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abundantjoy07 is a RN and specializes in ER, Medicine.

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  1. abundantjoy07

    Preop Question

    I have spent the past 8 hrs working as an ER RN. I saw an opening posted for a preop part time position. The recruiter told me the shift is 7a-330p with possible overtime depending on cases scheduled. My question is is if I do part time which is 2 days a week how on earth does one make a decent income? 16 hrs isn't much at all. Also does that mean full time is Monday-Friday? Are there any 12 hr preop shifts or is that rare? On another note, if I considered part time OR are those typically 8 hr shifts as well?
  2. abundantjoy07

    What's In Your Staff Bathroom?

    There's one sign in there that says, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat." At my other job, it's educational and policy posters galore. Oh and of course announcements for staff meetings. Joy.
  3. abundantjoy07

    Where do ER RNs typically move onto?

    No idea. I feel like there is no other area to go... it seems like ER is the final stop. Maybe it's because I like it so much. I can't imagine not working at the bedside, yet I can't see myself in any other unit but the ER.
  4. abundantjoy07

    Anyone doing it for the money and stability?

    Compassion and caring goes so far. Something has to pay the bills. Great career great benefits and salary. I love being a nurse and I love what I get from it. And 3 days in a week in Pajama like clothes....heck yes!
  5. abundantjoy07

    Really bad fever blister. Should I call in?

    Wear a mask or really good concealer.
  6. abundantjoy07

    Discrimination in PT care??

    Of course. People can be really nasty and I unfortunately have met almost all of them. lol. You learn a lot about personalities being a nurse. People are incredibly racist and sexist. Horrible. I just cuss them out in my mind and do what I have to do. :sneaky:I don't spend extra time in the rooms either.
  7. abundantjoy07

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    I pay the mortgage, pay the car note, pay all the bills of living, pay for my daughter's care as a baby...and I occasionally buy things that are overpriced that I really don't need....like an idiot.
  8. abundantjoy07

    10 year old died after I performed CPR

    You did all the right things. People tend to say things like "if only I hadn't told him to come over" "if only I had turned the corner sooner" "if only I had turned on the lights upstairs" my response is It's NOT YOUR FAULT. We are not God and we don't plan on bad things happening. If it rains it rains. If it's cold it's cold. And the boy didn't die because you didn't get there 34 seconds earlier. He didn't die because you didn't ask what medications he was on. He died because it was his time to go. If it's your time to go it's time to go we can't feel at fault. You did your best but in the end it was already decided.
  9. abundantjoy07


    I'm gonna have to play Devils advocate here as my response is going to go against several posts. I dont care care how people get home. I'm the ER nurse. You're discharged and it essentially means from an ER standpoint that you are fixed. That is where my job ends. I'm not a social services person and I honestly believe that you should have money on you or someone to get you home. If you don't have money on you still get in the cab and pay the cabbie when you get home. Grown people should be able to take care of themselves. I swear it's annoying when people ask how They are getting home. Don't know, don't care. You found your way here Im sure you can figure it out. That issue annoys the living hell out of me. just to add on...for bedbound/incompetent/or morbidly obese to the point where the patient is non ambulatory that is common sense that transport will be arranged. For everyone else...figure it out!
  10. The carina is the y shaped junction at the bottom of the trachea. The muco-ciliary (spelling?) elevator brings up sputum and mucus up from the throat and the sinuses. Totally useless crap.
  11. abundantjoy07

    How does your ED address the Observation Unit?

    Our Obs unit is considered part of the ER. However we as ER nurses do not float to Obs and Obs nurses don't float to ER. Honestly, the ER staff regards OBs as a completely different unit. The acuity of the patients are lower, the patients are already packaged up when they get over to Obs and Obs nurses tend to not be able to handle critical situations the way ER nurses do. We see the OBs unit as a regular unit with just a shorter stay. Sad to say, but Obs has always been ER by name...only.
  12. abundantjoy07

    ER Wishlist Items!

    I would ask for more staff. Period. Allocate more money for more staff. That's all I want. Forget equipment, forget new machines, forget renovations...just give us more staff. Period.
  13. abundantjoy07

    Working in a Trauma Center but nervous about Traumas, advice appreciated

    Traumas are no different in my mind than any other case. I kid you not. You do all the basics and then troubleshoot from there. Monitor, line, labs, meds...ABCs...assessment...Usually when traumas come in everyone goes to the room to assist. Maybe I've just been doing it for a while that it doesn't phase me anymore. Granted there will always be iffy situations, but for the most part it's basic...especially after you've done it for a while.
  14. Pregnancy testing. Or a few weeks back a patient came in for a rash that had been there for 1 year (I kid you not). He waited in the lobby for hours only to get screened.
  15. abundantjoy07

    ER wait times

    I'm truthful. I tell them there will be at least an hour wait if there are 5+ people in the lobby. (Even if it will be only 15 minutes). If there are 15 people in the lobby then 2 hours. 15+ I'm sorry I can't answer that question, we are moving as fast as we can however due to the ambulances coming in the back I can't give you a time. I don't know how long it will be. If they still press I tell them that the longest wait is x hours and leave it at that. I don't tell them about acuity because they get pissy. Everyone thinks they are a level 1 and most are level 4s and 3s. If they knew about acuity they would ask theirs and I would have to explain way too much. Then they would be pissed if they knew they were a level 4 or 5.
  16. abundantjoy07

    What is your ER policy for lunch breaks?

    ER #1 sounds wonderful.

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