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  1. How to ace/land interviews while on probation?

    Those are spot on suggestions. One other thing I did was to have my CM provide me with a letter outlining my restrictions. Luckily, mine were few (no narc restrictions at all), so the interviewer could immediately see what the terms were. Every one...
  2. RN license

    I’m not sure of your state, however, I surrendered instead of taking the probation and when the time came to get my license back, not only was I required to do the probation and that entails, I also had to enroll in refresher courses (more money)! ...
  3. Quit RAMP, board action, now what?

    I was in the AZ Cando program in the early 2000’s and quit. Eventually moved to Texas and applied 5 years ago for a TX license. Took awhile, some hoops, letters of recommendation, proof of sobriety, etc, but I’ve been licensed nearly three years now....
  4. Petition to dismiss monitoring program

    Are you petitioning for early release? I wish my state did this! I’m about 4 months from a three year program and would love the chance to get out early! What state (if you don’t mind sharing $! Good luck to you. Sorry, I really don’t have any w...
  5. Soberlink

    Good lord, they are really pulling out everything to throw at you. Is this your only means of testing? Do you also have to do UDS? If so, seems overboard. I’ve never heard of soberlink so I do not have any advice. Just commenting on th...
  6. End of Monitoring

    Congratulations! I have 4.5 months left on 3 years. Looking forward to being done. I want to ask for early release BUT because my DON was out of town once and submitted her quarterly report three days late, I have a non-compliance against me. Ugh!
  7. Affinity drug testing

    I just let them know I will be out of town. I’m still responsible for finding a lab if picked and I have to check in online. I was told that I only need “permission “ to go abroad and then it would be an interruption in the program.
  8. Tpapn trying to find work

    LTC will hire. Also look into MDS at LTC.
  9. Test Codes for Affinity!

    In Texas, we also use Affinity. Once I was accepted into the program, I was sent login information by my CM and was told to begin checking in EVERY single day. There is a button at top to check in and it will tell you if you are chosen that day to te...
  10. Revoked LVN / Texas.

    Go oBlaine to any of the colleges in your area and check out refresher courses. I know Austin Community College has one as do others. The BON website will tell you which ones are approved for reinstatement.
  11. Finding a job

    Try clinic jobs, vaccine nurse, or LTC. Most nursing homes have someone who could pass the occasional narc.
  12. Revoked LVN / Texas.

    Yes, I have. I was many years away and was reinstated. The BON website and application for reinstatement spells it out. You will need a refresher course to be completed. Get a head start on that. Congratulations on your sobriety...
  13. Missed check ins

    I also have an alarm set. I have never needed the alarm, but, I can see how it can happen and I am sorry you are going through this. I am over 2 years into a 3 year contract and I still check several times a day, and once and awhile get that li...
  14. License reinstatement after surrender

    Mine was revoked in AZ for not completing CANDO. However, I reapplied after the term was up, but, by then I lived in TX and applied here too. AZ took nearly two years to even respond to my request. In TX, I was given a license and began monitoring he...
  15. I did get the offer but eventually went with another offer. I’ve been working back as a nurse since May 2020. I have just over 13 months left of my 3 year contract. In all honesty, it hasn’t been bad. I get tested 2 times per month, randomly. I...