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  1. NurseLatteDNP

    Nursing staff discouraged now

    You are right about that. I just hate to see what the griping does to the morale of others. We need to get together as a team and do great nursing care, no matter what's going on down in administration. All this griping and complaining is not helping at all.
  2. NurseLatteDNP

    Nursing staff discouraged now

    You know some complaints are valid, because our facility is undergoing a lot of changes. Most of the changes have been negative (cutting staff, cutting pay etc. ) It hasn't been a joy for the most of us. But I guess some nurses can cope better than others. But I think it is inappropriate to be vocal at the nurses desk how unhappy the job makes them feel.
  3. NurseLatteDNP

    Nursing staff discouraged now

    The morale of some of our nurses is really low and they complain about how horrible this job is for them. This keeps repeating every day and nobody is adressing it. It gets to the point that the rest of us who enjoy our job just stay away from them. The nurse manager is aware of the issue and she states that she can not afford to lose any nurses right now. How would you adress the issue without creating conflict?
  4. NurseLatteDNP

    giving report

    Don't be intimidated by a bully. I always tell my new grads, you have to find your inner shark. You are doing great, just believe in yourself.
  5. NurseLatteDNP

    Targeted by psychotic, manipulative patient

    I would file charges and also start looking for another job.
  6. NurseLatteDNP

    Precepting a role transition student

    Thank you all for the responses. They have helped me recognize many things I was not aware of.
  7. NurseLatteDNP

    Precepting a role transition student

    I usually work as a primary preceptor on my unit for new nurses. For the first time I have been assigned a BSN role transition student that has finished all of her lectures, but has to complete clinical experience with me for one month. Her instructor will be visiting on a weekly basis. How different will my role be with the role transition student vs precepting a new graduate nurse? Can I assign patients to the student? Any help is appreciated.