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  1. rn1965

    OIG list

    It was very easy. It happened to be after my "time was up". It took about 4 weeks, start to finish. No money required. But, you do have to request the application be sent to you. The app is lengthy and make sure you fill it out completely (and, of course, make copies) and send it in (I did cert mail). Once they finished and took me off the "list", I got a letter telling me I was removed from the exclusion list. Simple.
  2. rn1965

    Cost of Eval for TPAPN

    Hey-- If you are still interested, I found someone (the cheapest) and it is $750. They are on the TPAPN approval list. PM me if you would like the name. Trust me, I emailed nearly EVERY SINGLE PERSON on their list. I even had one tell me, "oh, the average is about $3k, and I am affiliated with a wonderful rehab unit" -- I have been sober 14+ years. Once I told her that, she said, well, even some folks need some inpatient treatment to "tune up" their sobriety. I laughed and thanked her for her time and got right off that phone call!
  3. rn1965

    Tpapn weekends

    I am getting ready to be enrolled for TPAPN. I sure hope weekends are not restricted. I cannot imagine there are many hospital/LTC, etc that do not require nurses to work weekends. I am aware there are jobs that nurses can do M-F only, but those are scarce, I am sure.
  4. rn1965

    What does my future hold?

    The only advise I have is to stick with your attorney and let him/her handle info and communications with your BON. Also, seek the treatment you need (if needed) and DO NOT DISCLOSE to them you are a nurse. Most importantly, take care of yourself, each and every day! Come here for support and know we are here to listen!
  5. rn1965

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    I call the MD Dr._______ unless they ask me to call them by their first name. Years ago, I worked on an antepartum unit and all the physicians wanted to be addressed by their first names only. In the OR, they wanted Dr. until the pt was asleep, then it was first names. I started as a CNA in 1980 and in a very catholic hospital. When a Dr. entered the unit, all nurses, etc. got up and gave them their spots. Also, they had private dining, completely stocked and private sleeping areas and we were not to disturb them. Then again, we also lit their cigarettes for them and emptied their ashtrays......hahaha! Times are changing, but, I feel if they went to school THAT long and take on that kind of responsibility, I will call them doctor.
  6. rn1965

    Board order - great news!!!

    Hopefully because you are now under a "board order" the AG will leave you alone. If they contact you again, tell them to call your lawyer! This is such good news for you!
  7. rn1965

    After evaluation..

    Congrats! That sounds like a pretty good contract. Things are looking up for you!
  8. Think of the amount of energy you are spending worrying about this situation. It is very likely, since the pt had no long term effects, they are not thinking about it. Do as other posters have mentioned, consult an attorney and make sure your malpractice insurance is up to date, then.........stop thinking and obsessing over this. Move on and learn from your mistake. I am sorry that happened to you but you are giving this situation way to much of your time. DO NOT CONTACT THE PT. That would be a HUGE mistake. Hopefully, an incident report was filed, your charting reflected exactly what happened and now, you can move on.
  9. rn1965

    Discussing salary with co workers

    I believe that one should discuss pay. I see nothing wrong with it and employers who make a huge deal of it, or say it is not allowed, are usually trying to hide something. It helps when it comes time to negotiate your merit raises. However, if someone comes in and is making significantly more than you, with the SAME/SIMILAR experience, it likely means they just negotiated differently. I would not make a habit of asking every single person, or doing it often, but, if it comes up, so be it!
  10. rn1965

    Board order - great news!!!

    Congratulations on this and your continued sobriety. I am very happy for you. I know waiting that 3.5 years was rough, but, look at the outcome! Great work, friend!
  11. rn1965

    In Professional Healthcare Monitoring Program

  12. This just blows me away that you would have to do ANY probation or monitoring again. You paid your dues via the legal system, you paid via your LVN license and now, you MAY have to pay your dues again?!?!?! Did you retain an attorney who deals with licensing? I would think (uh-oh, there I go again, using common sense) that once you finished the probation & monitoring with the LVN, that would suffice....................
  13. rn1965

    Receiving my proposal via email next week!

    I have been waiting a very long time, as well, to "get this show on the road". I am a bit different, as my license from a previous state was revoked, and I applied for endorsement in a new state. Had to start over with a refresher course, applications, the works. Finally, I got my temp permit to complete the clinical portion of the refresher/re-entry and I start this FRIDAY! I am so darn excited. I still have to have the evaluation and get an order from TPAPN, but, I am well on my way. I have been sober now for 14 plus years and I just want to get back into nursing. You can do this, I can do this, we all can get through this!
  14. rn1965

    Random, eh?

    WHAT?!?!?! That is ridiculous. I mean, talk about over kill. That would certainly overlap! I bet your wallet was screaming for help those two weeks!
  15. I am not in your situation (either dual diagnosis or pre-NCLEX), however, I am not sure that waiting for the BON to force you into something is a good idea, if it means that it will leave a permanent mark on your record. The attorney that advised you has experience in defending RN licenses against the BON? If so, she could be right, I don't know. But, if she doesn't have the experience going against the BON, if it were me, I would get an attorney who does. Having a history will not necessarily stop you from being a nurse, you can read plenty about that on this forum. I am glad you are seeing providers who are taking care of you. You must remember to do the same, take care of yourself and your health. Good luck and I am pulling for you!
  16. rn1965

    Peth test

    Well, as long as you are not on a monitoring contract/board order, even if they found traces of alcohol, that shouldn't be something to be worried about. Alcohol is not illegal and I am not sure that many employers care if you drink on your off hours. You should be okay.