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meownsmile is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, Ortho.

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  1. I had a bulging disc that severed and was floating into my spine pinching nerves. I had surgery after being flat on my back for a month. It took about 6 months to completely get healed so i could go back to work but that was in 97. I have been working on the same unit i was then, have gone back and completed my RN from LPN and havent had a problem with my back since. I do have to be careful, esepcially when im tired but that is from another underlying condition i have from a vertebral fracture we didnt even know i had in jr high school. It isnt from the disc surgery.
  2. meownsmile

    Phone advice? Do you give it?

    The only advice over the phone i would even consider is if it was a patient that i had discharged that day calling to ask about particulars with discharge instructions. Sometimes at discharge things are moving quickly and people just want to get out so they dont necissarily hear everything you have told them. If it is a change in their condition though i will either tell them to call the office and have the doctor call them back or i will tell them to come back to the ER to be checked out.
  3. meownsmile

    Disposable chux or washable?

    We havent used the draw sheet for years and years. The fabric chux are strong enough they double as an easy aid to pull a patient up in bed. They are also more absorbant than the disposable ones in my opinion.
  4. meownsmile

    ring around my mouth

    You might want to talk to whoever put the class on and see how those maniquines are cleaned. It could very well be you are sensitive to something they are using or are sensitive to the protective barrier they give you to use for practice. It is worth checking out though because any further contact could cause a worse reaction.
  5. meownsmile

    Hipaa Violation Advice

    She most likely will not hear anything from the BON unless the Ex decides he wants to press the issue. If that is the case and he brings suit, both the hospital and the nurse can get large fines. Ive seen this happen in my area at least on one occasion.
  6. meownsmile

    RN license issued in error

    This has to have been the Pearson site that made the error. I dont know that the board of nursing can do anything for you because they get their information from pearson to issue licenses. However, i dont know that i wouldnt contact a lawyer and make sure if i did have to retest that every single bit of that cost was absorbed by pearson, along with some mental anguish and pain and suffering. We all know how physically and emotionally draining that test is. Dont let it drop, if you have to retest go ahead and do it, because simply put if pearson doesnt pass you you dont get a license. But do find out what legal recourse you might have. Lost wages, lost time, travel time and expense to the testing facility. etc. Get evey penny.
  7. meownsmile

    Staying in touch with pt after discharge

    Dont do it. There may be alterior motives on her part regarding her recovery or further treatment and you dont want to risk it or put yourself in that position. I have encountered patients that i have cared for in public before too. I usually am casual, smile at them and unless they speak i keep it short and sweet. I hope you are doing well, getting along ok etc. Otherwise,, its just a hello. No need for anything more.
  8. meownsmile

    My sister was not taken care of in a nursing home

    I agree a report needs to be made ASAP. There is no reason if they recieved a med list on her admission she shouldnt have been getting her meds. Whether they called home and had your mother read the labels to them, or called the pharmacy to find what her most recent scripts and doses were it should have been done. Some monitoring needs to be done at that facility for sure.
  9. meownsmile

    Fear of physicians and taking telephone orders

    I think everyone has an initial period they are a little jumpy at calling doctors and taking orders. Joint commission require you read the order back to the doctor when taking a telephone order. Just remember, the doctor cant jump through the phone and bite you, he cant kill you, he cant maime or otherwise beat you so the only thing that may get hurt is a little bruise to your ego. Dont be afraid of them, they dont know all, and they cant hurt you. You can always report them if they are to abusive, that is completely uncalled for and your nurse manager should stick up for you. Because without you, they would be in there taking care of their patients by themselves.
  10. meownsmile

    CVC's and PICC's- to use, or to x-ray, then use?

    Denfinately have to have an xray for placement on a newly placed line. I doubt whoever put it in would allow it to be used if it werent xrayed for placement first initially. However, if it is already established on admission, it is accessed flushed and used.
  11. meownsmile

    Called in tonight; I know I'm in trouble...

    Ahh your letting your concious get the best of you. 2 call offs in 8 months is nothing you need to worry about. Just dont bring it up again and dont give any reasons. It isnt their business anyway, people get sick, be it mental health or physical health. Better to call off and save the sanity for further shifts than go in and crack at work.
  12. meownsmile

    am I to old to start?

    I did LPN school in my early 30's with 3 little kids. I then went back for the Rn and finished the year the oldest graduated from high school which was about 42 for me. Go for it, you wont be sorry.
  13. meownsmile

    Truth or Myth: dairy increases mucus?

    Maybe a question you should ask your microbiology or maybe chemistry teacher. Question about whether the milk protiens when mixed with secretions (enzymes) from the mouth can make those secretions thicker. I doubt that milk make you actually produce more mucus, but it may make the oral secretions thicker for a while after you drink milk.
  14. meownsmile

    diluted IM Phenergan?

    Docs are on a zofran kick. But recently we are seeing fewer and fewer orders for it. Apparently the insurance companies are throwing a fit because of its cost as compared to inapsine or phenergan.
  15. meownsmile

    College of Mennonite for Fall 08 anyone?

    That would be my dream to do that. I have friends who have done it online through that school and it can be very grueling but dont despair they did make it through and you will too. I just am not in a position right now to go back and finish the BSN. I did finish the ADN and am happy where i am for now. Plus im a little older now and dont really want to be burdened with classes right now either. But good luck to you and all the best.
  16. About all you would need to palpate the liver for is for basic landmark purposes. The RN doesnt need to know how large the liver is or if it is enlarged on a physical assessment. I agree that is the doctors responsiblity to measure and treat. Possibly if you had a trauma and there were injuries that would cause the liver to be displaced or at risk you may need to watch the edge landmark for assessment purposes.

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