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  1. Why are nurses such back-stabbers?

  2. British Man Injured After Lighting Firecracker in Buttocks

    Oww. right up there w/ the guy who inserted a car antenna up his woopsie daisy and ended up in my unit.
  3. Non-English speaking patients

  4. LPN feels like QUITTING school!

    :yeahthat: :redpinkhe
  5. Will somebody PLEASE tell these doctors....

    20. Take a penmanship course.
  6. Rapid admission: med/surg floor

    Pt's waiting to be placed in the units. In a nutshell you are the admission nurse You do the admission paperwork, sign-off the doc orders and wait for a bed to open in the hospital
  7. Have you meet Jnette: "Goody 1 Shoe"

    when my dad was waiting for his kidney transplant years ago, it was his dialysis rn who got us thru that roller coaster. jnette, i don't know you, but your post speak for themselves. congrats. the poem below is for you. the proverbs 31 nurse by loi...
  8. All 3rd shifters

    -Just curious as to what time (5 to-7am) you or assistant nursing personnel, perform your am morning finger sticks.
  9. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

    good websites. why is "skin tags" listed as possible symptoms? I understand about the darkened skin on neck, thighs, arms etc, but not clear on why these develop. anyone know?
  10. Hospitals/5 star amenities--what do you think?

    then they wonder why nurses leave the profession.
  11. Abandoning babies at Hospitals LEGAL?!?!

    absolutely. this option needs to be on tv,newspapers, docs offices,internet etc.
  12. Abandoning babies at Hospitals LEGAL?!?!

    In some states there is a law called "Safe Haven". Name/title varies_ Think of it this way, a 14 yo girl gives birth in a public restroom and decides that she cannot bring her baby home. She a) drowns the baby, b)places the infant in a garbage can c)...
  13. A good day for the slaves of Texas

    Celebrated over in my neck of the woods as well.
  14. Police Killed Our Patient

    Thanks! :)
  15. Police Killed Our Patient

    and another thing before I get out of here... Why doesn't the mental health facility offer a course/in-service to the police? Instead of blaming officers for everything that goes wrong, be part of the solution. outta here.