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PICU, Peds Ambulatory, Peds LTC
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Ari RN has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PICU, Peds Ambulatory, Peds LTC.

Family Nurse Practitioner Student

Ari RN's Latest Activity

  1. Ari RN

    adult tele rn to picu?

    Have worked peds LTC, peds ambulatory and will transfer next month to the PICU. I can't wait to get started!
  2. Ari RN

    What nursing school did or are you attending?

    Long Island University for MSN (FNP)
  3. Ari RN

    Considering moving to Oregon from PA

    I am a nurse in NYC and planning on moving to central oregon as soon as I finish up my FNP program. OREGON is an amazingly beautiful state! I look forward to my move within a couple of years.
  4. Ari RN

    Supply List

    Hi! My program requires me to purchase a reflex hammer. Good luck!!
  5. Ari RN

    Advanced Medical Physiology

    Happy 4th of July Everyone! I will be starting my FNP program this Fall and will be taking advanced medical physiology. Can anyone give me insight, study tips for this course. Is is similar to advanced pathophysiology? Thanks in advance to all that reply! :up:
  6. Ari RN

    Just passed AANP!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!! I start my FNP program this Fall and I have already purchased certification review books.
  7. Ari RN

    Just passed AANP!

    Congrats to all those who passed!
  8. Ari RN

    Future fall 2011 fnp students

    I was accepted to LIU's FNP program yesterday. I can't wait to get started. Congrats to all those accepted.
  9. Ari RN

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    Took two weeks
  10. Ari RN

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    Hi, I did not purchase the practice exam from the NLN. I only reviewed the practice test from NYP in collaboration with the text they recommended. You'll do fine. Format is the only similarity. The text did help tremendously. Good luck.
  11. Ari RN

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    THANKS! I purchased the text they recommended (Pharmacology 2nd edition Reviews & Rationales by Prentice Hall) found at your nearest bookstore. I did take the practice test provided by the hospital. It gave me an idea of how the exam is formatted. Yes, it was extremely helpful. There are so many drugs to memorize however, all you need to do is bunch the meds into categories and memorize them as so. Know administration considerations, side effects, adverse effects, nursing considerations, and client education. Good luck!
  12. Ari RN

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    Hi! THANKS! You are given a practice pharm exam once you receive your official job offer letter. You are not officially hired pending pre-employment requirements which include pharm exam, drug test, medical history, etc. The interview process took too long... Sent resume in July, didn't get the official job offer till the end of December. GOOD LUCK! Keep me updated! AriRN
  13. Ari RN

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    I PASSED! WOOHOO!!!! Basic pharm exam. No biggie! What a relief.
  14. Ari RN

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    I appreciate your kind words MsQueensRN!
  15. Ari RN

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    Yes it is! Thanks for the congrats!
  16. Ari RN

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    Thanks! :)

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