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  1. Reporting to BON

    Are counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc required to report a nurse for info shared re substance abuse? Asking for a friend.
  2. Blast from the past!

    I still find a stray receipt here and there.
  3. Blast from the past!

    I finished 4/18/2018 and had a huge bonfire with all that paperwork a month later.
  4. PNAP Ending

    CONGRATS! You'll go to log in to recovery trek and it will say you’re account is not active, or something like that. Your case manager will call you that day and say you’re done. Then you’ll get a letter. Best feeling ever! ...
  5. One more bat outta hades

    CONGRATS, Spanked! So happy for you (us)!
  6. PNAP Question

    You’re welcome. Keep us posted.
  7. PNAP Question

    Haha yes it’s all a big mystery. If it helps, my contract end date was April 9, and I was officially free April 19.
  8. PNAP Question

    You won’t be able to log in to RT, then you will receive a call from your case manager. How much longer do you have???
  9. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    I think you'll be surprised how quickly it fades. Once I received my official letter of dismissal, I had a bonfire of the receipts and paperwork i accumulated over the years. Including the contract. Very cathartic.
  10. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    Congrats! Now, get on with your life!
  11. Greetings From SpankedInPittsburgh

    Hi Spanked! Congrats!
  12. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    I received my letter 11 days after the last day of my contract. I was also picked to test within that time frame. Try to hang in there....the waiting is the hardest part!
  13. Done, and early too!

    Congrats! The taste of freedom is sweet, ain't it? For those still in... there is hope! It really happens!!
  14. Done

    Yea, I saw your other post. I would be freaking out if it was over a month! God they really got you by the balls. Waiting is the worst.
  15. Done

    Actually my date was 4/8/18. Did you submit your petition for dismissal? Honestly, I've never heard of anyone waiting longer than 2 weeks, so any day now.... Is DH your case manager?