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johnnrachel has 3 years experience and specializes in Telemetry and ER.

ER nurse and luvin it!!!

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  1. Joke..You know you are truly an ER nurse if...

    QUOTE: "What happened to you? Your feelings towards the ER nurses and techs are quite negative. Couching it in humor is troubling because this post has real teeth and fits in with all the countless ER bashing posts. Wow. Are you a nurse? A patient ...
  2. ER Pet Peeves

    Not sure if this one was mentioned, but my biggest pet peeve is when family comes in with the patient and your asking them all your assessment questions: How do you rate your pain, When was your last bowel movement? And the family member answers, ...
  3. "Nancy" and Babs

    What a realistic and honest look at how ALL of us nurses have felt at one time or another........ thank you..
  4. Pet Un-Peeves, or what I like about Emergency Nursing

    Oh yes, we still do it, I think I bought my lunch with my winnings!!!!!!!
  5. Disadvantages of 2nd shift?

    I have three school age children and I work 2nd shift and would not have it any other way!!!!!! Of course I only work 3 days a week!!! Part time it is great!!!!!! I dont worry when the kids get sick, or on vacation, etc, (it is much easier to get ...
  6. 18 gauge insertion

    I completely agree!!!!!!!!! I try to go after each stick with the attitude... I WILL GET THIS STICK!!!!!!!!!! When I feel pressure from family watching or a constantly complaining patient I most certainly always miss!!!!!!!!:lol_hitti:hhmth:
  7. Your One Best Piece Of Advice Please.

    This pretty much sums it all up. The best advice a very experienced charge nurse gave me on my last day prior to going to my true love ER
  8. ER Waiting Times

    The news media needs to focus on telling people when they SHOULD run to the ER and when immediate care centers are more appropriate instead of focusing on scaring everyone on how BAD this flu season is or how DEADLY mrsa has become. I just saw on th...
  9. What is your day like?

    I can just say my two cents worth...... As a student you do NOT have the same responsibilities as a registered nurse, you are not talking to 50 doctors, dealing with ALL the families, critically ever changing patients, etc. I now work in the ER ...
  10. Attn: Chicago-area ER Nurses - questions for you...

    I currently work in the ER at Palos Community, I know several friends who work or worked at St Joes in Joliet and Silver Cross in Joliet, the new hospital in Bolingbrook just opened their doors in November or December this year, it is a new ADVENTIS...
  11. Is this all there is?

    Just my two cents,..... I was in the same rut:innerconf:omy::wtosts: Hated every minute. A year ago switched to ER and LUV
  12. Am I too old to be new in the ER?

    I have been a nurse for a little over 2 years I started in the ER almost 1 year ago, I will celebrate my 41st birthday this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love, love the fast pace and all the excitement. I have been off all week (illness) I cant wait...
  13. Any Moraine Valley People Out There?

    It looks like your a nursing student...... just want to say good luck with WHATEVER program you choose..... ADN, BSN.........
  14. Any Moraine Valley People Out There?

    I graduated from moraine valley 2 yrs ago, I feel that I could not have gotten a better education anywhere, and graduates from other schools needed longer orientation than graduates from our program. The human resource manager from our facility tol...
  15. I am so frustrated..........vent!!!