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  1. Is med/surg really that bad?

    yes it is.
  2. Magnet theme song...

    Right on llg.
  3. PCT

    Good advice from itsmejuli. Dont give up pct"s are a big turn over . A vacant position will open up. Good luck.
  4. Should I stay or should I go?

    Do not stay it is not safe for you or your pts. Look for a position with oreintation. Good Luck
  5. Nursing Career Questions

    I cant remeber all of your questions. I got into nursing because my wife said I would be good at it. I had military medical expierence so nursing courses were easy for me. I like the pay best. I do not like some family members and some doctors. Poop ...
  6. What Makes a Hero Nurse?

    I agree with cardiac RN. Police or military are the true Heroes.
  7. Which job?

    Neuro Office.
  8. Magnet designated hospital--anyone work at one?

    MY hospital is a magnet. The one day of the year that we have adequate staffing. We do not get extra pay foe certifications either. It means nothing for us nurses.
  9. Need help deciding to go from social work to nursing

    You will still be 49 yrs even if you do not attend nursing school. The floors are very hard on your body. Although I do it 5 days a week and have a perfect attendance record every year. So yes it can be done at your age. I say go for it and good luck...
  10. Hi

    yes i would agree to the interview.
  11. I started going for a BS in healthcare Management I was within 3 credits of my degree when I swicthed to nursing. Great decision for me. Good Luck
  12. advice please

    Get a degree in Healthcare Admin and forget nursing.
  13. Doing anything special to prevent H5N1?

    stopped kissing pigs.
  14. I would like to work in R & D for Harley Davidson and test ride new motorcycles.
  15. RN Having a hard time finding a job

    Nindot if your resume looks like your post that might have been a reason. Your resume must be absolute error free, with perfect grammer. Keep looking and good luck.