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sjt9721 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency/Trauma/Education.

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  1. sjt9721

    How messed up is this?

  2. sjt9721

    Texas rate for Operating Room RN

    Depending on the facility, you may be able to negotiate for a higher rate, especially if it's a service line they've had difficulty filling. I realize it's not your specialty, but as an example, I know a CVOR nurse who pretty much wrote her own ticket (>$40/hr).
  3. sjt9721

    Tour of Parkland Hosp.

    So you'll be at the STT Biennium? Are you doing the UTA Smart (Simulation) Hospital tour as well?
  4. sjt9721

    Bad experience - is this typical?

    Did I miss something, or has the OP not posted since this direct question?
  5. sjt9721

    Is ATCN included in your credentials?

    I agree with you Scott. ATCN is a course, just as ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc. While those courses/classes can be included in the definition of "credentials", it does seem a little silly to have the alphabet of course completion cards on your ID. Because space is limited, our facility allows for licensure, highest degree and one certification on our badge. Ima Nurse, RN MSN, CEN Note that a professional certification (CEN, CCRN, etc) is completely different than courses such as those mentioned above.
  6. sjt9721

    Are CME and CEU the same?

    CE is continuing education, with CME being specific to medicine and CNE being specific to nursing. CE time can be measured in CEUs or in contact hours. Depending on the accrediting organization, CEs can be measured as 60-minute or 50-minute contact hours. My state uses the 60-minute clock hour, so 60 minutes of a CE activity equals 1.0 contact hour. A CEU is a continuing education unit, which is not the same as a contact hour. One CEU is equal to 10 contact hours. Before you start spending money on CE, read your state's nurse practice act to figure out what type of programs will count toward your license renewal. (If you're completing CE for a professional certification, know what is accepted by the certification association.) For example...my state only accepts CNE hours for license renewal...we can't use CME hours. Hope this helps..
  7. sjt9721

    Pick the best out of the 4 hospitals listed

    Denton Regional and North Hills are HCA facilities as well. I've worked for HCA in 2 states for 14 years, with a 3-year hiatus into the not-for-profit world. There are pros & cons for each, as I'm sure you already know. Relating to outcomes...my current HCA facility (in DFW) recently saved the lives of my newborn daughter and myself. Natural labor, progressing well...then the bottom fell out. We were blessed to have quick-thinking labor nurses, critical-thinnking CCU/NICU nurses, and extremely professional post-partum & newborn nursery nurses. (And let's not forget the docs, other clinical, and support staff as well!) We're in the books as surviving (neurologically intact) an amniotic embolism. I'm so proud to work with the folks at my facility! As far as lower pay goes...I'll give up that 50 cents less per hour for not owing a dime on our hospital bills. There's a lot more to benefits than just an hourly salary. Send me a private message if you'd like more information. I'm happy to share with you what I know of those facilities. BTW...so you're a NASCAR fan? North Hills has the contract to provide nurses for the events at Texas Motor Speedway :-)
  8. sjt9721

    Doctor shortage? 28 States may expand Nurses' role!

    Love this!
  9. sjt9721

    Doctor shortage? 28 States may expand Nurses' role!

    I agree...just like I believe the answer to the 'nursing shortage' is not to expand the roles of medical assistants and medication aides. From the article: "A shortage of one type of professional is not a reason to change the standards of medical care," said AMA president-elect Dr. Cecil Wilson. "We need to train more physicians."
  10. sjt9721

    Can never be to safe...

    Thanks for providing this information; I'm going to check it out. Another option is this: http://consolevault.com/ On several vehicle models, it fits into the existing console & bolts to the floor.
  11. sjt9721

    If a Hospital is Magnet Hospital

    Another way of showing support for higher education is through tuition reimbursement, scholarship programs, and flexible scheduling for those in school. For our place, it's not so much about hiring BSNs, but about removing barriers to help our ADN hires go back to school.
  12. sjt9721

    Nurse Fired For Refusing To Get a H1N1 Vaccine or Wear Mask

    The options were presented to her. She made her choice.
  13. sjt9721

    do any RN's use Medscape for CME's?

    Yes, ANCC (or another state board of nursing) is the accrediting body that you're looking for. I can't speak for all the states, but some may accept activities that are only listed as "CME" (physician credit). Texas however, will only accept things from ANCC, other BONs, or specific nursing organizations. :-)
  14. sjt9721

    Christian Science Nurses

    My thoughts on protecting the title "nurse"..... It's not so much about how hard I've worked, or how long I went to school. It's about the public. Protecting the title ensures the public that anyone presenting themself as a "nurse", did indeed complete the well-established, formal education, training, & licensure specific to nursing. We aren't just healthcare providers, but also healthcare consumers. I resent the description of this topic being "trivial" when it comes to something that helps me (and others) to be more informed consumers.
  15. sjt9721

    do any RN's use Medscape for CME's?

    I've used it off and on over the years. Many of their courses are approved for medical and nursing credit. This is the specific site to retrieve courses that are approved for nurses (through ANCC): http://cme.medscape.com/nurses You can also sign up for email alerts about new articles/reviews that are specific to your specialty.
  16. I was thinking about this while reading the article. It may not have always been true, but current surgical consents require disclosure of who is going to be in the OR (besides hospital employees) during your surgery. This goes for students, equipment/device reps, etc. The author's statement about patients not knowing certainly came across as slanted. Another issue I had with this article, is the focus on how the guy put himself through school. So what if he sold hot dogs to grocery stores? Does the author think that his neurosurgeon was born wearing scrubs & holding a scalpel? It seemed a deliberate attempt to discredit the individual based solely on his prior employment or activities.