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Ted has 25 years experience and specializes in ICU/CCU (PCCN); Heme/Onc/BMT.

Happily married; no children; lots of nursing; lots of music.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing Allnurses up and running again.
  2. I'm just being silly! LOL! You're doing GREAT work. Again, Thank You!
  3. LOL! Thank you, I think! LOL! I try to compose music that is relaxing, but hopefully not to the extent that would cause deep slumber! LOL!
  4. Here's a link to a composition that I wrote 2 years ago. https://soundcloud.com/edward-fiebke/an-ocean-sunset I'm posting the link as a test. Hopefully you can hear the music.
  5. Enjoyed reading everyone's postings here. Life has been relatively "Q" inside and outside work. The big thing that I've been doing is setting up a big "templet" in my audio-recording software for new music compositions (for 2019). It has over 100 (virtual) instruments to this templet and almost maxes out the RAM in my computer. LOL! Hope to start a new composition later this afternoon/evening. My goal is to compose one new instrumental composition per month.
  6. sirI

    HELLO Ted!!!  What do you think about our brand new home? 

    1. Ted


      I like it! Thank you for the sneak peak! 🙂

    2. sirI
  7. Ted

    An Eclectic Recovery Thread

    Dave - Just want to say a warm "Hello". . . Peace. . .
  8. Ted

    My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    Wow. . . This topic is only one day old and already there are SIX pages of postings to be found. I received an email regarding this topic. Usually I ignore emails about posts from bulletin boards like the one that was sent from allnurses. But this topic caught me eye. No. I did not read every post. Too many of them. But it seems that the "control issue" has been clarified by the "original poster" (OP). Hopefully that's true. Since I am here already, I might as well give my "2-cents worth". It's summed up with this: HIPPA. Don't use patient names or anything super specific about a patient that can violate HIPPA. Otherwise, share, vent, seek answers to question, etc. As far as preserving one's own anonymity. . . well that's a personal choice. I started out on this web-site using the first initial to my first legal name followed by my last name. I held that UserID for years. Now, it's just simply my well-recognized nickname since birth. Why? It's easier to type when I sign in. For me, i'm an open book and I could care less what others think about what I post. Not everyone shares this point of view which is to be expected and respected. So, don't share anything about yourself you simply don't want people to know. (And, as always, following this web-site's Terms of Service will go a long way in keeping whatever is posted safe, honest, respectful and following HIPPA.) Cheers! :) Ted
  9. Ted

    Facebook nurses and patients

    Some sound advice found here. Count me as another nurse who will not accept former patients as FB friends, for the reasons noted in previous posts.
  10. Ted

    Brian Short News

    Like others, I just saw this on Facebook, too. (The last time I actually "talked" to Brian was on Facebook, which was a while back.) I am at a loss for words except that I simply hold Brian and his family in warm thoughts and prayers. . . For Peace. . . To the AN staff and members. . . Prayers of Peace to you too as you (as we) process this unbelievable news.
  11. Ted

    Happily Addicted to allnurses.com

    I guess I'm re-re-readdicted to allnurses. LOL! (It's always been a nice internet-resting-place to visit.) :)
  12. Thanks! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
  13. Ted

    Preceptors what do you want out of your students?

    Definitely. . . lots of what's been shared here are what I would hope to see in a new-grad/orientee nurse. Being eager to get all of the "task-stuff" out of the way (learned, practiced and competent) is a first step. For me, though. . . being willing to "dig deeper" into the roles of the Professional Nurse is a pleasure to see, too. "Teacher". "Advocate". "Preceptor". "Care-Giver". "Forever Learner". "Problem-Solver". "Critical Thinker". "Team-Player". "Team-Leader". "Role Model". "Researcher". etc., etc. Well. . . maybe not all. . . and certainly not all at once, but, at least to my eyes, these are the "roles" of the Professional Nurse that go along way to making the career satisfying, challenging, effective and life-long. Learn what you need to learn to draw that blood lab. Now, that you can do that, what are you going to do when the potassium level is 2.5 or 7.9? If the situation presents itself appropriately, what and how are you going to teach your patient to keep the potassium level within normal limits?? Be patient with yourself. Mistakes will come. As others have said, learn from them. Then, move forward and appreciate the growth as you continue to learn, practice, master. . . and teach. :)
  14. Ted


    I hope to take the PCCN exam sometime by the end of the year. I haven't stared studying for it, yet, unfortunately. Haven't even purchased a study-book for it yet. UGH! I've had co-workers attend lectures by Dr. Laura Gasparis before. They LOVED her lectures and found them to be quite helpful as they studied for the CCRN exam. Many, many moons ago, I actually talked to her on the phone. We tried to get her involved with a musical that was written back in 1996/1997. She was very gracious and offered much encouragement as we continued on with the production and promotional aspect of this project. Unfortunately, she had scheduling conflicts and didn't have the time to be in the show (so she said). She's a very cool person. Good luck with your study as you prepare yourself for the PCCN exam. This thread that you just started is challenging me to get on with my studies! UGH! LOL! Cheers. . . :cheers:
  15. Ted

    allnurses.com iPhone app is here!

    Congrats, Brian! Seems like technology is going towards those small hand-held thingies. Those small hand-held thingies are more powerful than the computer workstation I had 10 years ago! I guess technology marches forward (as gadgets get smaller). Cool! :cheers:
  16. Ted


    Congratulations! Edited to add: I see that you're currently residing in upstate New York. If you don't already have one, there are nursing job openings in the Albany, NY area.

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