how far do you drive to work

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:) Just curious as to how many miles or how long it takes people to drive or commute to their job?

Thanks, allevi

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3.5 miles/day each way x 2years; down from 150-200 miles doing IV infusion 4 years ago! 9 yo Caravan LOVES me now!

I drive 25 mi. one way, or about 30 minutes. :)

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Well, I used to drive 34 miles one way to work. It took me 45 minutes to get there from home. Now with my new job that I started in December, I drive only 15 miles one way--takes about 24 minutes as the speed limit varies and I am saving SOOO much on gas. I only have to fill my tank once a week.

When I work at the hospital, i drive 2 miles, about 5 minutes to get to work. When I work for the home health agency, I drive 70 miles one way. I am a student, and getting up early enough to drive 70 miles to work, then back to make it to my classes is rough! Luckily, the home health part is only one semester, 2 days a week. My car hates it just as much as I do! Atleast the price of gas has gone down to 1.13 here a gallon.


I am in Home Health, so the commute is only a part of the distance. My office is 37 miles one-way on the highway, BUT, I have to add the miles for the supervisory and quarterly visits as well as the skilled visits, so the total varies per day from 74 to over 150. However, since I have the best boss and am in the best job I have ever worked at in 22 years of being an RN, I grin and bear it. I just wish I could be re-imbursed for the milage after I arrive at work. I do keep a very detailed driving log, with gas reciepts, and deduct the non-commute miles from my taxes. That does help a little. I do agree with others that doing the IV visits all over the place was no fun, I'm much happier now. I also take my '74 MG Midget to work on the good days. With the top down, and taking the long way home via the country backroads, the commute is VERY enjoyable.:)

Most people here in WI think I am nuts but I commute 52 miles each way...104 miles a day. I did it for the job which I really enjoy. I am able to flex schedule so I work 4 days a week, 10 hour days. I also go in at 4:45 AM so there is no traffic going, more on my way home. Its about an hour going in, an hour 15 minutes coming home. It is a lovely drive, all 65 mph.

I used to work a couple miles from my house and then had a job closer but with a worse commute (city rush hour stuff). Sometimes it isn't the miles but the type of driving that counts.

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I've done a 63 mile each way commute for a year. This past year I drive 150 miles and stay for 3 days then drive back.

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B.C. [before child], I lived 4 blocks from the hospital, and walked. Now I live out a ways, about 18 miles each way. Traffic is bad in the ams, ok after work (12 hours), so ~ 25-30 mornings, and 20 nights.

p.s. Brandy--Iwas thrilled today to see gas @ 1.75/gallon!!! At least I have a small car! I am sooo jealous. ;)

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Only about 5-6 miles. There is no traffic at 6:30 a.m. and even less at 8 p.m.

I used to drive 45 minutes each direction and it never bothered me. Now drives longer that 15 minutes in one direction are too long!!!!!

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I drive 1.5 hours each way to work. The drive didn't bother me before, but I am planning to find something closer in the next 6 months.

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Although this thread is a whopping 6 years old, I'll go ahead and reply, because I think discussions regarding commutes are interesting. Hence, my screen name is 'TheCommuter.'

I presently have a 6-mile drive to my workplace one-way. In 2003 and 2004, I was not working in nursing, and had a factory job that was located approximately 120 miles away from my home. Therefore, my daily commute back then was 240 miles roundtrip.

When I quit this factory job in late 2004, I began another intense commute to and from school. I lived 95 miles from the school, so the daily commute was 190 miles roundtrip. I attended school 5 days weekly for 1 year, so I ended up placing an additional 52,000 miles on my little vehicle during that time. When I started school, my car had 46,000 miles. When I completed the program, my car had 98,000 miles!

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I drive 25 miles, takes 35 minutes. I hate it. Only because the grass is greener at a closer hospital. I have to leave my house at 1800 because we have to clock between 1838 and 1845. Can't clock out until 0708. The other hospital has 1900 as its actual clock time. I'd be glad to lose 30 minutes just to clock in and out at 7.

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