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Let's just say I've been a nurse a LOOONG time :)

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  1. Most hospitals have an "at will" policy to where they do not have to give you a reason for firing. Any reason will do. I had a family member threaten to sue over a perceived error on my part and out the door I went. This patient was on probably 20 meds and the doctor had changed some of them. I went over each of them with the spouse and the wife. I instructed the family to take all of his home meds to the pharmacy where he got them filled and have the pharmacist go through them and pick out the ones that had changed. I did NOT document this instruction. He goes home, his wife does not follow through and he comes back to the hospital and I went bye bye. No listening to my side of the story. I went to work, worked my 8 hour shift in charge and at 4 :00 they gave me my papers. I think part of it was also due to my involvement in trying to unionize the RNs. I loved my job there, gave inservices, nursing grand rounds, many things over and above. Had excellent evaluations. I have not felt the same or had the same zeal since. This was over 20 years ago.
  2. blueheaven

    What to do....quit?

    The VA culture is different than the private sector. It just is because it is federal. It will take time to get through the hiring process and vetting. Now that Uncle Sam has decided to put some more cash into the system, it may not take as long to get hired as it usually does. Outpatient is sweet (at least where I work at) and you cannot beat the benefits. Good luck!
  3. blueheaven

    What to do....quit?

    Can I suggest going to the nursing specialties forum here at allnurses? Many, many other areas that would give you a break from the insanity that you are facing in the hospital wards everyday. It is difficult to work in an unsupportive environment where you don't feel valued and appreciated.
  4. It's my experience that out in the private sector, there isn't enough education regarding vet centered care and resources.
  5. Unfortunately Saphy, I work in a VA Hospital. Otherwise, I would be more than happy to help.
  6. blueheaven

    Is this common with teaching hospitals?

    Amen sis!
  7. blueheaven

    Is this common with teaching hospitals?

    Glad that the attendings, residents, interns etc. are civilized and sensitive at your facility. Guess if they aren't, they get sent to other programs. Wish this was the same in the facilities I've seen.
  8. blueheaven

    Can nursing programs graduate practice ready nurses?

    You are absolutely right. We had extensive clinical experiences the entire 3 years of school. This included all areas in the hospital setting as well as community/outpatient. We also used current nursing theories it all wasn't technical as some folks seem to think. While I didn't know everything when I graduated (and still don't) I hit the ground running after school. I think that if nursing students were given more of a realistic experience, it would help to make some students to seriously consider changing their academic goals before making such a costly investment. We see those folks posting on AN all the time about "I wouldn't have done it if I knew".
  9. blueheaven

    What Can a Union Do For You?

    Unions are also as good as the people who have been voted in to represent employees in case of issues.
  10. blueheaven

    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired!

    No it isn't easy to recover. I think part of the reason I was let go was also the things you mentioned in your post as well as what I posted on this thread. Sad. Too bad we can't see when karma bites these people back in the butt.
  11. blueheaven

    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired!

    I worked in a 400 bed hospital. I busted by butt for these people, worked OT when they "needed" me. Gave inservices, did nursing grand rounds a couple times and a plethora of other things. I had always received excellent evaluations up to the year I "resigned" aka got canned. This process of booting me out occurred over a period of 18 months after I was involved in attempting to organize the RNs at that facility. Write ups for absolutely stupid things but they could get by with it. I had 9 years seniority as if that meant a darn thing. Would have been content to have finished my career there. If a facility wants to get rid of you, they can and will. Nit picking everything you do until they get enough to boot you out the door. This happened to me 25 years ago and it changed my whole perspective as far as loyalty, doing anything over and above my position and a plethora of other things.
  12. blueheaven

    Lawsuit Claims Nurse Was 'Worked to Death'

    That is when you should have filled out an incident report! and made copies for yourself in case it "got lost". We have a special form for that where I work. and many nurses are against unions....
  13. blueheaven

    Lawsuit Claims Nurse Was 'Worked to Death'

    but then if you call in, the attendance policies of most hospitals will have you looking for a new job in no time!!
  14. blueheaven

    Lawsuit Claims Nurse Was 'Worked to Death'

    When I worked night shift, I had several occasions where I came close to having an accident and finally did have one. I managed to have a concussion, whiplash and bruises all over which sure beat the alternative. Working 12 hour shifts, and depending on how far she had to commute could be a big factor. I have friends who work 12 hours and have an hour long commute home, have families. Talk about chronic sleep deprivation! Also, the hospital could have been using the usual "guilt" crap to get her to come in, or did they have a required call in/overtime policy? Many questions.
  15. blueheaven

    working where you get your own medical care?

    I didn't mind going to either acute hospital in my hometown. I went to nursing school at one and worked at the other, so there were a number of people I knew from both of them. If I needed to make an ER visit, I called to see which one was on trauma call and what MDs were working in the ER. Both hospitals are level 1 trauma centers and they take turns with traumas. If #1 was on trauma, I would go to #2 and vice versa.
  16. blueheaven

    tele RN certification?

    Check the aacn website. I have a couple of friends who work tele in another hospital and they received their certification. and to the other poster, yes CCRN is still out there.