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  1. Saved_by_Grace

    Need Advice

    Yes, I took a 2 year medical billing and coding program. I have an associate degree of applied science. I haven't gotten a job in the field yet so I don't know about pay for sure. I live in Ky and our wage scale here seems much lower anyway. Our teacher told us to expect about $14.00/hr to start and then work our way up. I am taking the NCICS exam this weekend arranged through the school. But from what I've seen online most employers want you to be certified through CPC or AHIMA.
  2. Saved_by_Grace

    Need Advice

    I'm graduating next week with a degree in Billing and Coding. It's not a bad field to be in if you like looking things up...a lot. I think of it as almost detective work. Good luck in whatever you try.
  3. Saved_by_Grace

    To be, or not to be, that is the question...

    Thank you jenni for stopping to answer my question and for lending an ear. I'm thinking that I just may give it a try :)
  4. Saved_by_Grace

    To be, or not to be, that is the question...

    Thank you do much for your response and for sharing your response. I bet you are wonderful at what you do, and yes I'm sure there are clinical nurses that are thankful that there are those like you who enjoy the administrative sided of things :)
  5. Hi there. I haven't been to this forum in forever. I used to come here all of the time when I was in nursing school back in 2005. I was in an lpn program. I was making good grades but felt that I lacked in the clinical aspect of things. I don't have the greatest of fine motor skills and I'm very self conscious. Above all, I think my lack of self esteem is what kept me from finishing nursing school. I just didn't believe that I was good enough. I quit the program not once, but twice. They were kind enough to let me in the next year, and I again quit the program, even though I only had one quarter left. I just told myself that I wasn't meant to be a nurse. I loved the knowledge and information and the book part, but I was afraid of the clinical, hands on. I was petrified to actually give a shot or to perform any procedures. I quit before I ever got the chance to even try it. Now, I'll always wonder. I wasn't good at the clinical, but could I have gotten better over time with practice? I didn't want to completely waste everything that I had learned, so I enrolled in a billing and coding program and I will be graduating in September. I've also started working at a hospital in the registration/admitting department. While that's great and all, I can't help but to feel a twinge of disappointment when I hear the nurses talking or see them in action. I sometimes think, "I could've been a nurse. I'm very awkward at times, but I'm an intelligent person." Couldn't I have overcome my obstacles with perserverance and a little self worth? So that's all of it, out there on the table. In your professional opinion, would someone like me make a horrible nurse? Because I can't help but to want to try to get back into nursing school. Even if it means starting all over again with prereq's and all. I have this longing to be a nurse. I think I always will. I also have grown emotionally in the last couple of years. I think I know me better now.Maybe I could deserve it this time, if given the opportunity. Anyone have any advice?
  6. Saved_by_Grace

    Club LPN / Fall '05

    Good Luck!
  7. Saved_by_Grace

    Club LPN / Fall '05

    Hey, glad you're doing good!:) Well I'm doing a bit better with the math, and yea I do just think it's anxiety cause I can do it, I just don't do well on math tests. Any other test in any other subject I'm fine. I"m making passing score, no danger of failing or anything, but I'd like to do better. They told me tutoring wouldn't really help since I know how to do it, they said the best think is to just keep practicing until I get my speed up, which is what I've been trying to do along side with the piles of reading...:rotfl: Keep up the good work on your end!
  8. Saved_by_Grace

    I didn't expect it to be this hard.

    Hang in there. It takes a while to get adjusted to the critical thinking style of nursing which is so unlike any others tests that you have taken in the past. I'm only in my 4th week of NS but I relate cause I'm having to study a lot too. But like another poster said it'll be so worth it in the end. :icon_hug:
  9. Saved_by_Grace

    I need help,what is the difference between RN and LVN?

    The responsibilities of both will vary from state to state. It is wise to visit your state's Board of Nursing web site to discover the scope of practice. The LVN/LPN usually works under the supervision of an RN, physician, or dentist. However a LVN/LPN can be the charge nurse in some nursing facilities. It all varies depending on where you live. Good luck.:)
  10. Saved_by_Grace

    First semester walking dead...

    yea, count me in for the walking nursing school dead!:chair: it's a matter of learning to prioritize all this reading, assignments, math and children, family etc. i'm hoping i'll find a comfortable flow for myself soon and hopefully i'll adjust soon. (is adjusting in ns possible???lol:rotfl: )
  11. Saved_by_Grace

    Probably won't be attending this year afterall :(

    I'm sorry about the circumstances that are plaguing you. I truly empathize. *hugs*
  12. Saved_by_Grace

    Trouble with skills...what the heck is wrong?

    no we do not have to be cna's first in the program that i attend.:wink2:
  13. Saved_by_Grace

    Trouble with skills...what the heck is wrong?

    I empathize. It seems like I have 2 left hands when it comes to the skills check offs at times. By no means am I Miss grace here. I just keep trying and trying, that's all I can do. I agree, give me a book test any day!
  14. Saved_by_Grace

    Club LPN / Fall '05

    hi carla! good luck to you in your program!~:balloons:
  15. Saved_by_Grace

    Club LPN / Fall '05

    thanks for the info, it is definitely something to think about. :)
  16. Saved_by_Grace

    Human Growth and Development Course

    i'm taking a growth and development class now. it reminds me a lot of the general psychology class that i took last year. basically you're studying the life span of humans from infancy to geriatrics and everything in between. there's a lot of focus on the family unit and different theories of development, ie maslow's hierarchy, and theorists like erik erikson..etc. good luck in your class!~:)