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  1. Kel65

    RN with stipulations looking for work in DFW

    UHS facilities are TPAPN friendly. Google UHS jobs.
  2. Kel65

    My last Day

    Congrats! I'm done July 19, I have a fishing trip scheduled. Enjoy life!! You have earned it.
  3. Kel65

    Not reporting an employer to KNAP

    And, if an agency comes in to do a survey or a complete investigation even on something that didn't involve you, they look at all the nurses licensure information. That is standard procedure. Investigative agencies have access to your whole story unlike your employer or the public. Trust me, they look for nurses on monitoring. That's why someone I worked with is no longer licensed. Lied about monitoring and got caught during a survey When they say you are anonymous when you self-reported to your monitoring agency, they mean it doesn't show to the public. They still notify the board that you are on monitoring. And what if you make a mistake? And then it comes to the attention of the board. Risky.
  4. Kel65


    Go online look for UHS jobs, two TPAN friendly hospitals in Denton. Apply for intake or staff nurse
  5. Kel65


    Congrats!! 5 months left for me as of today.
  6. Kel65

    Quest Options 4-6

    Yep, cough syrup, Sudafed and Benadryl are in the options. You cheat, and it will catch up to you, that's the bottom line. Only temptation I've ever had was to take a Benadryl after a bad allergic reaction. I didn't do, damn glad. Got pulled for option 4 next day. That had Benadryl on the panel. I believe there's someone here that got busted for Benadryl.
  7. Kel65

    Quest Options 4-6

    I am not going to post that in a public forum, but I know beyond a shadow of doubt that optional 1 is ethanol and everything else on down is etg. Second to my acquired knowledge of what the options are, I am only tested with options 2 -4 due to false positives on option 1 ethanol. So yes, I know.
  8. Kel65

    Quest Options 4-6

    No, affinity uses special panels. That are different from quests general options as shown in the link. Option 4 test etg, over the counters, anti depressents and a ton of other stuff not listed in the link.
  9. Kel65

    So much for "step down year" in TPAPN!

    I am betting that you just described how it will be for me to a tee. Mentally prepared. I was thinking the other day I'll probably get hit with a test my last day and be waiting extra time for results. After 2 1/2 years I've come to not be aggravated much by the aggravating. If that makes any sense.
  10. Kel65

    So much for "step down year" in TPAPN!

    32 days since my last test. If it's 18 a year during step down, they only have 9 left to hit me with before July 19. It will be interesting to see how it measures out.
  11. Kel65

    It is DONE.

    Hey, that's a good idea pick of the last login. I'm going to have to do that July 19th 2019.
  12. Kel65

    It is DONE.

    Congrats!! Six months left here!!
  13. Kel65

    To TPAPN or not...

    They will give you a list of choices with whom to do your evaluations with. They are all TPAPN preferred, and will likely give you out patient. There is no getting out of outpatient if you're deemed to have to the three year stint. BUT!!! As MJ was you're issue you may be a candidate for EEP..extended evaluation period. One year of drug tests and that is all. Ask TPAPN about it, ask your evaluator about it. Above all, do not have an attitude. The less you annoy or attract attention the better.
  14. Kel65

    I am DONE! Finally

    Thanks. I thought the Last year would go slower, but I don't even know where these past five months went. The day I can't check in I'm going to a Chinese buffet. None in three years, Soy sauce paranoia.
  15. Kel65

    To TPAPN or not...

    Yes, I am in TPAPN. You are required to tell the employer.You have to get approval from you case worker to work a job once you're in tpapn. You will probably be required not to work while you're going through outpatient which is what usually is recommended. You will have quarterly employee evaluations that must be submitted to tpapn. You will have the standard restrictions which are no narc passing for 6 months, no overtime, no floating. there are no working weekends or nights restrictions which may be waived.