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Hospice Nurse LPN has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC, Psych, Hospice.

I work as a hospice nurse part time and am a full time BSN student.

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  1. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Any of you LPNs bridging to RN in your very late 40s

    I'll be 54 in march & I'm currently in a BSN bridge program.
  2. Hospice Nurse LPN

    RN program missing pharmacology!!!!!

    I can't imagine nursing school w/o pharm! My LPN program had a full semester of pharm. I'm now in a BSN program & we have 2 semesters of patho/pharm.
  3. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Do nurses get holidays off?

    You just get used to celebrating when you have time off. My kiddos were always happy to have Christmas if it was on the 22, 23, 24, or 25! It is being with family & friends that is important....not the date on the calendar,:)
  4. Hospice Nurse LPN

    I got fired today

    Big hugs, LoveJoy! Enjoy your Thanksgiving w/ the family. I'm sorry this happened to you. The DON sounds like a real piece of work. Something else better is just around the corner.
  5. Hospice Nurse LPN

    How do I interact with terminally ill patients?

    Well said, Leslie!
  6. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Hello, looking for some encouragement.

    I had the same problem when I first started hospice nursing. I was "talked to" several times by both my DON and MSW about setting boundaries. Another poster mentioned burn out if you don't. That's true! I eventually got better about that, but it...
  7. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Urgent: need help with important project.

    I'm just wondering why you joined. I agree w/ the other nurses that you should be doing your own homework and not trusting total stangers on a message board. What the hay, I'm in a good mood tonight. Keep a look at your inbox....I may send you so...
  8. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Experiences with going to school with a commute

    My commute is 1.25 hour one way. I know many people listen to recorded lectures during the commute, but I don't. I listen to classical music---it helps me calm down after a stressful day. Once I get home, I study, but not on my commute----that's "...
  9. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Who is the oldest Nursing Student here?

    What Scott said!
  10. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Who is the oldest Nursing Student here?

    I'm 54 & I've been an LPN for a while. I'm currently in a BSN program. I'll be 56 (almost) when I. Graduate
  11. Hospice Nurse LPN

    IV therapy skills in nursing school...do they still exist?

    I thought this was a basic skill. We learned & did lots of practice in my LPN. Program
  12. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Never too early to consider this :)

    Good article, xtx!
  13. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Direct care staff incentive bonus

    I get a yearly bonus. It. Comes from my employer NOT the government.
  14. Hospice Nurse LPN

    "Alphabet Soup" After Nurses' Name?

    I like to use my alphbet soup! I'm "HospiceNurseLPN, CHPLN". It's on my name badge and I sign things that way. I worked darned hard for the certification and I'm proud of it.
  15. Hospice Nurse LPN

    Heartland Hospice or Seasons hospice

    You may want to say where these companies are located. Nurses from all over the world read this site. :)