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caroladybelle is a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology/Haemetology/HIV.

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  1. caroladybelle

    Stuck myself with dirty needle - please help.

    Do you make him wear condoms, each and every time? With a anti-apnea lubricant. You know that abstinence is the only real protection against contracting sleep apnea.
  2. Uuhhhhh, it will be difficult if you get your nursing degree, unless you have a Visa that permits you to work. The rules against working do not change when you gain an RN license. For some nationalities, it takes 6 to 10 years to obtaining a working Visa.
  3. A caveat about working in the U.S. while going to school. If you are coming to the U.S. on a visa, much depends on whether it is one that will legally permit you to work. The CNA training is not a degree but does prepare one to be certified and can work during school, but only if you have the appropriate visa status, which is hard to come by, even for those with an RN license.
  4. caroladybelle

    Housing, whats included?

    It depends on the company and the assignment. When I was on assignment in Manhattan (in the city), I was provided with furniture, utensils, microwave and linens. In Florida, I was provided with just the furniture. Learn to make Goodwill your friend, cheap utensils and dishes etc.
  5. caroladybelle

    Want advice for BSN

    One big issue is do you have a green card, or a legal status that permits you to work in the US? The second issue, is do you have an Associates degree or a Bachelor's in Nursing?
  6. caroladybelle

    Why do minorities have more respect for nurses?

    Have to agree with this. Working in Boca, and the Palm Beach area was h$&l. Things are bit more chill in other areas.
  7. caroladybelle

    Is it true all nurses get MRSA or C-DIFF?

    A few years ago, I was worked up and pan cultured by ID, for some abnormal diagnostic results, following a trip to Africa. Even had a bronchoscopy done with cultures. Amazingly, nothing infectious showed up.
  8. caroladybelle

    Feeling Very Discouraged

    But the OP was not being bullied here on the Board. In fact, the only person that has demonstrated "bully" type behavior here is.....you.
  9. caroladybelle

    Feeling Very Discouraged

    They legitimately questioned the OP regarding the situation. They were not cruel, mean or evil. They did not call her a liar. You, however , jumped to conclusions, decrying the bad behavior of mean nasty nurses, though that is nowhere exhibited. They have requested to the nature of the issue so that they can more appropriately assess the situation. That is not being mean and nasty.
  10. caroladybelle

    Feeling Very Discouraged

    I am merely stating the fact that you are accusing them of being vile when the OP has even identified any specifics of their wrongdoing. As yet, I have not seen posters being "mean" to the OP. They are trying to ascertain what specific issue that the OP had with them to offer advice, and the OP has not done so after repeated requests. That is not defending them, it is merely asking one to consider them innocent until proven guilty. You are the one jumping on the guilt bandwagon with no proof. I personally have precepted many times and enjoy it. But others may not. Management should at least give notice to those that will be precepting. But most do not.
  11. caroladybelle

    Feeling Very Discouraged

    Well, none of us were there. And despite being asked several times, the OP has not given ANY details that tell us what happened. So we do not know whether it was legitimate or not. We do know that she says that 2 of the school staff told her she was wrong and they do presumable have more information] . Sorry that you had such a bad time in Nursing School. But we still have no data from the OP about what actually occurred [/Quote] I have been a nurse for 8 years and have precepted many, many times. I was so good at it, I was promoted to the Clinical Educator after only a few years. So I do not buy the whole I have a full patient load and now have to deal with a student complaint. If you don't like, don't volunteer to precept. If precepting is mandatory for your employer, then work somewhere else. Don't ruin this poor student's life and make them question life choices just because you're unhappy. And for gosh sakes, let's be nice to each other and stop tearing each other apart. Many, if not most nurses in my experience do not "volunteer" to precept, they are required to do so. And on the topic of tearing people down, why would you assume that the preceptor, and her instructors are all in the wrong when the OP hasn't even given any details of what happened. You know, Innocent until proven guilty. Why are you tearing them down without any evidence?
  12. caroladybelle

    Can a patient sign discharge instructions after sedation?

    No!!!! Big No!!!!
  13. caroladybelle

    A question for the COBs

    I also think that COB is a state of mind, an attitude and a lifestyle more than defined as an age.
  14. caroladybelle

    Traveling nurse, worldwide!

    First issue is that most nations will require fluency for health care workers in their language. Second issue is that many nations have their version of proficiency testing just as we do. They also have their own standards based on how their health system works and what they permit nurses to do. Such as in the UK, nursing degrees are somewhat specialized, into a couple of categories. These issues make it more difficult to receive licensure. Third issue is that there is a worldwide recession going on. In many areas, there are too many nurses for too few jobs. Getting permits to allow you to work for pay in many places, especially in a field overrun by local citizens of that area is very difficult or impossible. The EU nations give preference to applicants from the EU, which has many nurses of its own. There are contracts in the ME but they are frequently two year counteracts.
  15. caroladybelle

    Fentanyl Drip

    15mcg/he of Fentanyl should not drop the pressure or hr. That is a very ow dose.
  16. caroladybelle

    Have you literally prayed over your workplace?

    Prayed for the safety of those within it: - when a pt's family member gunned down a doctor in cold blood, and barricaded himself in the pt's room. - recently, during some riots, when the hospital went into lockdown, due to nearby threats of danger. Several nearby buildings were burned including a senior center which burned to the ground. As well as several businesses were looted.