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NurseLatteDNP has 16 years experience as a MSN, DNP, RN and specializes in Education, Administration, Magnet.

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  1. NurseLatteDNP

    Baylor university med center?

    I have worked there for several years and can help answer some of them. In general, I have enjoyed working for Baylor, and in general the nurse to patient ratios are lower compared to other DFW hospitals. I have worked for 2 others in the last 10 years. Hourly pay is slightly lower compared to UT Southwestern or Medical City. However, Baylor downtown pays bonuses to nurses 2x year if they meet quality goals. Each bonus it is approximately $900-$1500 depending on quality numbers. This is only done at the Dallas hospital, not other Baylors. If you don't have a BSN, you will be asked to sign an agreement form to get it completed within 3 years. Benefits are ok. I cover my whole family and pay $25 per visit if we pick a Tier 1 provider. Tier 2 or out of network are more and not recommended. UT Southwestern or THR have better benefits. Mother baby has a low turnover, and great management. Good luck!
  2. NurseLatteDNP

    Baylor Healthcare System TDA program

    I misunderstood your question then. No, I do not have the answer on the salary breakdown.
  3. NurseLatteDNP

    Baylor Healthcare System TDA program

    There is a raise for GNs that occurs every 6 months. I believe it is 50c per 6 months, but I am not 100% sure. This is added to the base pay.
  4. NurseLatteDNP

    Baylor Healthcare System TDA program

    For a brand new RN, base pay is $25 and you get a (automatic) raise every 6 months for 2 years.
  5. NurseLatteDNP

    Baylor Healthcare System TDA program

    If you pick up extra shifts during the week, you are not getting the TDA differential, only regular shift differential. Every unit can only have up to 50% TDA staff working on weekends, so if we have 10 RNs on a Saturday/Sunday up to 5 can be TDA. Most units don't have that many. Positions are posted on their site and labeled as TDA, it's a regular position and not a program. Usually NP students or people who need to be home with kids during the week are in these positions. BUMC requires 1 year experience for TDA.
  6. NurseLatteDNP

    Parkland Hospital vs. Baylor

    I think it's not even a comparison. Baylor's culture is nurse friendly and they center themselves around the employees. The only other hospital with a similar nurse friendly culture I have experienced was MD Anderson.
  7. NurseLatteDNP

    Texas Health Resources or Medical City North Hills?

    THR has a better reputation overall. Medical City does have a little better pay but worse staffing ratios.
  8. NurseLatteDNP

    BSWH Residency September 2017

    Our GNs didn't have to sign any employment contracts.
  9. NurseLatteDNP

    BSWH Residency September 2017

    If you were told to buy royal blue, I would go with that. We wear navy blue in Dallas.
  10. NurseLatteDNP

    BSWH Residency September 2017

    Baylor RN uniform color is navy blue. The only unit that wears a different color is the ED.
  11. NurseLatteDNP

    Baylor Sept 2017 internship

    Baylor Dallas interviews for September have been released in the last 7 days. Many of the managers are just now reviewing the resumes with the recruiters. Start date for most of the GN orientation is Sept 13. Good luck!
  12. NurseLatteDNP

    why can't nurses get safe staffing laws passed

    One of the lobbyists for the Texas Nurses Association told me that hospitals will continue making staffing cuts at bedside until nurses start billing for their professional services like every other discipline does (like PT/OT/speech for example). Once we start making the hospital money, they will start investing in the nursing workforce.
  13. NurseLatteDNP

    New manager needs help

    Of course I would never mention patients by name. I identify the specific situation that the nurse excelled in.
  14. NurseLatteDNP

    Do you have a free charge nurse on your unit?

    I am in oncology at a trauma level 1 & magnet hospital. Our charge nurses on days don't carry patients. The charge nurses on nights have anywhere from 0-2 patients, depending on census.
  15. NurseLatteDNP

    Anyone work at Parkland?

    I just asked my friend who works PRN at Parkland and she didn't know. She recommended that you call their HR or recruiter and ask. Let us know when you find out.
  16. NurseLatteDNP

    Leaving first job, did you have a pay increase?

    I went from hourly pay to salarly pay and took a major pay-cut. But the hours were better and the level of stress was lower.