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CraigB-RN has 40 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care, Emergency, Education, Informatics.

ED & Critical Care Nurse, Clinical Educator, Long distance critical care transports, legal nurse consultant. Debating on whether I want to finish EdD.

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  1. New Grads in the ICU

    When there is a problem, it generally isnt’t He new grad that is the problem. It’s the lack of solid education based orientation/residency program for them to grow into critical care nurses.
  2. VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    When you go national you aren’t allowed to add anything. What you’ve got and already submitted is what you’re stuck with.
  3. VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    One way to see more info is to go to your Intranet and google NRPB and Nurse III. You’ll get to see what other VAs have available.
  4. VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    There is no “official” cap to the number of nurse IIIs in any given space. Technically all could be.
  5. Suture Training for Nurses

    The first thing to look at is if you can be reimbursed for it. In the acute care setting, if nurses suture, there is no reimbursement.
  6. Maintaining CEN certificate

    I maintain both CCRN and CEN. I pretty much use the same CEU's for both with a few extra's that are specific to both. The majority come from critical care. I take full advantage of the free CEU's from AACN. Alternate conferenes.
  7. Tips for CEN 2018

    The CEN exam is a knowledge based exam. Experience may or may not help, it depends on you. The choices of study material is going to be based on what your current knowledge level is. 1. If you fairly knew, then you need reference material. i.e. ...
  8. Code team

    Out of curiosity how many beds does your CAH have? They can range from 14-25. No there are no regulations on code team specific. In most Critical Access Hospitals the "code team" consist of the on duty staff, the on call provider and the oncall lab ...
  9. NursesTakeDC

    You'd be hard-pressed to even prove that this happened. The first one last year had the push from the whole View episode and backlash. I had to actually go hunting for it on social media.
  10. New to ED, Suggestions on Supplies

    Not much. A pen, a watch and a cheap pair of trauma shears (so you don't care if they disappear). And your ears of course. Anything more than that will depend on where you work and whats available.
  11. Shiftwork and its effects on burnout

    The whole topic is old news. I remember participating in a survey 15 yeras ago about 12 & 8 hour night shifts and how it affected my performance, life, enjoyment of my profession. Ear plugs, black out currents, white noise machines were all su...
  12. Don't Risk Your Job Over Social Media

    You may not have a Facebook account, but you are on social media. falls into the social media category, and no one can say there isn't a lot of drama here at time. Platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc are tools ...
  13. ABC TV:NY Med shows ER nurse fired due to social media post

    It wasn't the picture itself, it had actually already been posted by a Doc. It was the text that was added to the pic about the man vs specific train. A simple Google search identified the patient which made it a HIPPA violation. Now as to bei...
  14. Blood Sugar Measurement: Arterial vs Fingertip

    I found a couple of articles that discussed the difference. They discus in venous blood the glucose has been used where in the atrial blood it's still freshly loaded. there is also a difference between capillary and venous blood. http://www.gcsmc....
  15. Emergency Nursing Conference 2017 St Louis, Missouri

    GO! Start networking now, get exposed to new idea's and concepts. Get into the habit of attending conferences early.