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  1. lunakat

    5150 patient absconded from the ER........

    I am sorry that that happened. We are a rural ER without a psych facilty as well. But we have a few more beds. Our policy recently changed regarding 5150's. We were told by our hospital that we cannot physically make a 5150 stay for medical clearance. If they try and leave we can only encourage them to stay, but never are we to try and physically make them do anything. We questioned this especially if they were 5150 by PD or suicidal, danger to others ect... We were told that PD would have to be the only ones to make the pt do anything. We stated that they didn't have time for that. We were told thats really not our problem, PD needs to be present to enforce. If the pt leaves we are to notify PD as soon as they leave and it's up to PD to bring them back. Was it plastic utensils or metal? Don't beat yourself up. There needs to be a policy. Keep us updated on what your Magaer gets out of the seminar....
  2. lunakat

    PBDS panic (long)

    I feel your pain, i hate the pdbs. I am a new grad and had to take pdbs during orientation. I sucked bad, I didn't put down enough detail about what I would do. Some of the stuff I had no idea and for me to make a suggestion as a new grad?! I didn't even know what to suggest on some of them. It also didn't change my orientation any ( I already worked at the hospital as an extern) I didn't even get a full month, I got two weeks of orientation. I didn't think my educator even told my boss about it! Well time has passed (3 months) and I hear I have to retake the PDBS. I think I will not do as well or I will do about the same and I bet nothing will come out of it, no change in my job what so ever. I think the whole thing is a huge hassle and complete waste of time.
  3. lunakat

    patient satisfaction

    We just had a big meeting about this the other day, Thankfully our current administration finally listened and we are getting a new group of docs in (the last bunch was horrible, 2 hours for medical screening exam for urgent pt came in with back injury by ambulance, one doc arrested off clock for being under influence of drugs and carrying drugs). But they are now going to make us call pts back to ask about their stay. I can already hear it now (xray took too long, lab takes to long, CT takes to Long). The thing that really sucks is that it really does take that long, we are a rural hospital and things take longer because our lab is small and CT has to be called in or suddenly everyone in the hospital needs an xray, ultrasound, ct all at once. These things are out of my control! I especially hate when out current docs don't go in and see a pt for hours! I am stuck trying to tell the pt he will be with you as soon as he can, or trying to explain why they are held up (code). I really don't want to make these call backs, I hate trying to apologize and eat crow over this. Maybe one day things will change?! *SIGH*
  4. lunakat

    Starting Ed Soon

    As TazziRN said ASK QUESTIONS! As a grad and a new ED nurse I can't tell you how many questions I ask on a daily basis. Like today, I asked many questions because I was unfamiliar with something or didn't know how to approach the doc family orders etc. The charge nurse actually thanked me at the end of the shift for asking all those questions. She said she felt better because she said I was less likely to make mistakes if I ask and she doesn't have as much to worry about with my questions as opposed to some one in my shoes who asks no questions. Also a real life saver for me was learning my protocols, often times I could get stuff started for my pt instead of waiting for the doc, or better yet having the test results back when the doc wants to see the pt too! Good Luck!
  5. lunakat

    First full day in the ED...

    Lurksalot, I am in the same boat with you. I am a new nurse and am on my own now. I didn't get much precepting due to the staff shorted but I did extern there for about 7 months. It definitely feels weird to be called the nurse now. Also If I ever have any questions the staff is always eager to help. I have a huge amount of "I Don't Know Answers". But I do my best to find out. In fact I am finding I am doing almost as much reading as I did in Nursing school. Every time I have a question cause I'm not sure I always ask someone else. I know they sometimes get annoyed but better safe than sorry. I always thank them at the end of the nite for answering my question and dealing with my new nurseyness. You'll be a great nurse because you admit you don't know. I have had the unit secretary and the techs tell me I will be a great nurse because I admit when I don't know and always ask a lot of question. Good Luck You can do it!
  6. lunakat

    Rules for the ER (long)

    OMG these are so true! I had one of those days today! Thanks for the laughs
  7. lunakat

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    I live in San Joaquin valley in CA. New grad ip nurses start out at 19.11. When I take boards and hope pass, it will be bumped up to $28. Another hospital nearby pays $31 for new grads....
  8. lunakat

    What is "orientation?"

    Our orientation is lengthy. We have 2 weeks of class stuff (hospital orientation, wound care, pain mgt ect. We Even got certified on peritoneal dialysis). The some of us have even longer class time (acls, Pals, Critical care course every thurs for next 10 weeks. One day during the 1st 2 weeks we do PDBS which is were we have to type out answers to many different clinical situation ranging form IV troubles, pt issues, communication between staff etc. Then based on our answers they arrange more orientation as needed (I hated the long test). Then we precept for about 4 weeks or longer depending on what we need. I am only on week 2 though. Have yet to work on floor. Good luck on yours though...
  9. lunakat

    So how long did you study before taking the NCLEX?

    crzmomof3boys I know how you feel. Every time I even think about boards I get a little panicked. I have 4 books to study from and a couple of programs. I feel like all I am doing is studying. Hopefully it will payoff. But even though I do all these questions I still feel like I don't know anything either...
  10. lunakat

    Kaplan, yay or nay?!?!

    I am taking hurst review tomarrow. Our school told us not to take Kaplan becasue of the problems in the past. The class before us had arranged for Kapalan to come to our campus. On the first day, the woman was late, and when she was questioned on some key points that she had wrong she flipped out. She did not return the next day and the whole thing had to be canceled. By then it was too late to attend a review elsewhere offered by kaplan. The students were offered a partial refund (becasue they had attended one day) or were offered access to the online version. Good luck in your choice....
  11. lunakat

    Finally made it!!!

    congratz!:balloons: :monkeydance: :mortarboard: My pinning was yesterday. I am sad now but will see some of my classmates again for the Nclex review. i start orientation for my new job next Thurs. Not working yet, kind of in IP limbo at this time. Good luck to everyone else and may we all pass the boards on the 1st try...
  12. lunakat

    Pinning Ceremony Music Suggestions

    "let it be" by the Beatles is nice. It's what we are using for our pinning ceremony. Also using beautiful day and I believe I can fly... Everything is so close to being finished I can't believe it!
  13. lunakat

    Are you required to watch videos

    Ugh we had vidoes all the time in my first couple of semesters (peds and psych). We had to watch them on our own time. It sucked becasue you couldn't take them home, they were only available in the library to watch on thier tvs and only 2 students at a time could watch a video, and they didn't have extra copies. Sometimes there was no particular assignment due with the video so I don't think anyone ever watched them. But one instructor made us take notes on a whole boat load of videos and turn them in. It horrible becasue the tapes were so long, a couple of them up to an hour. But thankfully they are not required in our final semester, more like recommended.
  14. lunakat

    Arterial blood gas interpretation

    try this link: http://realnurseed.com/abg.htm
  15. lunakat

    Attention May 2006 Graduates

    I was told a position was being held for me in the ER were I am curently externing....
  16. lunakat

    Your school have an ICU rotation??

    I live in cali (central valley), my adn program does sometime in the ICU and ER. In fact thats pretty much the whole focus for the final semester except for a month of leadership.