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allantiques4me specializes in Brain injury,vent,peds ,geriatrics,home.

been with my husband since i was 16y/o

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  1. allantiques4me

    How would you handle this, VERY lazy CNA!

    We are not babysitters!!!If she cant handle her responsibilities,she needs to go home!!Write her up for starters!!I am so glad I dont have to deal with these horrible types of people where I work!! Been there, done that!!Good luck!She needs to be reprimended and possibly fired.!!
  2. allantiques4me

    Nursing Jobs Outside Of The Hospital...

    I work in a residential center for abused neglected children with behavioral issues. I Love it!Its a campuslike setting in the city.5 minutes from home,KIds6through16.Mostly minor illness and injuries.Low stress.We have 3 houses,a pool,garden,gym,school,Playground.And school.Ive done med passes in all locales including on field trips!I work every weekend Which I love)And PRN on occassion.I hope to keep this job forever.
  3. allantiques4me

    I had very poor LVN/LPN training. Anyone else?

    I cant say we had poor training.We had 6 months pharmacology.clinicals twice a week with geriatrics,pediatrics med surg,obstetrics,homecare.We had to observe three surgeries,witnessed a birth!WE gave injections,subQ,IM,intradermal, ,passed medications.Oral,nasally,rectally,ect.We had lecture and labs the other two and a half days.We had a lot of hands on.I felt our training fell together like a puzzle.I definetly recommend the LPN school I attended.Central School of Practical Nursing in Cleveland!Even coworkers state they thought our education was great!IV training was offered later which I did get certified.Im not sure if its required with the course now.I graduated a quite a few years ago.Any alumni Ive spoke with feels the same!Im sorry you had a bad experience with the LPN program.I feel fondly of mine!
  4. allantiques4me

    Bipolar kids or bad parents?

    I work with children 5 through 16,with behavoiral issues.Manymost of them come from very disturbing backrounds.We use a combination of medication and therapy.It is very sad though.Sometimes you wonder if they can work out thier issues without medication.Or for example,if the kid seems hyper wouldnt it make sense to let them play in the gym or outside longer?Very interesting article.
  5. allantiques4me

    Newbies - Keep an eye on your drunks!!

    Great Story!! And very informative!!!
  6. allantiques4me

    Digital Disimpaction

    I was thought you must have an MD. order for everything.Maybe check your facilities procedural manual.It might help clarify it.
  7. allantiques4me

    If You Could What Halloween Costume Would You Wear?

    I would dresss as a nurse from the 70s.
  8. allantiques4me

    Flu shots

    Hi everyone! I have a question maybe someone could answer.I work at a residential center for kids with behavioral issues.We get Doctors orders to give flu shots to the children.Flu shots are also available to the staff at a cost.I know we need a Doctors order to do anything.How could we leagally give flu shots to staff in this case?Would like the medical director or the staffs own physician write an order??What about those flu clinics??How does that work??(AS far as a Doctors order?) Any Answers would be welcomed.Since flu season is coming and Im sure ill be required to give some flu shots to staff.Thanks in advance
  9. allantiques4me

    Where do the Happy Nurses Work?

    I think I just answered a similar question yesterday,but here goes again.I love my job am a nurse at a Residential center for kids with behavoiral issues.I work on a campus like area.Im responsible for kids 5 thru 16 yo .Ive done med passes in the garden,gym,pool,school,playground and a couple days ago,the Zoo!!Im independant,flexible,and love the autonomy of thejob .Very close to home and the money is good. What more could I want??HAPPY NURSE!!
  10. OMG! I absolutely LOVE my job!!! I work on a campuslike setting with children with behavoiral issues.I Love the flexibility,autonomy.I have done my med passes in the garden,at the pool,gym,why just the other day.I went to zoo with the kids and passed my medications there!Basically I am responsible for all the Med passes,minor illnesses and injuries.And administer first aid to them as needed.My supervisor is an RN BSN.She pretty much has the same duties plus the administration part.Yes there are people who love thier job!!!!That is why I went into nursing.Good luck!
  11. allantiques4me

    Thank you ...

    Thanks for your acknowledgement!!What an uplifting letter.
  12. allantiques4me

    Tech issues

    You sound like you could hold your own and you sound like you behave in a professional manner.Good for you.I wouldnt worry about working with her,wouldnt you be able to write her up for insubordination???( After you graduate)What about the other nurses?Couldnt they write her up??Good luck I believe youll be a good nurse!!
  13. allantiques4me

    Did becoming a nurse change you????

    I think its changed my way of thinking life is forever.Ya know tomorrow we might have cancer,be paralyzed or have some other horrible life altering experience .Yes bad things can happen to us too.
  14. allantiques4me

    Rich nurses?

    I dont think Im rich,but pretty comfortable.
  15. allantiques4me

    How far do you commute to work?

    I live 5 minutes drive away from my job.I get to sleep in alittle due to my commute. Ilove it.I absolutely hate to drive far from home anyway.
  16. allantiques4me

    LPNs/LVNs: What's Your Specialty?

    Residential center for behavoiral children.I love it.Campus setting,pool,playground,garden,gym ,school,houses.Its so cool!!Minor illness and injuries.Low stress.