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Ted has 31 years experience and specializes in ICU/CCU (PCCN); Heme/Onc/BMT.

Happily married; no children; lots of nursing; lots of music.

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  1. Ted

    Security certificate?

    A moment ago, I was having problems signing onto the "Yellow Side". That issues seems to be resolved. (Yesterday, I was having problems signing onto the "Blue Side".) I hope you guys are OK!! There seems to be problems with cyber-attacks. Hopefu...
  2. Ted

    Site Changes

    Hi - I'm just finding out about the site changes now. Please clarify. Will the "Breakroom" no longer be its own web-page? If not, will there be a "Daily Diary" on the Yellow Side. For what it's worth, I've been a member here for a long time. (Heck!...
  3. Looking forward to seeing Allnurses up and running again. ?
  4. I'm just being silly! LOL! You're doing GREAT work. Again, Thank You! ?
  5. LOL! Thank you, I think! LOL! I try to compose music that is relaxing, but hopefully not to the extent that would cause deep slumber! LOL!
  6. Here's a link to a composition that I wrote 2 years ago. https://soundcloud.com/edward-fiebke/an-ocean-sunset I'm posting the link as a test. Hopefully you can hear the music. ?
  7. Enjoyed reading everyone's postings here. Life has been relatively "Q" inside and outside work. The big thing that I've been doing is setting up a big "templet" in my audio-recording software for new music compositions (for 2019). It has over 100 (...
  8. sirI

    HELLO Ted!!!  What do you think about our brand new home? 

    1. Ted


      I like it! Thank you for the sneak peak! ?

    2. sirI

      sirI, MSN, APRN, NP

      Glad you like it, @Ted ?

  9. Ted

    An Eclectic Recovery Thread

    Dave - Just want to say a warm "Hello". . . Peace. . .
  10. Wow. . . This topic is only one day old and already there are SIX pages of postings to be found. I received an email regarding this topic. Usually I ignore emails about posts from bulletin boards like the one that was sent from allnurses. But this to...
  11. Ted

    Facebook nurses and patients

    Some sound advice found here. Count me as another nurse who will not accept former patients as FB friends, for the reasons noted in previous posts.
  12. Ted

    Brian Short News

    Like others, I just saw this on Facebook, too. (The last time I actually "talked" to Brian was on Facebook, which was a while back.) I am at a loss for words except that I simply hold Brian and his family in warm thoughts and prayers. . . For Peace. ...
  13. Ted

    Happily Addicted to allnurses.com

    I guess I'm re-re-readdicted to allnurses. LOL! (It's always been a nice internet-resting-place to visit.) :)
  14. Thanks! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
  15. Definitely. . . lots of what's been shared here are what I would hope to see in a new-grad/orientee nurse. Being eager to get all of the "task-stuff" out of the way (learned, practiced and competent) is a first step. For me, though. . . being willin...