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  1. rn1965

    Funny not Funny

    I take a super B complex every single day I am working. I take beta-blockers and need the boost from a B vitamin to get through my days! LOL. Been doing it since January, when my probation started and have never tested positive. Now, I am a bit worried about continuing this. I do have it on my list of OTC meds for my CM but I am guessing it would not make a difference if I tested positive for something else. UGH!
  2. rn1965

    Recovery for LPN

    First, congratulations on one year of VERY hard work! Take care of yourself through all of this! Next, remove your real name from your profile. Too many people (employees of BON, etc) read these threads and you will want anonymity when expressing your thoughts here. Lastly, please get an attorney who can navigate the BON for you. They may be able to help with this issue better than we can. You can do this! Many of us have walked your same path, and still are. We are here for you!
  3. rn1965

    Florida IPN

    I second that! DO NOT DO IT! It is not worth it. I am sorry about your back pain, as we nurses suffer with that along with bum knees and constant aches and pains. Try to find a non-pharmacological way to treat it, at least while in the program.
  4. rn1965

    False Positive for THC just before residency (RRNA)

    1. Go get a hair follicle test. Expensive, yes, but it may help. 2. TAANA.org will help you find an attorney who can help you in this matter. If you did nothing wrong, ADMIT ZERO and get an attorney. Do not tell anyone what is going on and do not discuss the situation on social media, etc. Good luck!
  5. rn1965

    Tx Tpapn Home Health?

    Check with you case manager. Mine said yes, then changed her mind and changed my contract, after I was offered a position. I have a job now that I am happy at (so far).
  6. I think the process is what I make of it. It can be fearful, and depressing, but, I feel thankful to have a second chance. I bought my ticket to ride this train, so I can either do it or get off. I am a recovering alcoholic (15 years) who decided to get back into nursing and therefore had to start a monitoring program (because I dropped out of a confidential one years ago). So, yes, there will always be a mark on my license and I will have to explain to people interviewing me until the end of time. There are some people on here, who, IMO, should NOT have had to go through the programs. People with one DUI before nursing school, or one while off work, etc. I think an evaluation should have excluded them, but I think the BONs err on the side of caution. Right or wrong, it happens. If anything, for those people, maybe 3-6 months of monitoring would have been sufficient to handle things. Working nights should make testing (UDS) easier, because you can go right after work. Working nights is an adjustment, and something I have never adjusted to, so I do not do them. However, I have met nurses who did it their entire careers and would never dream of working a day shift. Some people are great at it. Try to keep your sleep as regular as you can when working. Get blackout curtains for your room, wear earplugs or use a fan or noise machine. Sleep mask, etc. Keep your chin up and be happy that you landed a job! That is a HUGE accomplishment and you deserve a pat on the back. Stay strong friend!
  7. rn1965

    How I inform interested employers of my past.

    That is great. I, too, have been pretty upfront with my monitoring agreement. So far, everyone seems to be okay with it. The first time I had to tell an interviewer was hard and I thought my heart was pounding out of my chest. But once the words were out of my mouth, I felt immense relief. I think there are more nurses out there than we are aware of who have had to walk the path of either the BON or monitoring.
  8. rn1965

    Finally able to practice nursing. Jobs???

    Nothing yet! I am supposed to hear from 2 places this week, but we shall see!
  9. I have MANY friends and even some family who believe this is all a "hoax/scam" or whatever they choose to call it. My question to those people is always the same: Do you HONESTLY believe that ANY government could get that many people to lie and play along with this WORLDWIDE? Not just in the US, but everywhere. Some places are harder hit than others. Maybe they (less hit) do not see a large number of traveling folks in and out of their county/town. Maybe the social distancing has worked, maybe they have just been lucky. Whatever the reason, I am not willing to risk it. You will probably never change her mind, no matter what evidence/anecdotes you show her. Good luck!
  10. rn1965

    TnPap (Tennessee)

    I was lucky enough NOT to get the narc restriction, but, from everything I have read, at least in TX, the narc restriction is WHILE working. So if you do not get a job until 18 months into your contract, the 6 months starts there. Not sure how TN works. I have talked to nurses in other states and they say the same as Texas rules, WORKING 6 month restriction.
  11. rn1965

    Really America?

    I'm with you! I am an old hippie and I cloth diapered my son, back when we used diaper pins and rubber pants over the cloth diaper and folded our own diapers! I also made my own "paper towels" many moons ago, and I wash them and reuse them. I really do not like paper towels in my home. Luckily I live alone, so I can ban them and not care! Haha! I do, however, live in a tiny community and we are on septic, so the TP I need is septic safe and very easily dissolved. I get it at Target and even that has disappeared. I just can't with people.....
  12. Thank you! I know you are about done, so I look forward to being there, as well! Thank you! I may just do that! I will PM you. I've never been afraid of talking about it to people, I am just unsure the best way to go about it in a nursing job interview.
  13. rn1965

    The perfect storm

    Before you speak to ANYONE AT WORK OR FROM THE BON ---- GET AN ATTORNEY, YESTERDAY. Get a hair test, to prove no use. Again: 1. DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE, even your manager or pharmacy 2. Get an Attorney TAANA.org 3. Hair follicle test Take a deep breath, and keep yourself healthy. Do not let this destroy you. We are here for you.
  14. I have been working my behind off for YEARS now, getting my previously revoked license active in a new state! I am so thrilled. Today, I logged onto the BON website and checked, and YES! My license is finally active. Yes, I have 3 years through TPAPN, but, I am more than willing to get it going and see it through. Been sober 15 years and today is a great day! Sent in a couple apps, and have an interview on Friday already. My fingers, legs, arms, toes are all crossed, hoping for a good outcome. I can do this and you can too! Hang in there my fellow nurses!
  15. rn1965

    Really America?

    I live in Texas, and I went to the local HEB the other night. People had lost their dang minds. NOT ONE roll of TP or paper towels in sight. There was a sign on the butter they were limiting it to three units per customer. What?? Butter?? I saw a family of Mom, Dad, 2 teens and one younger kid. Each was going through the checkout with a basket full of TP. Thank goodness I live alone and do not need as much, but I cannot help but wonder what they will do with all this TP? Are they selling it on the black market? And why 5 baskets filled to the brim of TP? I never use hand sanitizers, just good old soap and water. I also noticed all the bleach had limits on it. I was just trying to get some foaming bleach for my bathroom, normal usage and NONE! I know we should prepare, but there is such a thing as going overboard.
  16. rn1965

    Job search with a discipline on my license

    I just found out 5 minutes ago that my license is FINALLY ACTIVE after years of putting in the work to get it there! I am in a monitoring contract and will be for 3 years. From what I have read, dialysis, plasma centers, LTC are recovery friendly. Wound care nurses, case managers, maybe Utilization review?? I am hoping to find something soon. My biggest concern is when to bring it up? Sending you good vibes!

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