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  1. MuddaMia

    Walden FNP starts june 03, x2013

    I am starting FNP at Walden next week also. I am so worried that people (ie hiring managers and peers) will not respect the degree after all this time and money. Well, I'm going to jump and and give it a whirl! Good luck everyone
  2. MuddaMia

    Good Nursing Agencies in Ann Arbor Area?

    St Joes in AA is hiring for their FirstChoice RN. You have control over schedule, no set requirement as far as hours, but you have to agree to work at any of their 5 area hospitals.
  3. MuddaMia

    I REALLY need some direction from Mi RN's!

    Hi Ryan, I do work on 4 east...good unit! Great Manager. She is tough but fair. There is a good orientation. I dont have any idea what new RNS start at. I am contingent... I know a 5 yr RN makes about 28 hr. PM me if you need to. Welcome to Mi!
  4. MuddaMia

    RN pay for contingent RN's at DMC.

    Bumping to see if anyone has a clue to what they pay. I have an interview dor the Float pool next week (contingent) and want to make sure its worth my time to go.
  5. MuddaMia

    I REALLY need some direction from Mi RN's!

    :flwrhrts:UPDATE: I packed up the car, the kids, and the dog and we left for Michigan june 23rd. While on the road between Michigan and Florida I was called by St Johns and St Mary's/ I set up interviews at both and was offerred both jobs. I also interviewed with Henry Ford the following week and was offered that job also! I ended up accepting the job at St Mary's because of the hours and location. I really wanted to work in Novi at Providence...but the offer was for nights and that doesnt work for me. The Henry Ford job was for urgent care 5 - 10 pm...weird hours but job sounded interesting. I have already gone through orientation and started with my preceptor at St Marys.....not bad for landing here 3 weeks ago with no job! We love Northville and the girls have already made friends. Thanks EVERYONE for their input and advice.:heartbeat
  6. MuddaMia

    Staffing levels on Telemetry Units

    1 :6 where I work...sometimes 5 and sometime 7
  7. hello wise michigan nurses...i'm moving back to northville with my kids becuase i have to (long family drama saga) i applied for my license in michigan one week ago (may 13) and i want to move to michigan june 30....would love to start a job around july 15. **do i wait until i have license in hand before i apply? **will they hire me with a pending license? **should i try to get a travel nurse job x 13 wks and look for permanent work once i'm there? any advice is appreciated. i cannot go without a job for any period...as it's just me and my kids without much savings. help ?!?! advice?!?!?! :redbeathethanks in advance:redbeathe
  8. MuddaMia

    St John's Flex Choice

    I can only work day shift (have kiddos at home alone)...but distance is alright
  9. MuddaMia

    St John's Flex Choice

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any current info on the flex choice pool with St Johns hospitals. I am wondering the different options and a realistic hourly wage and hthen how many hours will I really get? Is it likely to get 3 days a week with this prgram? Thanks in advance!
  10. MuddaMia

    I REALLY need some direction from Mi RN's!

    Ugh...someone else tell me its not that bad...please?
  11. MuddaMia

    I REALLY need some direction from Mi RN's!

    wow Lotus...thats depressing! Where do you live? I grew up in NW Detroit (Rosedale Park). I cant imagine that the economy isn't going to turn around eventually,right? I have been thinking of buying my parents townhouse in Northville. I can get a good price (they like me and afford to live in a great school district ,which is my main objective (soon to be single mom of 4). So....I have a cheap place to live in a great community and get the heck out of Florida where I know I will never be happy, so I have set my sights on Northville. I like my version better than yours (LOL I am kidding, I really appreciate all responses!)
  12. hi there well, it looks like i am moving to michigan as soon as i can secure gainful employment as an rn. i am working in florida prn on tele floor and making great money because i regularly work (4) 12 hr shifts with per diem pay ($34/hr) and overtime after 40 hours. any chances of finding a floor that likes to overwork its prn nurses to such a lucrative degree? lol! i am moving to northville and would love to find something close by that is similar to what i am used to, but am willing to learn new skills too (have even thought of agency or travel). anyone have any words of wisdom? insider tips? please someone tell me where i should begin my search.
  13. MuddaMia

    SOB and Chest Pain....

    Always treat chest pain as if you are dealing with an acute MI until ruled out. You need a stat EKG and rapid troponin, ASA, and a sublingual nitro.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I have been there (many times). I am actially coming up there again this october to do a 10 day car trip and see the fall foilage with kiddos. My sister lives in Newtown, I love it there. I realize the cost of living is higher in all areas of new england, but I think with the increase in pay and my willingness to rent instead of buy at first...I could do it. Quality of life and a good education for the kids is something I would sacrifice anything for (not that leaving Florida is much of a sacrifice:D )
  15. Can anyone give me an idea of a prn rate for rn's? I currently work in northern Florida at $34/hr prn. I am based on my home unit (I don't float) and can work as much as I want (I usually do 3 to 4 12's a wk, but only am required to work 2 a week). I'd like to move somewhere in New England so my kids can have a chance at a good education.I really dislike the culture (or lack thereof) here in Florida and want to raise my kids in a environment where people are educated and more open minded than here. My kids have dreams of living in a small town where they can ride bikes into "town". Here it is urban sprawl and strip malls (ick). Any ideas?