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  1. AprilRNurse

    are jobs on craigslist legitimate?

    I'm sure like anything else on craigslist...some are legit, others not. I worked for Bayada nurses for awhile.. and got hired from an ad they had on Craigslist. I highly recommend the company..
  2. AprilRNurse

    Why do you like home care? What are the advantages?

    I did home care for awhile and LOVED it. But, it can vary greatly by the family you work with. Also- I would hate home care that I had to travel a lot. I did homecare that had 24/7 care, so I went to one place in a shift, not multiple homes. I considered quitting my primary job for home care, but know pay isn't as consistent. If my patient is in the hospital, or passes away, I lose pay. (though yes, i lose pay with low census in the hospital)
  3. AprilRNurse

    how does texas look at nurses who have previous degrees?

    Why would you be looked over? If you meet the qualifications, with an RN degree you'd be the same. However- most nurses who have other degrees are surprised to find that they are still viewed as JUST a new grad... they don't get special treatment for other degrees. However- I would think with mental health they would take that into consideration. I wish Ihad more training in mental health many days!
  4. AprilRNurse

    Nursing anxiety and Electronic Medical Records

    I'm an assoc RN, and LOVE computerized records. I've been a nurse almost 4 years, and worked part time at a couple places who used paper charts. I felt there was MUCh more margin for error with paper charts- my anxiety was much higher then. Between bad handwriting, and having to wait for the charts from other staff.. I was not a fan. Computerized charting... a good system can check for common errors, chart can be viewed by multiple people at once, no poor handwriting, spell check often available, etc...
  5. AprilRNurse

    Minnesota New Grad RN Payscales

    I don't work Metro, but work for Allina in a rural area...and I think new grads start at $26... though I'm sure it would be more at Mercy. I don't know about diffs for Masters, weekends etc there.. But- I will say I am proud to work for Allina... I LOVE my job, rarely have any complaints. I know they did a lot of layoffs last year though, and metro nurses are having trouble finding jobs. I know of new grads in the cities that have been looking for RN jobs with a BSN for > a year. Good luck to yoU!
  6. AprilRNurse

    How to set limits?

    Such as??? Some patient's will always be demanding...and it's our job to put up with it- especially with the new movement of treating patient's like "customers" However... with patient's that constantly want you to wipe their butt when they are capable, or hand them a drink, pull up covers etc.... I have a nice little conversation I learned from an older nurse... Oh! I thought you came from home... You do live at home? Part of my job as a nurse is to help ensure you are capable of caring for yourself after discharge. If you feel like you need assistance with feeding/toileting I can have the social worker speak with you about local nursing homes... Fixes it 90% of the time....
  7. AprilRNurse

    questions about nursing

    I went straight into CCU as a new grad and have seen a few do the same since I started. We've all made it- but honestly- I don't recommend it. There is so much to learn straight out of school that IMO specialties just aren't the place for it. You are already dealing with time management, organization, when to call drs... Ultimately- you might do fine starting in an ER....but you would probably do even BETTER if you started on med/surg first and got the basics down.
  8. AprilRNurse

    Going from RN to Paramedic

    Why would you want to do that? They are more limited, can do less, make less money...and still have all that responsibility. And- if you actually get your RN lisence, you'll be paid paramedic pay- but held to RN standards. Why not work ER if you like that type of work?
  9. AprilRNurse

    Grandparent's medications pose danger to children.

    really? My brother was smoking weed and trying extacy at age 10....
  10. AprilRNurse

    Grandparent's medications pose danger to children.

    Kids are doing these things earlier and earlier. I'd like to think that's not the case...but I have a hard time believing a 10 yr old child thought it was a sticker. I'm wondering truly= if this wasn't a mentally disabled child who was just curious...
  11. AprilRNurse

    Grandparent's medications pose danger to children.

    But surely you knew to leave other people's things alone?
  12. AprilRNurse

    Grandparent's medications pose danger to children.

    At 10? We are talking a 5th grader here.... Unless she has disabilities, I'm thinking she knew exactly what she was doing.
  13. AprilRNurse

    Is it just me or............?

    Not that I think patient's don't deserve sleep. But- if someone has declared they need to be hospitalized... they certainly are more in need of medical treatment than sleep. I've only rarely had a problem with truly irrational patient's about this though. When my patient's complain, I give a compassionate smile, and tell them "I'm So sorry I had to wake you. It's defiantely not my favorite part of working nights. However it's very important I xxxxx.... because of xxxx" and they usually understand. Also- the first time I go into their room for the shift... I lay out the plan for the night. I tell them I can let them sleep until xx time..but then I need to wake them for xxx, but that I will do it as quickly as possibly so they can go back to sleep.
  14. AprilRNurse

    What would you do?

    I'm a CPR instructor for AHA. We teach not to touch anyone if air is being exchanged. If you can hear them coughing, you wait and let them try to get it out. We teach back blows only on an infant...otherwise once the object obstructs the airway you do the HM until the object is either projected out, or the person becomes unresponsive- at which point you initiate your CPR.
  15. AprilRNurse

    Doctors cannot do a nurses job

    I guess it depends on the workplace and the dr. I've had dr's who are more than willing to do nurses work. I've also had dr's who are more than willing to admit they they do not know what we do. I appreciate both types as long as they show respect to others around them. I'm blessed with a job where I never feel "beneath" anyone. We treat each other with respect no matter what the position held is.