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  1. Kel65


    That's what I'm thinking, got lost on the way from one lap to the other.
  2. Kel65

    Hair dye

    I used to do the all natural out of paranoia. The last three months I've done the L'Oreal products, and tested a couple days after first dye with no issues.
  3. Kel65


    I've had invalid and inconclusive but this is new to me. I can tell you, because I only do option 3 and 4 due to a kidney issue which causes false positives on option 1 which includes a basic urine ethanol, that Option 4 includes EGT, as well as over the counters, anti depressants, and narcotics. According to my lab, quest tests for the drugs on the east coast and then ships to a Midwest lab to do the EGT. Perhaps someone at the 2nd lab put in no results because they didn't receive them .
  4. Kel65

    Countdown roll call

    36 days, and I got word from my case manager, I was good to countdown with the expectation of being done on my contract date. These last 50 days have been riding cloud nine!!
  5. Kel65

    What To Expect

    Admit nothing. See a lawyer.
  6. Kel65

    IPN Friendly hospitals

    You would do better to post this in the Recovery section. Lot's of IPN people there.
  7. Kel65

    Testing Frequency Towards the End of Contract

    Cats, me too with the kidney issues. I wonder how many of us are afflicted by this collateral damage.
  8. Kel65

    Therapy Animals to help with Addiction

    Lost my beloved friend of 15 years the day after I got her a companion. Going on a year with this new girl. It was hard at first but as the bond grows you realize how special a part of your life they can be.
  9. Kel65

    Countdown roll call

    It's going pretty quick Spanked. I thought it would drag, but it's flying!!
  10. Kel65

    Countdown roll call

    42 days today. Day 50 made my heart sing. 40 should feel the same. I'm thinking when I hit 30 I won't be able to stop smiling.
  11. Kel65

    Testing Frequency Towards the End of Contract

    Catsmeow, love the soy sauce comment because I am right there with you. Chinese food drenched in soy sauce. Today, I'm going fishing, mosquitoes are bad this spring. I'm using a lovely fragrance of Basil all over me. Can't wait to be able to spray myself with insect spray.
  12. Kel65

    Testing Frequency Towards the End of Contract

    I'm TPAPN, 44 days left. Final year, I have been tested mostly once a month. Two times I was tested 10 to 13 days apart. Cap here in stepdown is 18 and I'm at 16. The pattern is pretty predictable. I went 41 days without testing. Tested late May and was expecting to test yesterday which I did. If the pattern holds, I will test late June again and then probably quickly another in the first or second week of June as I'm done the third week.
  13. Kel65

    This is horrible

    I'm speechless. This woman is a sociopath.
  14. Kel65

    MSN done

  15. Kel65

    Countdown roll call

    Same here. I have a contract date, I will be contacting the day before to make sure that button gets pushed in the morning. 56 days. Tic tock.
  16. Kel65


    Congrats!!!! The chapter might survival story is nearing an end. 63 days left today. Drug testing doesn't bother me, lab is close, I can go early in the morning and I'm in and out and I'm clean. But checking in, that physical reminder, even though I hardly drug test anymore on step down, that I'm still not free to go about my day as planned until I hit a button is beginning to really irritate me. Green screen, green light go on with your day as planned. Red screen, stop and rearrange your morning, pay the toll. You would think it would be less ponderous and tension building when you're about to hit that button knowing that because you're down to once a month testing today, probably won't be the day. But, No...the early years of monitoring with the ridiculous two tests in four days sort of stuff stays with you. Holding on, time passes no matter the matter. I know really that all I have to do is blink and this will be done.

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