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  1. BettyBoop01

    My reality of becoming an RN

    Tried that, it didnt work out. I ended up with renters (chosen with a "thorough screening" from the property management company I paid) who didnt pay and a lot of damage I ended up footing the bill for. It took 6 months of nonpayment to get them out. Now I have the option of suing them knowing they will never pay even if I win, while racking up more expenses flying back and forth to go to court. No thanks. They ruined the hardwood floors and several appliances. I cannot sell, I don't have the 70K to make up the difference in the mortgage. Being a nurse isn't worth ruining my credit over with a forclosure or short sale. I feel like I really did everything in my power to make it work and it just was not meant to be. Oh and no pension. Most expensive crappy health insurance I have ever had, too. I also feel I should mention that I love that house. It is my home. I don't care if its worth less, I want to live in it. It will break my heart to sell it. It just is not worth it to me. I have an interview in May for my old job. Wish me luck!
  2. BettyBoop01

    My reality of becoming an RN

    Well there you have it, becoming an RN was officially the biggest mistake I have made thus far in my life. I am throwing in the towel and going back to my former career if they will have me. I had a good paying job, plenty in my retirement savings, my own home and a decent car. I saved up to pay for nursing school, saved enough to cover my mortgage and bills and a decent emergency fund. What I didn't plan for was the economy to tank and the nursing industry in my area to shun new graduates. Throughout school I worked as a CNA, got my hospital experience and upon graduation there were no jobs to be had in my area. I flew to interviews in several parts of the country and got 2 job offers, that was a huge expense. I could have kept on working as a CNA, but well, most of my classmates over a year later still are doing just that. Less than 50% have gotten jobs working as an RN. I took a job out of state thinking it would just be for a year or so. Again the move was expensive. But here is my reality. I cannot sell my home, it is worth 70K less than I paid for it. I am not making much as an RN, and about half hourly I was making in my former career and it is not enough to cover rent here and my mortgage at home. I now have my magic year experience and now all the listings at home are asking for 2-5 years. The nursing homes are asking for 2+ years. Home health is asking for 2+ years. I have been filling out apps for months and regardless of my experience and references I get rejection notices. I have spent all my savings and am now at the point where I can drain my retirement account to keep afloat, or just go home. I can let my house forclose, but for what? To continue in an industry that uses you up and then throws you away? My hospital thinks of me as a number to fill a spot. They don't care that we work short every night and that we have 10 patients with no aids or secretary on nights to help out with call lights. I miss my friends, I miss my family. I miss having a reliable car. I love my job, but well, all I have now is my job it has become my life. It is lonely and exhausting. I give up!!! Uncle!!! I get it I made a bad decision. It is going to take me years to get back to a place financially where I was 10 years ago.
  3. BettyBoop01

    I am doing a paper for school.... please post your opinion

    Definately the poor staffing. They are cutting the secretary hours, cutting the cnas, and giving the RNS more patients. So now we have more patients and less help. And then on top of the added workload, you had to answer the phones, put in orders, etc etc. At my former work place they were calling off nurses, purposely leaving us short staffed to help the budget. They are cutting supplies & linens as well. The biggest issue by far, is that you go into nursing to care for the patients, but it isnt about the patients anymore its about the money. It is ONLY about the money. You always leave feeling like you did not do a good job. You can't possibly give the care you want with all the cuts. You physically cannot keep up with the work load they try to dump on you. It is a for sure burn out job. You try try try try and bust your but running all shift and still cannot get it all done.
  4. BettyBoop01

    Any suggestions for a malpractice insurance company?

    I would love to hear what you think of the program, and how the job opportunities are when you complete the course!! I looked into it myself but decided to wait. What do you think so far?
  5. BettyBoop01

    New Grads ....how long until they can float ?

    My floor you could float right off orientation, and it was traumatizing. It was also not safe.
  6. BettyBoop01

    I need to make a decision: new grad MGH ICU or ONC floor.

    Do you like your current job? Just curious.
  7. BettyBoop01

    Can I still look for tech job if I'm graduating in May?

    Of course you can! Tech experience is so helpful! You graduate in May, but then you will be studying for the boards. You can work as a tech while searching for an RN job and it will certainly be worth having on your resume. Try to get a tech job on the unit you want to work on so you can see how it really is. Just do not over commit since you will need enough time for school and NCLEX studying. During school I worked 1 shift per weekend and i did all holidays. While studying for NCLEX I just picked up shifts when I could. Having tech work on your resume is def preferable to NOT having any.
  8. BettyBoop01

    Medical unit or surgical unit for a new grad ?

    What type of surgical floor? Is it general surgical? Or like Ortho? GI? Bariatric? Plastic Surgery?I worked on a general surgical floor, with scheduled and trauma surgeries. I love surgical, very rarely do we get patients on precautions (they go to medical) because we want our fresh post ops infection free! There is a lot of blood tranfusions, iv antiobiotics, and a lot of pain control. Ortho patients require a lot of lifting it is hard work. Bariatric patients are even harder. But I love that a patient gets better and goes home relatively healthy. I love the patients. What type of patients on medical, is it general medical or more specialized? My hospital has two, one is mostly CHF and the other is everything. I do not enjoy medical as much, just my opinion. I found it too depressing, the people are really sick. Some people love it, since you get to see so much. I do not think it is easier than surgical. I am not sure who told you that. No floor is easy, especially as a newbie! You will learn a ton on either floor! You have to figure out which type of patient you prefer. Can you ask them to shadow a few hours on each floor? I think that would really help you see which floor you prefer. It cannot hurt to ask.
  9. If I were you with your experience I would just apply right to the dialysis clinics. They offer pretty extensive training from what I have read. The two big ones are Fresenius and Davita. Can't hurt to try!
  10. BettyBoop01

    What would you rather do?

    The least expensive hotel room I found was 64 a night, so for 3 nights that is almost 200 a week. It is a remote area, not much going on I am shocked there isn't anything cheaper. I am going to try priceline, I have not used it before. I do not really know my coworkers well yet. I agree breaking the lease and moving sooner would be best, my husband is totally against that. It makes the most sense to me. We have to give a 60 day notice to our complex and pay a fee of 2 months rent. So essentially it would be equal to just keeping the apartment for 4 more months, our lease is up in September. I just need to figure something out! There is a major highway that is most of my drive and there is a lot of deer, I am afraid to hit one in the dark.
  11. BettyBoop01

    MGH is offering new grad ICU internship for $11.44 an hour?

    How much does it cost to park at MGH? How much to commute via the T? I really think overall it would end up costing you. But sometimes you have to take what you can get until you can get what you want.
  12. BettyBoop01

    What would you rather do?

    Would you rather commute an hour and a half each way (knowing your shift starts at 530am) and pay all the gas prices and wear and tear on your car, or rent an apartment (which will cost a little bit more) and be away from your spouse for 4 nights a week but be close to work? I want to rent a small apartment, after a 12 hour shift the long drive home is painful. And having to be at work for such an early shift makes me want to be closer. I love the job though! I can work my 3 or 4 shifts in a row if I want, so that would make it easier to only crash there a few nights a week. Gas costs are around 80 bucks a week, or 320 a month.BUt the car is taking a beating. An apartment would be 400-500 a month plus any expenses or utilities which would be minial. This would only be for 6 months until we can get out of our current lease and move somewhere in the middle. What would you prefer? I looked at a few places to rent just a room and have roommates, but they were all a no go.
  13. BettyBoop01

    What do you think ....

    Purposely understaffing to boost profit.
  14. Switch to nights then, it will be sooo easy. You will get paid more and you can shop online while all your patients sleep. Ignorance is bliss. Carry on.
  15. BettyBoop01

    Current Piedmont RN Residency

    Optimus RN Sorry I missed your post. I did interview for the position. They were supposed to let us know one way or another if we got it in " 3 weeks or so" . Still have not heard anything. It was a tough interview.