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sjt9721 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency/Trauma/Education.

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  1. Our subscription to Medline Complete and CINAHL Plus with Full Text is through EBSCOhost and provided at the corporate level. (I work for the large, for-profit company with a 3-letter acronym.) We have good luck with these databases - we can access t...
  2. CT techs starting IVs

    Our CT techs start the IVs for outpatients having contrast CTs. Does anyone else's facility do this? If so, what type of training/competency/validation is completed and kept on file? Thanks to any who can respond.
  3. How messed up is this?

  4. Texas rate for Operating Room RN

    Depending on the facility, you may be able to negotiate for a higher rate, especially if it's a service line they've had difficulty filling. I realize it's not your specialty, but as an example, I know a CVOR nurse who pretty much wrote her own ticke...
  5. Bad experience - is this typical?

    Did I miss something, or has the OP not posted since this direct question?
  6. question about Texas CE/CEU for nurses

    The Bioterrorism requirement expired in 2007. Scroll to Section 301.305. Here is info related to what qualifies as continuing nursing education: ...
  7. Workplace violence?

    Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck with the rest of your program.
  8. As far as AHA is concerned, your Instructor card 'trumps' your Provider card, meaning you do not have to maintain or carry both. Provider skills should be validated sometime during your 2 years or as a part of your Instructor renewal. I'm the AHA pe...
  9. Do you donate to your alma mater?

    Yes, I donate a modest amount to both my undergraduate and graduate alma maters. (The amounts have varied slightly depending on my financial status, student loan payoff, attending graduate school, etc.). I'm able to designate my gifts to a specific n...
  10. Is ATCN included in your credentials?

    I agree with you Scott. ATCN is a course, just as ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc. While those courses/classes can be included in the definition of "credentials", it does seem a little silly to have the alphabet of course completion cards on your ID. Because s...
  11. Nurses' personal medical records

    AsystoleRN is correct. At most places you're not allowed to access your own records, much less those of a co-worker. HIPAA is alive & well at my facility. I just returned from maternity leave after delivering my daughter in April. I'm running int...
  12. need a name for ICU's softball team

    If you're counting votes, I like Team Propofol and the IV Leaguers. (Saw the suggestion of The an ED nurse, I'd avoid using that one!)
  13. Are CME and CEU the same?

    CE is continuing education, with CME being specific to medicine and CNE being specific to nursing. CE time can be measured in CEUs or in contact hours. Depending on the accrediting organization, CEs can be measured as 60-minute or 50-minute contact h...
  14. Pick the best out of the 4 hospitals listed

    Denton Regional and North Hills are HCA facilities as well. I've worked for HCA in 2 states for 14 years, with a 3-year hiatus into the not-for-profit world. There are pros & cons for each, as I'm sure you already know. Relating to ...
  15. Can never be to safe...

    Thanks for providing this information; I'm going to check it out. Another option is this: On several vehicle models, it fits into the existing console & bolts to the floor.

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