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  1. meownsmile

    New Grads having trouble finding a job in Chicago?

    You folks might consider moving a bit south in the state where there are jobs open and facilities in need of RN's. I think my hospital just hired half of the local colleges graduating class.
  2. meownsmile

    Can i work as a CNA before I get my certificate?

    In Illinois you can work as a NA but not a CNA. What this means is you can work in a facility but can only work if there is a CNA on the unit with you. Just as people in nursing school can work at hospitals and do the same work the CNA's do, they can...
  3. meownsmile

    Pay in Central Il?

    I work at a smaller hospital closer to springfield and our new grad salaries are about 18.00/hr to start. Pay grows quickly the first year with raises every year for the first 5 years, then yearly raises along with everyone else after that. If you...
  4. I had a bulging disc that severed and was floating into my spine pinching nerves. I had surgery after being flat on my back for a month. It took about 6 months to completely get healed so i could go back to work but that was in 97. I have been wor...
  5. meownsmile

    employment after back surgery

    Sometimes local developmental facilities (private or state) have to have people to train employees to assist individuals in medication administration. Look into places in your area that assist developmentally disabled in group home settings. Maybe s...
  6. meownsmile

    I Need A Tubex!!!

    I quite bothering to use them when they changed at my hospital too. I have no use for the carpuject system, the old tubex were much better. Ill just use a traditional syringe thank you. If the pharmacy cant get them for you though, you might see if y...
  7. meownsmile

    Phone advice? Do you give it?

    The only advice over the phone i would even consider is if it was a patient that i had discharged that day calling to ask about particulars with discharge instructions. Sometimes at discharge things are moving quickly and people just want to get out ...
  8. meownsmile

    Disposable chux or washable?

    We havent used the draw sheet for years and years. The fabric chux are strong enough they double as an easy aid to pull a patient up in bed. They are also more absorbant than the disposable ones in my opinion.
  9. meownsmile

    ring around my mouth

    You might want to talk to whoever put the class on and see how those maniquines are cleaned. It could very well be you are sensitive to something they are using or are sensitive to the protective barrier they give you to use for practice. It is wort...
  10. meownsmile

    Hipaa Violation Advice

    She most likely will not hear anything from the BON unless the Ex decides he wants to press the issue. If that is the case and he brings suit, both the hospital and the nurse can get large fines. Ive seen this happen in my area at least on one occa...
  11. meownsmile

    Policy on patient leaving AMA with IV in place

    Usually we hav plenty of time from the time they start yacking about leaving AMA to the time the actually go to take it out. If they refuse to have it taken out im sure we would call security and get it out first. I have had a patient discharge an...
  12. meownsmile

    Do all nurses get assaulted by patients?

    I agree it depends a lot of what type of nursing you are doing. Developmentally disabled are more likely to assult their caregivers because they have learned a trust response. They know who they can let know they dont feel well and unfortunately the...
  13. meownsmile

    According to Saunders.... I am a nursing idiot!

    I have yet to hear of anyone who scores high on any of the review tests. I took the NCLEX 1 time with 76 questions. I never scored much over 85 with the review tests. Consider what you did with your HESI or whichever test you had to take in school a...
  14. meownsmile

    Rotating Shifts??

    Some are 2 weeks of days and then you move to 2 weeks of nights. Maybe a day/evening rotation,, usually divided in 2 week periods.
  15. meownsmile

    Isolation in your facility

    It does seem that family members have the hardest time with isolation. They think because they have lived with the person they shouldnt have to wear PPE's. They dont understand that those PPE's in their case is for the protection of the rest of us ...