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DayDreamin ER CRNP has 12 years experience and specializes in ED.

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  1. Transition to ER from med surg

    I have seen two types that come from med surg to the ER. One makes it, one does not. The difference is attitude. If an RN thinks she is going to come down here and “show everyone how it’s done,” or if she is lazy and not a team player, she will not ...
  2. CEN as a new grad ABSN?

    I totally agree! while you probably have the knowledge and ability to pass this exam, I think it goes beyond being able to study and know how to answer the questions. Having two years of experience will help you to better understand why the answer...
  3. New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    Do a search on new grad in ER and there are tons and tons of posts. You should find loads of info. My best advice is to ask questions. Don't act like you know everything and certainly do not be a know-it-all.
  4. ER patient wanting pain Meds

    We don't require a signature of a responsible party but we do have to lay eyes on the person coming to pick the patient up after receiving narcotic pain meds. We don't even prescribe it until the ride is seen IN the patient's room. Not "on their way...
  5. Botox - nurse practitioner

    NPs are not permitted to do botox in every state while there are some states that allow RNs to administer Botox. Sadly, I live in a MD-only state.
  6. New Trauma Nurse Help

    In our L1 facility, it takes at least a year to be assigned big beds and another year before you can even apply to be on the trauma team pathway. That takes another 6 months to a year before you can actually be on the L1 team. Be patient, grasshop...
  7. Triage Nurses: what are your favorite phrases to document?

    "Patient drove self to ED." "Pt reports "severe" vomiting x12 hours with approximately 20 episodes of emesis since onset of s/s. Pt actively / not actively vomiting at this time." For kids, I chart something like "Pt does not appear to be in in any...
  8. What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for?

    It never ceases to amaze me what people think is an emergency!!! early 20f....signs in for "sleepy" It is almost midnight. She says her mom told her to come in because she is falling asleep while driving and she is 10-ish weeks pregnant and it i...
  9. Driving drowsy

    I'd would push for 0730 meetings! My previous ED was huge and would have a 0730 meeting and a 1800 meeting to cover both shifts. We also worked in crews so the manager would often have four meetings per week to cover everyone's schedule. There was...
  10. Fast Track Education

    I think your idea of an info card is a good start. In my experience, however, no one reads them and they end up on the floor. If they do read it, they will have 8000 questions about why they don't get a "bed" in the back. There is a weird percepti...
  11. Frustrated with "hotel" mentality of patients, is your hospital the same?

    Recording?! Oh hell no!! Security would have been in that room in seconds and that pt made to delete any video. It is a posted policy so if they get all butthurt PD gets involved. And I am alll about some "sir" and "ma'am" like my mama raised m...
  12. Best stethoscope for an ER Nurse?

    I realize I was a bit snarky last night. Long, long shift and came home angry. Anyway.... I strongly suggest you walk before you run w any tool or equipment. It is like buying a super expensive set of golf clubs before you bet hit the green. You...
  13. Best stethoscope for an ER Nurse?

    It appears you want us to validate you in getting a fancy Card 5000. If that is what you want, get it. I personally don't think you need it. We ALL say we keep up with our things but it just takes one co-worker borrowing your scope for it to walk ...
  14. Best stethoscope for an ER Nurse?

    I would get one you don't mind having stolen or misplaced during school. You can upgrade based on what you need / want later. Honestly, the expensive s'scopes are nice but I can hear just was well with my old Littmann SE II or whatever the heck it...
  15. being fired by patient's family member

    Awww.... You had your "I got fired" cherry popped. You should be celebrating!! I have been fired more times than I can count for my "tone." I have never ONCE been fired for my abilities or level of care. I'm in a position now that I can say to...