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wound warrier

wound warrier

med/surg, wound/ostomy
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wound warrier has 29 years experience and specializes in med/surg, wound/ostomy.

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  1. wound warrier

    Using a Vac for undermining

    Are the nurses cutting the hole in the drape, where the trac pad is, large enough? Need to be about 25 cent size. Have had lots of MD's cut just a slit and then the machine goes crazy. Agree that there are different oppinions on packing areas of undermining, I have had more success with packing undermined areas than not. Please update us on what is going on, as I find this most inteeerresting.
  2. wound warrier

    My best orientation mistakes

    Ruby vee - that is too funny. Loved it!!
  3. wound warrier

    What does your username mean?

    am a wound and ostomy specialist, hence wound warrier!!
  4. wound warrier

    Just liked it and wanted to share

    Your post sure made me think of my Dad - he was in WWII and was in the waters of Normandy on D-Day. Never spoke about this, but sure wish he would have. After he dies, my uncle told me that the only thing my dad told him about this time, was how red the sea was with the blood from all of the killing. How horrible. I miss my dad, and am very proud of him for what he did for me and this country. Tnaks for the post and for the continued recognition that you give to our service people.
  5. wound warrier

    Nursing the old fashioned way

    Cantor tubes, glass thermometers with the plastic covers, maalox and sugar for bedsores, cascara and MOM for constipation, EKG machines with the red suction bulb, incentive spirometers that were 2 glass bottles with green liquid that patients blew from one bottle to the other.
  6. wound warrier

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    To add to what Optomist wrote, this incident happened soon after I graduated. Had a patient with dry gangrene of her foot and ankle, that the family finally consented for surgery. Night before surgery, family outside of room, I turned the patient and the foot fell off. Did not know what to do. So I propped the foot in line with the leg, covered the lady up, and let her family finish their visit. it was quite funny at the time!!
  7. wound warrier

    Because thats really gonna help

    We are the same way. Scripted things to say to the patient, such as 'have the time." Sounds like all hopsitals are usint the same script - the Studor group or whoever came up with this is surely making a mint off of it. What about something innovative and from the heart? Now that is a novel idea.
  8. wound warrier

    Code Brown

    Do not let your BSN go to your head - that is the worst thing to do. Cleaning up patients is basic nursing care, and should not be below anyone. Need to remember that you are taking care of people, and they are depending on you.
  9. wound warrier

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    I was working one day on a med/surg unit, assisting with a patient that was not doing well. Could see the confused lady ( that was in the room across the hall) get out of her chair, and poop on the floor. Before any of us could get to her, she stuck her finger in the poop and then proceded to eat the poop. As we entered her room she was saying "My, that chocolate sure does taste bitter!!":barf02:
  10. wound warrier

    horizontal hostility in WOCN?

    I worked years as a staff nurse before I became a wound/ostomy nurse. Floor nursing is tough, and you will always be confonted with back-stabbers and nasty people. However, as a wound/ostomy nurse I am pretty much on my own. I do consults all day thru-out the hospital, and therefore do not get mixed up in the "mickey mouse crap" that goes on on the units. It has been a great fit for me, and I love what I do.
  11. wound warrier

    good ideas re: prevention of pu from your hospital

    OMG - it is alarm clocks and not alarc clocks.
  12. wound warrier

    good ideas re: prevention of pu from your hospital

    One unit at my hospital uses little alarc clocks. Set for 2 hrs - when it rings, staff pairs off and go around turning the patients.
  13. wound warrier

    What is your splurge?

    Jewelry, jewelry. Did I mention jewelry??
  14. wound warrier


    I worked New Years eve quite a few years ago. The hospital operator must have celebrated the holiday alittle early, as she fell asleep on the paging system switch. Could hear her snore through the entire hospital!!!
  15. wound warrier

    WHAT do you call this?

    These gluteal wounds sound more like a fissure that is caused by grabbing the patient's buttocks to turn the patient and therefore causing the shin to split open.
  16. Plan for loop-holes in your day, they are always needed. Also, things at work will never go the way you think they should and you will never get paid what you think you should, so just accept it and be happy!!

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