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    Affinity- Please Activate Account

  2. willow14

    And just like that... it's over.

    Congrats....enjoy your freedom & the extra $ in your pocket from NO MORE drug tests!
  3. willow14

    Probation/monitoring $$$

    Yep, the cost of these programs are insane! I fortunately didn't have to do inpatient treatment, but had to see an AODA counselor 2x month for the first year, which then dropped to 1x year and eventually discontinued. I had insurance but that only went so far. I recently completed my program and estimated the cost of the drug test (both urine & hair) cost me $12,000.....it wasn't pretty, but I managed to get through it. (Of course my credit took a dive & I have absolutely NO savings left, etc...) But now that I think of it, I probably spent even MORE than the 12 grand because I forgot to factor in what I spent on the counseling....geez....whatever. Just so glad to be f__ing done. ANYWAYS, I digress, sorry, but just know that I feel your pain & COMPLETELY understand your frustration and don't blame you for venting at all.
  4. willow14

    Received board order via email , feeling overwhelmed!!!

    I second what Spanked said about seeing if legal counsel would help get you out of monitoring, and I'm also sorry that there ended up being 'more to the story'. It might be a silly question, but if you already have your contract, why do still need to go to a settlement conference? (Pardon if I'm being naive here). Anyways, as many others have said who have gone through monitoring (or are are still going through monitoring) IT IS DOABLE. I endured 5 years of it and yes the inconvenience, stress and cost of it all sucked, but you can do it! I realize how unfair it is for you to have you do it in the first place (after 3+ years of sobriety already), but I have a feeling they might not be taking your clean time seriously because it "wasn't on their watch"...if you catch my drift. They're probably making you do monitoring to PROVE you truly are sober and not "just saying so", which isn't fair, but none of these programs are. Hopefully legal counsel can help, but if not, just take a deep breath and take it one day at time. Make sure you know what you can & cannot take to try to avoid false positives....that's really all that you can do. Good luck & I'm rooting for you!
  5. willow14

    Board order - great news!!!

    I've been following your story here, hoping for the best for you. Congrats!
  6. willow14

    Today I get my life back

    So Happy for You! I just completed my program a few weeks ago, so I know how "free" you must feel. Enjoy your life and congrats!!!!!!!
  7. willow14

    Random, eh?

    OMG!!!! That is insane!!!! Btw, I was thinking about you the other day, Still RN--wondering how you've been doing
  8. willow14

    One year left...

    Gosh, I don't blame you AT ALL for feeling how you do and tell you I'm sorry this is happening to you! I DO hope that you have an awesome trip!!!
  9. willow14


    Thank you everyone for your kind words
  10. willow14


    I received my notification today that was released/successfully completed my monitoring program, even had the OFFICIAL letter sent to me from my case worker via email. I'm almost in shock....but SO damn happy, relieved, etc! Today was slated to be my 'actual' date of completion too, which makes it even more bittersweet. I know it will take me a bit to get used to not having to check in daily, read EVERY food label or suffer through a cold without "certain OTCs", but damn....so far it just feels good to know that I AM DONE. For those of you still going through monitoring feeling like you can't do this, it's taking too long, etc...just stay positive and keep trucking along day by day-- you WILL get there. My program was 5 years & I NEVER thought this day would come. Thank you all for your support on this site...I know I wouldn't have gotten through this without It!
  11. willow14

    Peth test

    I'm happy for you too! Now you can relax a little
  12. willow14

    Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty.....

    Congratulations!!! I hope to be able to post that I'm 'free at last' soon also, as I have less than 3 weeks to go. SOOO happy for you!
  13. willow14

    Countdown roll call

  14. willow14

    Countdown roll call

    Hey Cats, have you heard anything yet?
  15. willow14

    Countdown roll call

    Congrats Cats! I'm right behind you with only 26 days to go. You got this!!!
  16. willow14

    Flawed test?

    I had a flawed test about a month ago but was for a hair test. I go through First Source Solutions so I called them ask what a flawed test meant. I was told there was an "error" in the specimen collection process, resulting it being "flawed". They were also able to tell me the person who cut my hair didn't cut it close enough to my scalp, so the lab couldn't tell which end of the sample was from my head, so to speak. It was the collection site's error and didn't have anything to do with me. I also let my monitor know and he cancelled test so I didn't have to pay for it ($300!!!!). He also informed me I would have to submit another sample, which I did. I was selected the next week for another hair test. I've been in this program for almost 5 years (less than 50 days to go) and that's the only flawed I've had....not sure about other's experiences. Try calling the lab...maybe they'll tell you what happened. I know it's scary, but try not to get too stressed out. This too will pass...just like everything else in this program.