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  1. abundantjoy07

    ICE " in case of emergency " apps worth it ?

    My question is how is anyone gonna figure out how to unlock my phone? And then they'd have to search through the apps to find the ICE app. But again, how do you unlock a locked phone? I have a card and necklace for myself that is with MedicAlert. I figure it saves life and doesn't take much effort.
  2. abundantjoy07

    Best way to space out 12-hr night shifts?

    I also do 3 in a row. If not I feel even more exhausted. And after work it's not that difficult to fall asleep. The light and a ringing phone doesn't phase me.
  3. abundantjoy07

    How much do you get paid for being on call?

    I work at a major hospital...and I get all of $0.00/per for being on call. WooHoo!!!
  4. abundantjoy07

    Online TX License Renewal Question

    In response to my own question...since I don't see an option to delete this thread...I saw the online chat option on the BNE website and the support guy said that you do have to mail or fax in your certificates. Hopefully that will help others that have this question.
  5. abundantjoy07

    Online TX License Renewal Question

    On the BNE website it states that: "Proof of continuing education must be received in our office in order for the license to be released for renewal." Does this mean I need to mail in copies of my certificates obtained from this year to the BNE? OR are they able to see the hours I've earned based on the fact that you use your license number when earning CE's?
  6. abundantjoy07

    Drawing Labs from IV Line

    Q: What's the easiest way to explain to a patient that you cannot draw blood from their IV line? Usually these lines don't give back blood and trying is futile. I generally explain that a smaller gage IV is placed and pulling back on the line causes the vein to collapse from the pressure, thus no blood return. But this is like talking in tongues. Any easier explanations?
  7. I just want to say "SHUT UP!!!" to some of my patients. The talkers...oh the talkers. They talk for hours on end about things that really aren't relevant to their care. A little talk here and there is okay, but don't hold me for 30+ minutes just to shoot the breeze. I am at work and I do have...you know...work to do.
  8. abundantjoy07

    Nurses not speaking english at work

    I work nights and I am the only native American RN who is on staff. We do have one native secretary and one native PCA. So out of 30 or so night staff we are a minority. It's difficult when everyone is speaking in their own native tounge. But, our manager and director are also non-natives and don't understand the issue of needing english to be the main language spoken when working on stage. Break time and other times don't matter. But do I really have an argument when only 10% or so of our staff are native to this country?
  9. abundantjoy07

    Milk and Molasses Enemas

    I had a physician order it, but the pharmacy said we don't carry molasses. I called CS and the kitchen, but there was again, no molasses. I finally called the doctor back and asked if we could just do a tap water or soap suds enema. He was okay with the soap suds...which made me wonder why he ordered the milk and molasses enema. It was a whole bunch of headache when it could have been easier to order something more standard. Not to mention the annoyed patient who wanted the enema NOW. Sigh.
  10. abundantjoy07

    Disheartened at work

    As a med-surg nurse I have to say...it's a jungle out there. It's like eat or be eaten, sink or swim. All I can say is consider changing your specialty. I am currently in the process of re-evaluation myself.
  11. abundantjoy07

    Observation status: RN's job to change to Inpatient?

    I don't think I should have to be bothered with administrative stuff like that. It's just not a concern of mine. Mine main focus is caring for the patient and not tackling these issues. I mean our jobs already emcompass so much. We are seen as the jacks of all trades but do we really need more stuff to bother with?
  12. No, but I would love to retake a few of my nursing classes. I think now, I would have a better understanding of topics and would be able to learn more since I am a nurse. I would love to catch the things I missed the first time around.
  13. abundantjoy07

    Why did you join allnurses??

    I joined because I was just entering nursing school at the time and thought it would be nice to have someplace to ask questions that I was embarassed to ask in class. Then, too I also wanted someplace where I could complain to others who were in the same boat.
  14. abundantjoy07

    Magnet Hospital Nursing Question

    At my hospital they are phasing out LVNs. I think by the end of the summer we wont have any LVNs employed with us. They are giving the LVNs the option of going back to school and staying on board or leaving. They are also not accepting any new hire that does not have their bachelors degree. So even RNs with an ADN wont be considered. I think to be safe you should go for your RN. Even if it's an ADN it might be safer in the long run.
  15. abundantjoy07

    So I am sitting here...

    Isn't our job great?