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:) Just curious as to how many miles or how long it takes people to drive or commute to their job?

Thanks, allevi


I drive about 25 miles to work each night...thanks to the new highway I only spend about 15-20 minutes in the road ...

Speed limit is 65...

I drive more slowly on the way home...more time to de-program.

Used to drive 45 minutes to one hospital...woke up many a day with a spelling lesson in front of my know the lesson?

P-E-T-E-R B-U-I-L-T...... Gadzooks!!!!!!!:eek

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I've worked a variety of jobs in a variety of settings - rural to urban - and have driven 30-45 minutes(20-40 miles) for all but 1 of them. I loved the transition time - mom to nurse and back.

In fact, the only job I quit because of it's negative impact on my family was the one that was 2 blocks away.:eek:

I drive 22 miles one way and everyone thinks I'm crazy. It takes me 40 minutes in the morning and over 1 hour coming home. I think about finding a job closer to home all the time. Yes, it's true that it's nice to have time to decompress after work, but sometimes I just want to scream! I get tired of having to wake up very early to have time to drive. Since this is Chicago with two seasons of winter and road construction, it can add on to a normally longish commute.

I think its 8 miles. Takes about 10 minutes. But then I have to drive to appointments after that and may put on another 50 to 100 miles during the day depending on where they are.

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:rolleyes: I have a 20 mile drive to get to work one way. In the morning it takes 20 minutes. In the evening it can take me an hour, depending on traffic. Sometimes I wonder why I do it:) But then I know why- I like where I work. ( most days;) )

I must be crazy then after seeing other responses, I drive 55 miles one hour each way, over 110 miles a day. I've put so many miles on my poor van. I do enjoy the zoning out time and there is hardly any traffic, all highway. So much better than when I drove in Boston.I listen to the radio and am trying to learn Italian on tape. Where I live it's at least 30 minutes to anywhere! I am dreading this winter, haven't yet had to drive this way yet, new job. That may be the deciding factor. Let you all know. Bye

Actually, I only drive 5 minutes to work - it is wonderful!! On pretty days, I can ride my bicycle to work! :)

I currently only drive about 5 miles, and am looking into a job that is slightly further away, but am afraid that after work i would be too tired to drive. thanks for all the replies:)

I drive 1.5 miles to work.I would walk or ride my bike but too hot for 3-11 no place to shower etc; neighbor hood at hospital not cool.

i, like bugrn drive one hour, or 52 miles. it's all highway also except for a 12 mile stretch which is alot of foliage and deer! i too enjoy the zone-out time and can actually listen to my own radio stations instead of my teenagers!

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I do the 12-hour night shift thing and commute 33 miles to work.

There's a Easy Mart gas station about half-way from work and home that sells these delicious ice-cream cones. I usually stop to buy one on the way home. The ice-cream cone nice treat and the stop helps keep me awake. It could also be a reason I'm slightly over-weight . . . but that's another topic and "forum thread".:)

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