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Well I'm done. I can't even believe it. I feel sort of numb!

So last Thursday as I was walking out of the lab after submitting a drug test, I checked my email. My case manager had sent an email with "Congratulations" as the subject line, saying that when (not IF, but WHEN 😊, my case manager is pretty cool), this last test comes back negative, he would be "completing your case". I emailed back to find out details, timeframe, etc, and he told me that he would be out of the office on Monday and Tuesday, so once he got back, assuming the test results were back, he'd complete my case on Wednesday or Thursday, and that would be it! Turns out the test results came back Saturday, so it was the longest few days EVER! I spent all Friday and Saturday checking for results, then when they were back I sent a reminder email to my case manager to let him know the results were back negative. I was kinda hoping he'd check his email from home, and that this was something he could do online from home. Yeah no. Oh well. This was all happening a month early anyway so I wasn't going to complain!

i got his email Wednesday afternoon, which makes it 25 days early. I didn't think anyone EVER got out early! Not that I'd ever heard if anyway. His email congratulated me, and there was an attached official completion letter, he's also gonna send a completion letter to my employer.

The sad thing is that I've become so paranoid in this program that my first instinct was to come come and post this good news as soon as I heard it last Thursday. Then my second instinct was "nope, if TPAPN is trolling the boards, this would trigger an easy identification of who I am", and I didn't want that. Idk why even, I just was afraid that this early completion would be withdrawn if they figured out who I was and went back and read all my old posts. Not that there's anything terribly incriminating in these posts, I don't think so anyway, but I just couldn't take the chance that this would be taken away from me! So I waited until it was all official to post this. Oh yeah, after getting the completion letter, the next thing I did was try to log in to Affinity, and couldn't do it. I wasn't registered!

Whew! I still can't believe it.

Awesome news. My first time I got out 3 months early. I don't foresee that again. Sigh. I am happy for you and at the same time I have "completion envy". Lol. Go out and Live without the burden of Big Brother always lurking in the shadows. Great job friend!

Oh WOW! This is my dream for real. I have these fantasies that they are so backlogged with all the new TPAPNers that maybe, just maybe they will let me out early.. How amazing would that be. I am on my 4th CM and have no rapport with her, so this would be surprising.

Congrats to you Recovering, you have answered many questions of mine over the last 3 years and I appreciate it. I am supposed to be up in Dec, here's to hoping it is sooner.

Best wishes, I bet you feel amazing to be free. I do understand the paranoia though!

Congrats! The taste of freedom is sweet, ain't it?

For those still in... there is hope! It really happens!!

All I have to say is CONGRATULATIONS! :happy:

Gosh, I wish there was a Love button I could push for this--I am SO happy for you!

I have a little over 13 months left of a 5 year contract, and at times I have thought about asking for an early release (maybe 6 or 3 months early or so), but then I worry I will look too anxious to be done and will be drawing attention to myself...

We'll see when the time comes.

Anyways, congrats again to completing this program and enjoy your freedom!!!!


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So very happy for you! congrats

Wow, congratulations. 11 months for me. I would love to get out a month early. Maybe with the sunset review recommendations they're being a little more open to that.

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Wonderful news Recovering! What a great day for you and all of us still working to see the end!

It gives us all hope.

Well done!

I have been wondering about this too, in regards to the sunset review. I would be on cloud nine to get out early. I believe the only reason they keep us so long is for profit. Especially those of us who have never messed up while in monitoring and have solid work history and sobriety. It is overkill.

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