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mother of 18 yr old college student, Audrey Covington. Worked for Citigroup for 6 yrs and decided to pursue a "higher purpose" in this life experience. First time to start college Jan. 08. As of now all prerequs done and two support crs left. App

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  1. mom35

    TPAPN Question

    I was fired from my psych rn position after three years due to I took an extra klonopin, my prescription, at work and fainted. I told my supervisor what I had done. They tested me and the test came back negative. They fired me. I understand . My ex employer referred me to tpapn. My question: if I withdraw from tpapn, what is the board likely to do? I kbow no one can say for sure but anyone with similiar situation and outcome?
  2. mom35

    Low Census-what's up?!

    I don't know that it is the ACA. I just don't know why when we are usually packed this time of year, we are down in the teens as opposed to over 40. The other closest hospital is three hours away, I don't think we have much competition. I am not blaming ACA, I am just trying to figure out what might be going on. I guess I need to hurry and relocate back home to the big city, I will be leaving in February anyway!
  3. mom35

    A feeling of impending doom

    I was precepting three months after I finished orientation. I was not comfortable with it, and they said "oh, but they are taking all seven patients, you just have to be there if they have questions". I was not comfortable with it and I usually do not do it anymore, even though I would be a little more comfortable now that I have two years under my belt. Still, they are having people just a few months off orientation precepting-not a good idea!
  4. mom35

    Low Census-what's up?!

    Something odd is going on at my hospital. I work on a (formerly busy) med/surge floor but lately they are cancelling nurses and putting them on call left and right. We usually work 4 12 hour shifts per week but lately many of us are lucky to get 2 nights per week. Our census is eerily low. This time last year we were packed, all rooms full and it usually doesn't slow down until Spring. So I feel like something ominous is approaching. Could this be from the new healthcare? I know that the doctor that is the main driving admitter to our hospital is always complaining about the new healthcare and he has really dropped back on admitting. This is killing the nursing staff financially-I am very worried! Anyone else with the same at their hospital?
  5. mom35

    demerol then code blue

    He very well could have, I didn't think of that.
  6. mom35

    demerol then code blue

    I have not been on here in a long time. But I am in distress and need advice/input. I started my nursing career two years ago on a med/surge floor. I love what I do, but last night terrified me. I had a patient that was 58y. multiple issues/drug user and he said he was in pain. I tried giving him lortab and he refused. During the day they were giving him dilaudid and that is what he wanted, but doc d/c'd it. Instead doc wrote for 40mg Demerol sivp. also give promethazine 12.5 mg. sivp. So pt said he would take the Demerol. So I gave the Demerol 40 mg. /.08ml. diluted in at least 8 cc of saline and pushed for two minutes. Slowly flushed that for two minutes and then gave promethazine diluted in at least 8cc saline slowly for two minutes and then flushed slowly two minutes. pt was okay. continued passing meds to my other six patients and get a call from the tele tech that my patient hr going down. I ran to room/called for help/could not arouse him. started cpr/gave narcan/the team was there by then... they intubated and sent him to ICU. I thought we were not going to get him back. His face was blue, I was so terrified. I have never had my patient code. The doctor asked me if I gave the Demerol too fast and I told him no and how I administered. What could have happened? I am so upset for my patient and I have cried and cried because he is my responsibility. I did what I was suppose to do, didn't I? They let me leave from shift early, I am so upset for him. He never has any family visiting him and he lives in a nursing home. That poor man, I hope he does not pass. What did I do wrong?
  7. mom35

    New nurse feeling overwhelmed and miserable!

    I am an anxious individual to begin with, and the anxiety when I started was tremendous! Somewhere around my fifth or six month I stopped getting nauseated and the terror prior to my shift began to lessen. Now it will be one year on Nov. 17th and I have so much more confidence and have even received some acolades (spelling?) at work for doing a good job! I love my patients and even though most of them speak spanish and I speak very little, I am able to relate to them how much they mean to me and I let them know that I will do the best I can to take great care of them. I sit in the hall at a computer on wheels so that when my pts. light goes off I can hot-tail it in there and they appreciate not having to wait five minutes for their calls to get a response! When you are at work, put your heart and soul into it. Live it, breath it! I think if you are fully present not just physically but mentally and emotionally it really helps! It will get better!!
  8. mom35

    Do Not Work Off The Clock, Nurses!

    I dont want to work off the clock, but I am afraid of being terminated if I stay over and finish charting. We have been told many times we must clock out one hour after end of shift, no exceptions. We take up to seven patients per med surge shift-12 hrs. Usually the hr post shift is enough to finish my charting, however sometimes it is not. Especially when I have discharged, got admissions and still 7 pt per shift. Sometimes it takes more than one hour post shift and management says we can not stay clocked in past 8am. It is upsetting to me
  9. mom35

    Is it possible for a RN to work five 12 hr days?

    Yes, even though most of us at my hospital do it, it is exhausting! I dont really mind four days, but the five is very tiring. I just dont know how the rn's I work with do it! Many of them are over 40, not that it is old, and work five twelve hour days and only two days per week off, and usually not even two days off in a row!! One rn worked six days and when they started putting her on call she went prn somewhere else to keep up that six 12 hr per week . I am really considering telling boss that I would like to work three one week and then four the next. If we dont tell him, he automatically schedules us for five each week!!
  10. mom35

    Is it possible for a RN to work five 12 hr days?

    Yes it is. Nurses where I work, in Eagle Pass Texas at Fort Duncan do it all the time regularly. In fact most of them work five 12 hr shifts. Myself, I prefer to only work 4 but most of the time my boss schedules everyone for five. It is common for us, and only if you are on orientation will the boss schedule 3 days only. We are usually perpetually short-staffed hence the five day per week schedules.
  11. mom35

    When the hospital cancels you for a shift...

    My hospital of employment puts us on call. It is when we are scheduled to work and the census is low so they dont need as many nurses as are scheduled. They call and tell us we are "on call", and if they need us, usually before midnight, I work night shift, they call and we go in. If they dont need us, they dont call by midnight and we are off and do not get paid. I have seen people refuse to be put on call and work anyway, usually I am scheduled five days so I dont mind being put on call once and awhile.
  12. I work night shift medsurge and one doc told me, "why cant you nurses all call at once instead of at different times?!"-lol
  13. mom35

    Hope for ADN in San Antonio, TX???

    If you dont have luck with SA, you could drive about 2.5 hrs to Eagle Pass to Fort Duncan Regional Medical Hospital-that's where I am. I relocated here from Dallas. Go to indeed.com, they are offering the 20,000 and 24000 dollar bonus for two year contract. It is a border town and small and quiet, it is not dangerous at all. Hospital is small but usually very very busy! Just an idea if you decide to. Best of Luck!!
  14. mom35

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    I am six months on my first RN job, and have done so many stupid things! One of my fellow Rn's, himself just a few more months than me on the first job, just cracked me up the other day. I was giving him report and the pt. had rhabdomylosis and he said, "oh, she has rabies!!!".
  15. "I love you", my response-"I love you too".
  16. mom35

    Graduated last May.... NO JOB

    if willing to relocate to eagle pass texas, fdrmc is almost always hiring. I had to move here from dfw to get my first position.