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  1. Asperger's Syndrome

    My grandson has Asperger's. He will be 5 next month and goes a day or two without speaking, but then will talk about his favorite topic, trucks, non-stop. He did not begin speaking till a little over one year ago, but did not do "baby talk". Just sta...
  2. Hostile and demanding patients. How do you handle them?

    Do not be alone with him if at all possible. Witnesses and good documentation are necessary. He is an angry person and may take it out on you physically.
  3. Fed up of losing working hours

    This used to happen to me and, being a Pediatric nurse, sometimes in the summer I got only 18 hours/ week. For some reason I was afraid to float. I finally bit the bullet and got cross-trained into the ER, then learned I was not so stupid after all a...
  4. Advice Needed

    The panel will have read your resume and transcripts so they know how you exist on paper. They want to see if you are confident or childish, smile occasionally or are a grouch, able to communicate and in general seem like someone who would be an asse...
  5. "Pranic Healing" for healthcare providers

    I agree there is some energy within us all - but heck! Even a car battery is chemically dependent. If the body were truly self-healing AIDS would not exist. Or a lot of other stuff.
  6. Nursing and Diabetics & Epileptics?

    I work and am diabetic. It requires planning. I take protein and carb snacks to work.
  7. UGH dumb people

    walking can cause severe neck injury, not to mention the chance of falling and hurting oneself. The best action is to keep her safe, on the floor and call for help. Sometimes seizures result in the need for resuscitation even if that has never happen...
  8. License for compact states

    If states are compact you have to declare the state of permanent residence. Then you are granted licensure in both states. If one state is not compact you still have to get two licenses, but will have more paperwork to go thru, as well as more fees.
  9. My school doesn't have a Med Calc class :(

    my school did not have a dedicated math/med class, but as we learned pharmacology we practiced dosing questions. There are math for med books available online and in book stores. I recommend one that gives lots of different types of problems so you c...
  10. Crash Course?! Thoughts on RN education

    the problem is, your license is generic. You are able to practice any field of nursing. That is good in that you may change directions of your career without having to return to school, as they do in some countries. But the drawback is there is SO MU...
  11. How to tell you have sleep apnea?...

    you will probably have to go to MD first as the sleep clinic is a diagnostic exam and requires RX. Also, the MD should rule out other factors.
  12. nursing dilemmas ethical principles vs personal values

    respect for others like yourself only? Aged? Weird? Drunk? Dirty? Co-workers? Look in a thesaurus for words that help define the concept of respect. What behaviors indicate you have respect for someone else?
  13. Glucose Testing Question

    Your target numbers coincide with ADA standards. Continue to tell people to get the advice of an MD. They can expect a HgbA1c plus tests for hyperlipidemia and basic metabolic panel. A new dx called metabolic syndrome may be diagnosed when pts have "...
  14. It Seems Like It's Student Nurses vs The Nursing Staff

    Nurses are stressed to the max and students add to the stress. What is really amazing is my former students now treat current students that way!!! People are people I guess.
  15. Does your hospital offer a pension?

    I have never worked at a hospital with a pension plan. 401k's are offered. Currently my employer offers to contribute a base amount then they match your contribution up to an amount determined by how long you have been employed there. I am at 50% mat...