the dreaded holidays..... & do you work 'em by choice?

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This is my first full year working as a tech while I'm nursing school and I actually wanted to work on Thanksgiving this year. Long story, but I just could not endure another crappy dinner with my dad and step-mother. I love 'em but the poor woman cannot cook to save her soul. Oh, and if I try to offer to bring something my daughter will eat, she gets offended. I admit to practically begging to work T'giving so I wouldn't have to go!

I'll have my *real* Thanksgiving with my mom and the other step-family on Friday so at least I'll get one great meal at some point that weekend.

Please tell me I'm not a horrible person and I'm not the only one that uses "work" as an excuse to avoid family sometimes.


I use it to get out of going to the in laws on Holidays. Sorry I have to work BoooHooo. lol. Then I can send my husband along to see his family and everyone wins.

What better excuse is there for anything but the good old job?

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lol, christmas is my holiday....we do 8 hr shifts. I offered to work a 12 hr shift so I won't have time to stop by the in-laws before work. (we do our family christmas the day before when I work so the kids won't mind)

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No problem! And you probably will get time and a half too. I work a lot of holidays that don't mean much to me. It also helps your coworkers who really do want off. Happy Thanksgiving :yeah:

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When my siblings would "invade" from out of state, working holidays was my saving grace. Even before I worked healthcare, I'd work Christmas Eve, Dec 26th & the day after Thanksgiving (and that was retail!!!)

The holiday pay certainly made it more worthwhile. And I always found time to go to church whether midnight or during the day. So my mom was happy & I maintained my sanity. At the time I was childless, so my coworkers who were parents, etc. really appreciated that I was more than willing to work the major holidays, especially the overnights Christmas Eve..

There is nothing wrong with volunteering if it saves your mental health, family relations & helps coworkers!

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"One excuse is as good as another." -A. Lincoln


Get comfortable with your solution. You're avoiding having to deal with a silly little ritualistic meal. And, you're allowing someone else who would rather have the day off a chance to do their thing.

Besides, holidays are great times to "have" to work. As previously mentioned: more pay. Docs tend to admit only those patients who truly need inpt. care. Most pts don't want to be in the hospital during the holidays, so census is lower. And Administrators are at a minimum.

For these and other reasons, I volunteer to work EVERY weekend and every holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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If I worked at a place that closed for the holidays, no, I wouldn't go looking for work on those days. But being that I work in a department that doesn't ever close, I work 'em and try not to gripe too much, since everyone else on the unit is in the same boat. This year I'm working Thanksgiving and the Friday/Saturday after, as well as 12hr each 12/31 and 1/1. Next year I will have Thanksgiving and New Years off but work Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.

Holidays tend to not be too crazy for the reasons Davey Do mentioned. I do my 8 hours and go home and get a little extra cash to boot.

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When I was a traveler, I often lived far from my family and could not get home for the holidays. Quite frankly, I would rather work and have someone else be off than spend the holiday alone, without my family.

This year, I am making a change and plan to go to a historical site, where there will be Thanksgiving dinner and sights to see, in an old fashion.

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Y'all make me glad I'm not the only one! "Gee Mom, we'd love to come for Thanksgiving, but you know I've got to work". My niece, also a nurse, always has to work, too.

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I'm working on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. My children are older, and either go to my ex's house or over to one of their friends. Why not work AND get time and a half? I don't know about you, but I sure can use the money these days!

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Up until having kids, I worked night shift and always volunteered to work holidays. We got double time, and I could still participate in the holiday festivities for a little while. I HAD to sleep, so it was a great excuse to leave parties or family early. :smokin: I could do the eat, hang out an hour, then run thing. I didn't have to watch people get drunk, argue, etc. :lol2: After having kids, working night shift didn't work so great. There was no time to sleep. So I switched to 3-11. I no longer volunteer to work holidays since where I am there is no time and a half or double time. I prefer to spend the major holidays with my kids now. If there were incentive like time and a half or double time, though, you wouldn't have to twist my arm too hard to get me to work major holidays. ;) I actually like being at work on major holidays. People bring food, census is low/only the truly sick get admitted (just a few cases of granny dumping) and generally the office people and docs aren't around. :yeah:

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