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I have finally gotten my clinical assignment. I have clinicals on Monday's from 6am to 12 noon. That means I have to wake up around 4am :stone (to review patient's info and to get ready). I'll leave around 5 to get to the hospital (30 min drive) on time. This is crazy!!! Does anyone else have experience with early morning clinicals???

I do. I am the instructor. I have to be there before my students arrive in order to adjust assignments and chose experiences that would benefit them the most. We have post conference at 11 then I get another group till 4:00. Then I grade care plans and quizzes. Then I prepare for the next day.

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Everybody has early morning clinical here! Depending on what you registared for, you either have two days a week from 0630 - 1230 (2nd year student, 1st years go 'til 1145) or one day a week from 0630 - 1830 (again 1st years have shorter day).

We have to go he night before to get our patient assignments and we have to have our paperwork mostly complete by the time we get there in the morning. It makes for late nights which in turn makes the mornings even earlier!!!

Good luck to you!

PS I noticed you are in West Texas too...I'm in San Angelo! :)


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We all do here too. 6:45 am -3:30 pm on Mon and tue's beginning in October


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Wow 6:30 am is too early. When I was in school our clinicals began at 8:00 am and ended at 2:00 PM. I'm not a morning person! :(

Good Luck and enjoy every experience!


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6:30-7:00, that is AM-PM...and i have a 2hr drive to my closest clinical.



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The reason we are there so early at my school is so that you can listen to report on your pt ~7:00 am. I'm pretty sure its the same just about everywhere.


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We have early morning clinicals from 0630-1330. During Med-Surg, we had to spend at least an hour at the hospital the day before clinicals gathering information about the client. Then we spent 6-8 hours writing up care plans, med sheets, lab results, etc. Four or five hours of sleep before clinicals was something to be VERY grateful for. Good luck!


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Yep, I start my clinicals in mid-October, and I'll be going from 600-1200 twice a week. I live an hour away from where I'll be taking clinicals, so I'll be getting up at 4 am also. We can do it!

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Whenever I had an early morning clinical, I had to be awake at 4am, too. I just made sure that everything was ready to go the night before. I showered and hung my uniform in the bathroom so I didn't wake up my BF. Water and a tea bag were all set to go in the coffee maker so all I had to do was turn it on. I actually got a whole system down pat so that the only thing I had to worry about was the ~HORRENDOUS~ and unbelievable amount of traffic that I was surprised to find so early in the morning. I'm ~NOT~ a morning person either, but after a few weeks, it was nothing. This semester (at least for the first half of it) I lucked out with afternoon/evening clinicals (1pm until 9:30pm), but in October, I switch to a new hospital for the AM shift.

My suggestion is to leave with plently if time to get there, park, and find your floor. Traffic was always horrible.

Good luck, everybody!


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Sorry I dont mean to put a damper on your future but my advice is Get used to it. :crying2: Many clinical sites may be even further away and the farther you get into nursing you will have to do a lot of work the night before adding to an already long day. :imbar Keep your head up and it will all be worth it!!!


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Yup I have early morning clinicals too. Mine are form 630am-1130am for the 1st semester. I am grateful I only have to get up at 530 am to be ready and drive to clinicals. I was lucky to get a clinical site at a hospital 15 min away, while the school is 30 min away. Not nearly as far away as some of you drive but the extra time for me to sleep is worth every minute. But I will tell you what, if it wasn't for coffee I wouldn't make it cause I am not a morning person....

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