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ClariceS has 11 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, ICU, Cardiac ICU.

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  1. Murphy's Laws of Nursing | Life of a Nurse

    ROFL!! I printed this for others to read (thank you, laugh) and someone said,"have they been following us around?" Thank you for the smiles!
  2. I proudly wore mine at graduation but am VERY glad I never had to wear it again. My mother wore one and talked about the problem of keeping hers on. She would hairspray it every day after pinning it to her pinned up hair. But she also talked abou...
  3. Are you like your pet??

    If I were like my pets........ I could sleep 22 hours a day, have my back rubbed (and maybe my tummy:D ) every night. Someone else would take care of me and clean up my messes and I could pay attention to them only if I particularly felt like it at ...
  4. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Anyone from West Texas will appreciate this one. Some of you may even know him. We have a doctor named Dusty Weathers. Not sure if his mother named him that but that is the name he practices under!
  5. Male MDs vs. Female MDs....any working preferences?

    It really depends on the doctor. I have seen some of the gentlest care given by a male doc and some of the rudest treatment from a female doc. (Yes, am gender stereotyping). A lot of the patients here still listen to the male doc better (and ask...
  6. Let's see - my grandmother and one aunt were medicine certified CNA's, my mom was an RN, and another aunt was an RN/Nurse Manager. But they weren't my biggest influences on my decision. I had surgery when I was 15. Quite nervous, and the nurse not...
  7. prohibiting employees from discussing wages

    I agree with P_RN. After this I am also glad I work for a place that has a written pay practice that has to be followed. Fairness for all!
  8. Are you happy?

    Oh, I'd have to stay working at least a few shifts a month too! I enjoy nursing way too much to completely leave it. My co-workers have often overheard me saying that they'll probably have to make me quit before I'd ever retire.
  9. Are you happy?

    I am very happy with being a nurse. Of course I have my good and not so good days but if I had to do it all over again, I would still be a nurse. Overall, I try to be a happy person. I have struggled at times with different things going on in my l...
  10. Facial Piercings

    Our facility put in the dress code that no facial piercing or tattooing is allowed period. Either take it out or don't bother coming to work. Same with blue, green, pink or purple hair. Also, no more than 2 visible piercings per ear. Haven't had a...
  11. Power injecting thru cental lines

    I have no direct experience with the injectors, just the results of the blown lines on the patients. Thankfully none that did worse than severe bruising but this is extremely bothersome as the reason some of these patients have lines other than peri...
  12. Food

    THANKS :kiss Thank you , thank you, thank you for the canadianfavorites website! This will be even cheaper than shipping my favorites when I make trips home! Plus, after this summer, it will probably be quite a while before I get back to Alber...
  13. Help! The "Life" of a Nursing Manager?

    We don't even get comp time here. Travelers have really helped out here because so much of the short shifts were nights. Try do some of those and then attend that mandatory leaders meeting the next day. But they are a HUGE budget eater and then you...
  14. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    We had a patient with the first name Female. Thinking she had come in AKA, I asked what her name was and she pronounced it "femahlay". We had another woman named Clamidia. One of my co-workers swears (no pun intended as you will see in a minute) she...
  15. odd discovery during migraine

    I also notice vision perception changes with my migraines. I wasn't diagnosed until I started getting visual aura (loss of right sided vision then the squiggly lines) when I was seventeen but my doctor and I both believe I have had them since about ...