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  1. mom35

    Group One Blacklisting in Texas

    How may I find out if I am on the list???
  2. Hi All! I am looking to take a break from the floor and curious as to what a Quality Management Consultant nurse for Aetna does.
  3. mom35

    Done, and early too!

  4. mom35

    Does being an R.N. mean we cannot be human?

    I appreciate these responses! I am thankful to only be monitored and not disciplined. I am grateful that I was placed in the mental health track for a year, minimum. I am very thankful for my advocate too!!! My advocate really has assisted me in navigating through the program!
  5. Hello, after 4.5 years in psychiatric inpatient nursing, I am making a change to dialysis with Fresenius clinic. I would love to hear about this type of nursing and would love to hear about experience with Fresenius! Grateful!!!!
  6. You know the more I read these posts, the more I believe that being an R.N. means we are being judged for simply being human beings, and it is really upsetting! I was lucky in that I am on the Mental Health track of tpapn. So is having anxiety and MDD something that an R.N. cannot have? I read these posts about people drinking while off and I think, "so is no nurse suppose to ever drink". I understand that if the drinking goes beyond a rare social occassion, if the drinking is a problem. But honestly, it seems that another R.N. just has to hypothesize that another is "acting different" while on shift, and even without evidence we are thrown in the program! My god this is frightening! After I told my psychiatrist that I was in tpapn she told me it would be hard for me to find a position. The next visit with her, she told me that she felt I did not need to be in tpapn and that she had other patients in it for ridiculous reasons. She told me that nurses are being disciplined for being human, for having disabilities. So where is our justice!? The more I read the stories, the more angry I get! How do we make changes?? How do we get to become human?!!!
  7. mom35

    Grateful for job offer

    Short re-cap... I was placed on TPAPN Mental Health Track. I will be on it with a minimum of one year and six months monitoring at work. In March TPAPN gave me permission to go back to work. I went to several interviews without luck. Finally, about one week Fresenius Dialysis clinic gave me an offer even though they know I am on TPAPN. The clinical manager told me she had hired TPAPN before. I am grateful that I do not have to pay for tests every week as I have read how much more hectic the substance abuse route is. I thought I would never find someone willing to hire me on the program. So, anyone having difficulty with job placement, know that Fresenius (at least in DFW), will hire. Good Luck to us all.
  8. mom35

    A little good news

    I just found out today that I will be on the tpapn mental health track and not the substance abuse track. So I will not have any narcotic giving restrictions and no testing. This bit of news gives me some relief because it is one year in legnth.
  9. mom35

    TPAPN and terrified!

    Also, what about cigarettes? Are they to be avoided?
  10. mom35

    TPAPN and terrified!

    I thought my doctor's comment was rude. It literally felt like someone was twisting my gut. My case worker said I can find a position. The support here has lifted my spirits greatly. The anxiety I have had starting this program plus with my hospital closing and not working and some other changes in my life, I have spent the past month in a perpetual state of feeling defeated, anxious, depressed, helpless and hopeless. I am glad and grateful to everyone here. I feel alive again. I feel like fighting the good fight. It is a relief.
  11. mom35

    TPAPN and terrified!

    I need all the help I can get especially finding a job. I was working in psych but that hospital closed on Feb 16. Now I am starting tpapn and my eval has been done and my case worker will be getting back to me with details. On my last visit to my psychiatrist, just last Tuesday, she told me it would be nearly impossible to find a job on tpapn. I panicked when she told me that. My thought was "I will never work as a nurse again". It made me literally ill.
  12. mom35

    TPAPN and terrified!

    Thanks so much.
  13. mom35

    TPAPN and terrified!

    Thank you so much. Your words help me.
  14. mom35

    TPAPN and terrified!

    Hello All, I have been an RN since 2011. Last April I was prescribed Klonopin for severe anxiety. I made a bad decision and took an extra pill at work on my shift. It was too strong and I almost passed out and had to go to er. I was fired and reported to bon. I also reported myself. I am now about to begin TPAPN and I am terrified. It is expensive and I am afraid I will miss something or not send something in on time. Mostly I am concerned about finding a job while on this. What do I say at the interview? Do I tell them that I am on TPAPN at the interview? Who the heck will hire me hearing that? I am terrified my nursing career is over. Please give some feedback. I appreciate everyone.
  15. mom35

    TPAPN Question

    I was fired from my psych rn position after three years due to I took an extra klonopin, my prescription, at work and fainted. I told my supervisor what I had done. They tested me and the test came back negative. They fired me. I understand . My ex employer referred me to tpapn. My question: if I withdraw from tpapn, what is the board likely to do? I kbow no one can say for sure but anyone with similiar situation and outcome?