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Lots of Nursing. . . Lots of Music.

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Ted has 29 years experience and specializes in ICU/CCU (PCCN); Heme/Onc/BMT.

Happily married; no children; lots of nursing; lots of music.

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  1. Ted

    Security certificate?

    A moment ago, I was having problems signing onto the "Yellow Side". That issues seems to be resolved. (Yesterday, I was having problems signing onto the "Blue Side".) I hope you guys are OK!! There seems to be problems with cyber-attacks. Hopefully, this web-site isn't getting attacked! Anyways. . . thank you all for looking into this! 🙂 Ted
  2. Ted

    Site Changes

    Hi - I'm just finding out about the site changes now. Please clarify. Will the "Breakroom" no longer be its own web-page? If not, will there be a "Daily Diary" on the Yellow Side. For what it's worth, I've been a member here for a long time. (Heck! I used to be an Administrator here! L O L!) I've cut back on my postings here and on the internet as a whole. But I do enjoy and appreciate the Allnurses web-site, especially the "Breakroom". I've been "cyber friends" with several members from Allnurses . . . for a long time. I do want to continue on corresponding with them, at least through the "Daily Diary" forum. I wish you well as the changes take place here. Ted
  3. sirI

    HELLO Ted!!!  What do you think about our brand new home? 

    1. Ted


      I like it! Thank you for the sneak peak! 🙂

    2. sirI

      sirI, MSN, APRN, NP

      Glad you like it, @Ted 😀

  4. Ted

    My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    Wow. . . This topic is only one day old and already there are SIX pages of postings to be found. I received an email regarding this topic. Usually I ignore emails about posts from bulletin boards like the one that was sent from allnurses. But this topic caught me eye. No. I did not read every post. Too many of them. But it seems that the "control issue" has been clarified by the "original poster" (OP). Hopefully that's true. Since I am here already, I might as well give my "2-cents worth". It's summed up with this: HIPPA. Don't use patient names or anything super specific about a patient that can violate HIPPA. Otherwise, share, vent, seek answers to question, etc. As far as preserving one's own anonymity. . . well that's a personal choice. I started out on this web-site using the first initial to my first legal name followed by my last name. I held that UserID for years. Now, it's just simply my well-recognized nickname since birth. Why? It's easier to type when I sign in. For me, i'm an open book and I could care less what others think about what I post. Not everyone shares this point of view which is to be expected and respected. So, don't share anything about yourself you simply don't want people to know. (And, as always, following this web-site's Terms of Service will go a long way in keeping whatever is posted safe, honest, respectful and following HIPPA.) Cheers! :) Ted
  5. Ted

    Facebook nurses and patients

    Some sound advice found here. Count me as another nurse who will not accept former patients as FB friends, for the reasons noted in previous posts.
  6. Ted

    Brian Short News

    Like others, I just saw this on Facebook, too. (The last time I actually "talked" to Brian was on Facebook, which was a while back.) I am at a loss for words except that I simply hold Brian and his family in warm thoughts and prayers. . . For Peace. . . To the AN staff and members. . . Prayers of Peace to you too as you (as we) process this unbelievable news.
  7. Ted


    I hope to take the PCCN exam sometime by the end of the year. I haven't stared studying for it, yet, unfortunately. Haven't even purchased a study-book for it yet. UGH! I've had co-workers attend lectures by Dr. Laura Gasparis before. They LOVED her lectures and found them to be quite helpful as they studied for the CCRN exam. Many, many moons ago, I actually talked to her on the phone. We tried to get her involved with a musical that was written back in 1996/1997. She was very gracious and offered much encouragement as we continued on with the production and promotional aspect of this project. Unfortunately, she had scheduling conflicts and didn't have the time to be in the show (so she said). She's a very cool person. Good luck with your study as you prepare yourself for the PCCN exam. This thread that you just started is challenging me to get on with my studies! UGH! LOL! Cheers. . . :cheers:
  8. Ted

    allnurses.com iPhone app is here!

    Congrats, Brian! Seems like technology is going towards those small hand-held thingies. Those small hand-held thingies are more powerful than the computer workstation I had 10 years ago! I guess technology marches forward (as gadgets get smaller). Cool! :cheers:
  9. Ted


    Congratulations! Edited to add: I see that you're currently residing in upstate New York. If you don't already have one, there are nursing job openings in the Albany, NY area.
  10. Ted

    Time For Another Days vs. Nights Debate!

    nights verses days debate working nights rule!!! yea, night-shifters!! (i work the night shift.) nights are just as busy as days, just a different busy. asn verses bsn debate asn and bsn rules!! yea, asners and bsners!!! asners are just as edumicated as bsners, it's just a different edumication. rn verses lpn debate well. . . both rule!! yea, lpn and rn!!! lpns work just as hard as rn and both carry a lot of responsibilities, it just different kinds of hard and different kinds of responsibilities. both make a difference to the lives of the patients. finally, there's no debating this: all nurses rule!!! :yelclap: :thankya::yelclap: cheers. . . . :cheers: [color=#d3d3d3](i've never seen these debates before. . . . they're sooo new and soooo original!)
  11. Ted

    Is Umsl Nursing School Good or Bad?!?

    please be very careful not to mention specific instructors by name. this is a very busy bulletin board which is widely read throughout the world. there are significant legal issues for concern. who knows? maybe a college instructor is also a member of this bulletin board! also, for the same reasons, please be careful with regards to "dissing" specific colleges. thank you for your consideration. the moderating team
  12. Ted

    Fear Factor, Nurse Style, Five Stunts... lol

    o. k. i just started reading throug some of these proposed fear factor stunts. you guys are gross!!! :eek: and i love it!!! :rotfl:
  13. received the following email from a member.
  14. hello - as a result of all the discussions focused on hurricane katrina found on this bulletin board, the staff of allnurses.com thought it wise to create a forum specifically for this event. please use this forum to discuss nursing and healthcare issues as they relate to the effects of hurricane katrina. also, use this forum as a source of information as appropriate links are provided for relief efforts. our thoughts, prayers and helpful actions go out to all of the people effected by hurricane katrina. people are without jobs. people are newly homeless. people are ill and dying. hopefully the information and support found here can, at least in a small way, help the undaunting recovery efforts now facing us all. respectfully, the staff of allnurses.com
  15. Ted

    Has anyone used cold to assess for Homan's?

    First off, I want to say, "Welcome"! I never heard of this method as a way of assessing for Homan's. I wonder if anyone else has?? I'm moving this thread to the General Nursing Forum where more eyes can view this question (and hopefully receive responses) and where more members can say "hello"! :) Ted
  16. Ted

    Pediatric Oncology RN's

    I started out on an adult Heme/Onc/BMT unit right after graduating from nursing college. This facility was a teaching hospital which offered (at the time) excellent educational and preceptoring programs for such specialized units. Many nurses would recommend at least a year or two on a med/surg floor before entering a specialized unit. This may be true for smaller or non-teaching hospitals that do not offer comprehensive educational/preceptor programs. But if you are sure that you want to work on a pediatric oncology unit right after graduating nursing college, I would suggest looking for a larger teaching hospital that offers such comprehensive programs.