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mustlovepoodles is a RN and specializes in OB/GYN, Peds, School Nurse, DD.

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  1. A Valuable Lesson

    Well, I'm late to the party but I wanted to share my own experience with you all. I have been an RN for 38 years, and a mother for 29 years. Most of my nursing experience has been with adults, mothers & babies and pediatrics. At home, another j...
  2. More Strange Baby Names

    Well, I saw one today on a grown woman--Curvie Jones. Seriously. She had a nametag and everything.
  3. I think I'm being used as a pawn

    I agree with you. Tread very carefully here. I would absolutely NOT go against this doctor's supervisor. Everyone is expendable, especially the brand new nurse. Fairly early in my career I got myself into hot water by allowing myself to become an unw...
  4. Do you tell people where you work?

    I do. I work for a non-profit that does foster care and placement of persons who have developmental disabilities. I've never had anyone make an unkind comment about my job.
  5. Do you like being a nurse?

    I love being a nurse, so much that I've been at it for 36 years! When I graduated *1977* I was fully prepared to go to work. In my program, we were taking full patient loads and running one side of the floor for the last 6 months of training, so we h...
  6. Do you have any motivational nursing quotes?

    Not necessarily a nursing quote, but it's a favorite of mine and has gotten me through a lot of crises: "When you're going through hell, keep going..."--Winston Churchill
  7. My nephew was "in nursing school" for 4 years. At least that's what *he* thought. He couldn't get his GPA above 2.4 and kept failing classes. The closest he ever got to a nursing class was Lamaze, with his wife. Finally he left college as a SOPHOMORE...
  8. Blackout curtains

    I used tin foil, as well. You can mold it to the window so NO LIGHT gets out. And if you HOA nixes tin foil, get a piece of poster board, tape it over the window facing out, then cover the back with tin foil. I kept my room like a cave. I swear, ther...
  9. what is the space on your neck called?

    My mom calls it you "goozle"
  10. Questions for Night Shift Nurses

    Here are the questions: 1. What is it like to work nightshift? It can be busy, even frantic, if you have a large caseload, are short-staffed, or a lot of admissions. Or it can be totally quiet--patients sleep all night...just kidding. Nobody sleeps...
  11. Foster Care Public Health Nurse

    No BSN. I have an ADN and a BS in education. And 36 yrs nursing experience, LOL
  12. Foster Care Public Health Nurse

    I work for a non-profit that provides therapeutic foster care and placement for persons with developmental disabilities. I am the only nurse in the organization. I haven't been in the job very long, about 9 months, but my primary role is to be a reso...
  13. Cuticle picking?

    I am a nail biter, have been since I was 15 months old, so my mother says. Nail biting and skin picking are self-soothing behaviors that are related to OCD. I know when I'm biting. i know it looks nasty. I know my nails look disgusting(I have literal...
  14. Nursing and being a mother....

    I've been a nurse almost 36 years and a mother for much of that time . I have three children, 26, 19 & 17. My oldest son has severe learning disabilities and bipolar disorder and my youngest son is severely developmentally disabled (like a 1yr ol...
  15. ADN plus a previous 4 year degree

    This is my 36th year of nursing. I have a degree in Elementary Ed and an ADN. My non-nursing degree never stopped me from getting a job and on 3 occasions actually helped me get the job. I have been out of bedside nursing for a long time now, mostly...