the dreaded holidays..... & do you work 'em by choice?

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This is my first full year working as a tech while I'm nursing school and I actually wanted to work on Thanksgiving this year. Long story, but I just could not endure another crappy dinner with my dad and step-mother. I love 'em but the poor woman cannot cook to save her soul. Oh, and if I try to offer to bring something my daughter will eat, she gets offended. I admit to practically begging to work T'giving so I wouldn't have to go!

I'll have my *real* Thanksgiving with my mom and the other step-family on Friday so at least I'll get one great meal at some point that weekend.

Please tell me I'm not a horrible person and I'm not the only one that uses "work" as an excuse to avoid family sometimes.


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Ah, the child of divorced parents always plays the middle role quite well - I have been in that situatuin all of my life!!! Work is the perfect excuse - and do not think twice about it!!!

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You are so not alone. I volunteer to work gives me limited time with family, a legitimate excuse, and a time and a half pay. Sign me up!

I usually volunteered for Thanksgiving - much easier than long drives, and too much food, trying to please parents and inlaws.

My extended family was pretty flexible about Christmas, we could get together a day earlier or later. That was actually much easier on the small kids than Christmas Day overload of their parents, Santa Claus and 2 sets of doting overgifting grandparents. They could stay home with their new stuff and make their own family traditions.

For all the holidays, I always found the dread of having to work was much worse than finally being there. Staff, pts and visitors always seemed to try harder to get along, and there were always tons of goodies to eat.

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I'm single w/no kids, and hardly mind working the "minor" holidays (Labor Day, 4th of July, etc) and although I'm working on Thanksgiving this year and am far away from home, I'm totally fine with it. I'll work then, get some nice holiday pay (as well as 7.2 holiday hours to take or "cash out" within 3 months), and then drive home for a "late" Thanksgiving with my immediate family on Friday. I'm working New Year's Eve and Day, too, but since I have Christmas Eve and Day off I'm good with it :)

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I find that I enjoy working on Thanksgiving because I don't have to endure the uncomfortable setting of my sister-in-law's not so subtle disapproval of my marriage to my second husband. I also find that this holiday is pretty quiet for the most part and I enjoy the extra time I get to spend with patients.

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I work most holidays: the double pay is nice and I'll pick shifts that minimize the inconvenience with family events.

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LOL.... I thought I was the only one with this trick! Traditionally my family always gets together in the evening while my in laws get together for the noon meal. It didn't take but one holiday for me to learn that my mother in law was no paula dean in the kitchen! From that day on, I provided the Turkey, dressing, sides, and the pies, even if I wasn't going to be there ( I can't have my husband coming home with food poisioning) And, I get off the hook with working the good old 7a-3 or 7p shift! I'm such a lucky girl! My brother and sister also work in healthcare so we all manage to try work the same holidays but I never go to inlaws "accidentally" signing up at work.

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I no longer work holidays(I'm a school nurse now) but the first 31 years of my career I worked a LOT of holidays in NICU/PICU. And honestly, I didn't mind at all. I know that my little patients and their parents would have rather been anywhere else and they were generally grateful to the staff for giving up our own holidays to spend it with them. My mom was a nurse and I was used to moving holiday gatherings around to suit her schedule. When my kids were little I often swapped New Years with nurses so I could have Christmas Eve off. Besides, everyone brings food, tons of food, on the holidays. :yeah:

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The only holidays I really care about are Christmas and July 4th. I could take or leave the rest.

Last year, I requested off Thanksgiving because my mother was coming up. She changed her mind at the last minute. Thanksgiving was me and Hubby, and I was bored stiff.

I have worked holidays NOT by choice in days past. One place I worked, we would work 1/2 shifts (8 hr) so that everyone would get a chance to be with families. Where I'm at now, it's an unwritten rule that if you worked the holiday this year-you would get the holiday off next year.

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