital job and am able to enjoy this holiday season for the first time in 15 years. If I had cont. to work, I was scheduled Christmas Eve, day, and day after...we all know that's part of the job...but dang if it isn't depressing as hell. Spent so many Christmas's away from my family..doing holidays on different days,ect...when I look back and ask Was it worth it? all I can say is HELL NO!..guess I'm in a "mood" today...lol..wishing everyone the best this season
  4. MandyInMS

    ICU pts on the floor

    maythen....I KNOW where you're comming from (((hugzzzzzz))) After being in similar situations time, after time, after time, I finally had ENOUGH. It wasn't fair to me nor to my pts.When you realize care is compromised it's time to go. Resigned my position last month after management changes made things soooooo ridiculously dangerous with no hope of change in site. I've been a housewife for about 3 weeks now,and I actually feel kinda "human". No job is EVER worth compromising your health,sanity,and values......best wishes to you!
  5. MandyInMS

    Signing things you didn't do

    Can we say ILLEGAL ??? if you have made this nurse aware that this is not to be done and it continued, I'd have to write it up AND advise the DON of it...I wouldn't want to cause anyone to loose their job , but geeeeeez! not going the illegal route for ANYbody.
  6. MandyInMS

    It's a Hospital, Not a Hotel (Gripe)

    Assertiveness training should be a part of nursing school..'cuz there's no doubt we ALL need it on a daily basis. They teach you the bare minimum of the technicals, but don't come close to preparing you for the 'real world of nursing'.
  7. MandyInMS

    Troponin levels

    Was the result 40 or 4.0 ?? I'm not a cardiac nurse ,but in our facility anything > 0.1 is considered elevated. Either way that's HIGH.
  8. MandyInMS

    Some of the things Doctors do and say really tick me off!

    When MD's go on their "ego trips" ALWAYS stay calm in front of the pt..this is VERY difficult @ times, when you'd love to smack 'um one...lol...then, when out of earshot of the pt express yourself in a calm/cool manner....makes them look like the idiot throwing the temper tantrum (when in most cases is the truth)....always be professional and ya can't go wrong...I've learned how to "get people told" in a calm manner, get my point across, and never raise my voice ...takes practice but can be done.......and when an occasion arises that you feel you may 'snap' on someone..remove yourself...leave..walk out if possible..and collect yourself/gather your thoughts and emotions.........hope that helps (((hugzzzzzz)))
  9. MandyInMS

    Driving out the older nurse

    It's alllllllll about the bucks...say you've got an RN with 20 years under his/her belt-that nurse will make more $$$$ ,as she should...but if they get rid of the older nurse and hire a "fresh" one , the same RN position is covered at a lower cost.....they don't seem to think about the experience the older nurse has, and what he/she has to offer the younger less experienced nurses.....I've also seen them drive out a lot of regular staff, and fill in with PRN so they don't have to pay the insurance on them...you can bet your buttocks they always find ways to FILL THEIR OWN WALLETS ...to hell with the nurses and pts...allllllllll about the bucks
  10. MandyInMS

    New Grad Burnt Out after 3mnths

    Sounds like you would be 'letting yourself down' if you STAYED. Life's too short to be miserable.
  11. MandyInMS

    OHHH The Arrogance of Some Doctors!!

    I think my time and privacy are just as important as a MD's, or anyone else's.If I go to the dr it's MY time and I'm paying for it.Of course emergencies are exceptions.Somebody better be coding if you answer a cell phone and I'm 'exposed to the world'. In the hospital setting ,as a nurse, would you answer a call in the middle of a private procedure/treatment??? I wouldn't..take a darn message for goodness sakes!
  12. MandyInMS

    Feeling like I'm a lousy nurse (rant)

    Awwwwwww (((big hugzzzzzzz))) everyone feels 'clueless' at first hun..just takes time Take your time, and don't let them overwhelm you..you shouldn't be responsible for more that 1-2 stable pts at first..be sure to get your full orientation,take things slow, and give yourself time to adjust. p.s.- I still feel clueless some days..lol
  13. MandyInMS

    Nurses and suicide patients

    I TOTALLY agreeeee with you ! we have all spoken to our higher ups about this to no avail...dangerous AND inappropriate...they don't seem to be HEARING us...do I have the right to refuse based on safety issues? I'm seriously considering it when placed in that position again :/
  14. MandyInMS

    Nurses and suicide patients

    I have had to assume care for suicidal pts on a few occasions..It's not fair for me nor the pt in a medical setting imo..they have been admitted to our med/surg floor until a psych bed becomes available..usually the doc orders a family member/friend to stay with pt at all times..how often does someone stay with the pt 24/7 ? rarely..q 1 hr room checks per nursing,call md of any changes/increased anxiety/threats of harm, ect....I would NEVER neglect nor delay care to any pt..reguardless of diagnosis..it's not my job to judge anyone..I do have objection /concern about taking care of these pts because of safety issues..I don't have eyes in the back of my head and cannot watch them at all times and NEVER do we have enough staff to cover one on one ..not safe , most of the suicidal pts are ambulatory and could leave at any time they felt like it and are quite smart in figuring out when staff make rounds and are busy doing meds ect, and could easily sneak out...just puts everyone involved in a sticky situation. Of course I notify MD/supervisor if no one is staying with pt..response is watch them the best you can...I just hope for my sake and the pts that's good enough and no harm comes to him/her..but there's always that possibility, and I don't like being put in that situation.
  15. MandyInMS

    Lvn Ii (2)

    Here LVN 2 means IV certified.
  16. MandyInMS

    Co-Worker Threatening Suicide

    Ughhh...tough spot you are in... I did some thinking about what "I'd" do in that situation. First I would take any suicidal threat seriously. Offer to take her to the ER for eval and treatment.If she refused help call 911.. To me that would cover all the bases..I'd feel I had done everything within my power to help my friend/coworker, and my conscience would be clear..I would NOT play into her games whatsoever.