how far do you drive to work

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:) Just curious as to how many miles or how long it takes people to drive or commute to their job?

Thanks, allevi

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26 miles, I can get there in 25 minutes, but sometimes it may take an hour or more depending on traffic. Straight shot down the interstate.


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2.3 miles!!!!!!!!!! takes me 10 min from my door to the time clock

School is 30 min away, 4 days a week...except this summer, my commut is from my bedroom to the computer! Im taking my classes online. :)

Once I start work, I'll need to work somewhere within 20 - 30 minutes because I'll be a surgical tech, and will in all probability have to take call.

45 miles one way

I leave 1 hour and 15 minutes when I work night (it only takes about an hour).

Drive time 1 1/2 hours on day or evening shift.

I am a travel nurse. I drive 225 miles one way. The facility schedules me Fri.-Sat-Sun, then I drive back home 225 miles.

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I was thrilled today to see gas @ 1.75/gallon!!! At least I have a small car! I am sooo jealous. ;)

1.75/gal for gas? Wow. What a difference six years has made!:angryfire

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It takes me 5 minutes to get to work.I live and work in the city.And love it!!

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