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SouthernLPN2RN has 15 years experience as a MSN, LPN, RN and specializes in ICU, IT.

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  1. SouthernLPN2RN

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Things like this are what prevent med errors and near misses from being reported. I don't feel the nurse should lose the license or be charged. There should be extensive retraining as well as a facility analysis as to the cause of this and how the system broke to allow it to happen. Yes, the nurse was wrong, but this could have been prevented before she even had a chance to be wrong.
  2. SouthernLPN2RN

    I'm Quitting nursing to work in coffee shop

    Good luck! Nursing isn't for everyone.
  3. SouthernLPN2RN

    Tired of jumping jobs, does anyone like her job?

    I absolutely LOVE my job in Clinical Informatics. I do miss some patient care, but this job is amazing for an introvert like me!
  4. SouthernLPN2RN

    Nurses: Monthly or Weekly Planners

    I use my electronic calendar for most everything. However, I back that up by using a paper planner that I work in during the week. I prefer Passion Planner.
  5. Does anybody happen to have the syllabus and/or course description from this class?
  6. SouthernLPN2RN

    Bachelor's Educated Nurse Survey

    I need two Bachelor's educated nurses for this survey please. What is your specialty? 1. How would you describe your role in your current position and your educational preparation for this role? 2. How would you explain the unique contributions you as a nurse bring to an interdisciplinary team? 3. How would you describe the unique role of your specialty in promoting quality outcomes for patients? 4. How has nursing research improved or changed a particular aspect of patient care in your specialty area? 5. How do you facilitate patient-centered care in your practice? 6. How is cost containment addressed in your specialty area? 7. How has your specialty area addressed the needs of underserved patients and populations? 8. How does information technology apply to your specialty area? I greatly appreciate anybody who is willing to help me out here!!
  7. SouthernLPN2RN

    ER RN to ICU?

    Keep an open mind, and realize that ICU and ER are two different animals. A lot of things are identical, but you will need to be prepared for the differences. Study when you can so that you more fully understand your patients and their condition. ICU will show you lots of new things that you may not have encountered before, such as ARDS, VAP etc. Study up on those. I highly recommend the icufaqs.org site. A lot of it you may already know, but it's a great resource. Good luck to you!
  8. SouthernLPN2RN

    Nicotine withdrawal.

    It's been a while since this was posted, but here's my opinion. Nicotine in and of itself can cause tachycardia, in addition to to being somewhat of a vasoconstrictor. I would hold if the rhythm is abnormal. However, another factor to consider is the extreme discomfort that someone in withdrawals is going through. Anxiety and restlessness are frequently part of it. In this patient, ativan or another anxiolytic may be indicated until the heart rate is back to "normal". Nicotine withdrawals are rough, and poorly addressed in the hospital. Maybe we need a CIWA scale for smokers! :rotfl:
  9. SouthernLPN2RN

    Cost of attending NTI?

    Is this tax deductible?
  10. SouthernLPN2RN

    NSO malpractice renewal?!?

    Thank you Miranda! I'll try to call later today when they open.
  11. SouthernLPN2RN

    NSO malpractice renewal?!?

    I've tried multiple times since November to pay online and over the phone and keep getting that the system is unavailable. Is this company up and running? Anyone else having trouble? I clicked a link directly from their email to me which showed a different billing page from the one on the site. I am very leery of mailing a check to them at this point.
  12. SouthernLPN2RN

    Is this ever normal??

    In my experience, the child doesn't have to have allergies now, but may later develop them. Also, look at heredity. Some people just have dark undereye circles.
  13. SouthernLPN2RN

    post polio syndrome

    I have a great-aunt that has this and has been dx'ed with it since her 40's. I'm not real close to her so I don't know all the s/s of the disease, but Google should give you some more info. I don't think I've ever encountered it clinically.
  14. SouthernLPN2RN

    Question for adult ICU nurses

    1. Not sure about that, haven't seen it yet. 2. I've only seen one case where dopamine was run via PIV, and that pt quickly got a line. 3. Not sure on the laryngoscopes, but I've only seen 7.5 and 8 ET tubes.
  15. I had the same problem in LTC. ALL my CNA's were on a smoke break for over an hour. I paged them overhead to the floor multiple times before anyone ever showed up. Management wouldn't back me up and I later ended up quitting in tears due to an accumulation of things. Lack of backup and lazy CNA's were the main cause. Talk with your NM/DON about this. Don't let it bother you to the point that I did.
  16. SouthernLPN2RN

    How long on Dopamine?

    If your pt is on dopamine and can't tolerate weaning of it or the vent, how long would they be "allowed" to stay on it? Would the pt eventually develop tolerance?