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GooeyRN has 22 years experience as a ADN, BSN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Psych, Med/Surg, LTC.

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  1. Holding voluntary patients - illegally?

    When our patients sign in, they sign a form that they agree to stay for a minimum of 72 hours after they wish to sign out. So if they sign the 72 hour notice form on a Monday at 900am, they can leave Thursday morning by 9am. We can not hold them an...
  2. I wear black or khaki scrub pants with a sweater. You can't tell they are scrubs then. I get them from purple yoga.
  3. ANCC Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing exam

    Where did you get your CEU's to take the exam?
  4. Has anyone failed the PMHN (RN) exam?

    I am interested in this exam. where do you get your ceu's to be eligible to test?
  5. Where do you guys get your ceu's for the Psychiatric and Mental Health Certification?
  6. Sadly, you live in area with no jobs. There were more jobs in the Binghamton area, which I know was pretty poor when it comes to jobs as well. (I used to live very close to there until last year.) Have you applied to psychiatric hospitals or floor...
  7. Does the thought of going to your job make you sick?

    BTDT... Time for a new job or career. Your health is not worth it. I went through years of chronic diarrhea and cramps b/c of work stress... I switched jobs and things got somewhat better, but still not good. I am looking to leave nursing.
  8. Taking time away from career-help!

    I vote work somewhere, anywhere, prn. Do even one shift a month so you are still considered in the work force. You will be hireable that way when you are ready. I am off now a year after having a baby. I am going back just 1-2 days a month next m...
  9. psych tech to psych nurse?

    Yes!!! It will help a lot. You will get to do a lot of patient care, vitals, run groups, etc. Do it!
  10. holiday pay this year-what??

    We get nothing extra. Well, maybe the pleasure of working short staffed...
  11. Nursing vs. Engineering

    I am an RN and my dh is a structural/civil engineer. I don't think I can find anything at all in common with the two, other than we both have people asking us for stuff all of the time. One you will be on your feet and doing physical stuff a lot,...
  12. I work with my mom. We are both rn's. There are several other mother daughter pairs too. It works great especially when covering empty shifts. Therearentas many short shifts IMO when family tries to help cover each others vacation days. I love w...
  13. I would go in unless you are contagious with the flu, stomach bug, strep, or something else you REALLY wouldn't want someone to get. In that case, go to the dr. so you can get a note. If you are coming down with a cold or just generally don't feel ...
  14. Painless labor?

    My 3 were quite painful, but I almost enjoyed them... I am an oddball that considers labor/childbirth a personal challenge. I think a lot of it is the mindset going in. I won't allow myself pain meds unless something major is going on, just a perso...
  15. Only 5 units of insulin per injection site??

    That is CRAZY. There is a limit on how many cc's/ml's one can inject at a time, but not units.