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  1. GooeyRN

    At my age, should I forget about upper level degrees?

    It depends on what you find important in life. Some people will never feel happy without certain letters after their name/achievements. Would you want to look back and say "I wish I..." If you are one of those, then get the degree. I personally wouldn't, b/c it isn't important to me if I am satisfied with what I am doing. I don't want extra debt when I have to consider my kids college education and my retirement. If it would bring me true happiness, then yes I would, if not, then nope.
  2. GooeyRN

    Giving meds "on time"......

    I like to give a super duper quickie assessment (problem area's only) and see if anyone has any immediate needs (this includes pretty much just chest pain, SOB, bleeding, need for pain meds, or toileting- drinks/food/blankets will WAIT). Then I give my meds so they are on time. I do like to see if people need pain meds before pulling meds, it saves time from having to run back and forth to the pyxis more. I can just pull that patients meds first and include their pain meds with the rest. After meds are given and problems/requests stomped out, I go back and do a better assessment. If I do a full assessment and see what people need before giving meds, I don't get the meds out anywhere near on time. You will find what works for you- there is no real right or wrong way to do things unless you are not assessing at all or not listening to report prior to giving meds.
  3. GooeyRN

    Silly question about pregnancy!

    I worked through all 3 of mine. I wash my hands well so I don't worry about it. 2 of my pregnancies I worked med/surg and was able to do full duties including lifting, the other psych. I was nervous I was going to get hurt by a patient while working psych. But I didn't, and all was fine. As long as you don't have medical issues, I don't see why you can't work through a pregnancy.
  4. GooeyRN

    Position difference between RN vs. BSN

    no difference in pay or position anywhere I have worked. Well, you do get bsn after your name on your badge, but that is it.
  5. GooeyRN

    Describe your biggest failure and what did you learn.

    Work friends are not really friends. They will throw you under the bus. I did nothing wrong, but someone else had a bad shift. They did not ask for help, but told the NM that I refused to help her. I am not a mind reader. Seriously, learn to read minds and realize that people you are friendly with may very well throw you under the bus if they have a bad day.
  6. GooeyRN

    I just have to say this....

    Are you guys hiring?
  7. GooeyRN

    iPhone vs Android?

    I love my droid for many reasons, mainly for the full pull out keyboard. It also has an on screen keyboard if you prefer that. I really do better with the pull out, though.
  8. Really, I bet there are very few nurses on this board who can HONESTLY say they never tried marijuana and/or never drank a drop of alcohol while under age 21. I am sure there are some, but I bet they are the minority. Most just don't get caught.
  9. I agree. There is something really wrong with a criminal justice system if something this minor at age 18 keeps someone out of gainful employment for the rest of their life. It is almost forcing them into a life of crime, since even McDonalds doesn't like to hire people with a background.
  10. GooeyRN

    So i'm a Nurse right????

    GN or graduate nurse.
  11. GooeyRN

    Turning down overtime....

    Good for you. You made the right choice. There will be another opportunity for overtime in your future. Weekends with your kids? They seem to run out when they get older and have their own lives. Have time with your kids now when you can!
  12. GooeyRN

    Which job to take?

    I would go with job A since there is no floating, you get the ICU experience and no rotating shifts. That is hard with having kids.
  13. GooeyRN

    Have you ever had a pt have sex...

    I think that beats a c-section.....
  14. GooeyRN

    What to do, what to do.

    A simple memo sent around from the DON could address this issue. We had this issue on med/surg with swing bed patients. Everyone wanted new orders on someone elses shift. No one wanted the routine meds on their shift. So a memo was sent around saying all meds were given at certain times. None on nights other than stat, nebs, abx recently ordered, or those required without food could be given at 0600. It was clear no meds should be given between midnight and 6am, unless a stat order or prn. Once a day meds were to be given on days in the am, period. Other than certain things like coumadin, etc. that are routinely given in the evening. Once a day abx were to be given on whatever shift they were ordered. If it happened to be between 0000 and 0600, the next dose would be transferred to the morning dayshift med pass. It cut out a lot of multivitamin orders for 0600 and baby asprin orders for 0000 type stuff. It was to be a more rare thing for meds other than prn to be given at 0600, 0000, or anywhere inbetween.
  15. GooeyRN

    Epidural vs. nature births

    I have had 3 births. #1 epidural, #2 and #3 all natural. I much prefer natural! The high and sense of empowerment are unbelievable after. My last 2 births the staff seemed shocked that I did it natural, like it was not a common thing to do. They went along with what I wanted, though.