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rn1965 has 25 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Med/Surg, Women's Health, LTC.

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  1. rn1965


    Good morning all! Happy Friday and I hope everyone is doing well. I am in TPAPN and use Quest Diagnostics for my random screens. I went yesterday and was told they will be going to STRICTLY appointments only, starting today or Monday at the very latest. I am bummed out, because, even though they are a bit of a drive for me, I DO NOT have to pay additional for the collection. Everywhere else charges an additional fee (on top of the $55 per screen). Just to see what it was looking like, I made an account and looked at upcoming available appointments for drug screen times. For all of next week, the only appointments are late in the afternoon. That will not work for me, as I work second shift. Guess I will have to start paying MORE money and go to a clinic or lab at a different site. This really bites! Sorry, just needed to rant. I will be so happy to be done and get rid of all these "extra" fees!
  2. rn1965

    Affinity drug testing

    I am in TPAPN (TX). My tests thru Quest (Affinity Monitoring) are $55 a pop. If I have to go to an urgent care for some reason (cannot get in at Quest), they add between $25-50 per specimen. I have ONLY had urine (one year in) and I have had 2 months where I had three, but all the others were 2 x month. We check in online seven days a week, 365/yr. Never been picked on a weekend or holiday yet.
  3. rn1965

    How to look up test results

    It should be on your Affinity login under compliance and then choose tests. Although I know that I am 100% compliant all the time, I still check from time to time. It usually takes Affinity at least a week before the results are posted. Good luck, I know it is hard. I am nearly a year in and I am still paranoid (even tho I have been clean and sober for over 15 years!)
  4. rn1965

    Positive Peth

    What in the world?? Why don't they just extend your order? Five months away -- I'm so sorry that happened to you! I'm so paranoid that I only eat and drink what I personally prepare. I make my own Iced tea, coffee and all my own food. I do not trust anything or anyone while going through this. Hugs coming to you 🤗!
  5. rn1965

    New Grad in recovery, is PNAP mandatory?

    Consult an attorney. IMHO, if NOTHING shows up anywhere to say you were ever in rehab or trouble, then CLAM UP!! DO NOT EVER TELL the BON that you have a past history. It does not matter HOW long you are sober, they will put you in a program. If your arrest record is expunged, SAY NOTHING! Continue on with your sobriety and congratulations on both that and becoming a nurse!
  6. rn1965

    TPAPN Question

    I had 15+ years of sobriety when I got my TX license and yes, I am having to do a 3 year program with restrictions. I would invest a bit of money in an attorney (TAANA.org) and get their advise on how to proceed. Good luck and congrats on your continued sobriety.
  7. rn1965

    Hair test

    My evaluation did not include ANY testing at all, in terms of drug screening. That was done after I was admitted to the program itself. Just my 2 cents. I think shaving everything off would be a HUGE red flag for them.
  8. rn1965

    Just got out of rehab...help!

    First, congratulations on your sobriety and your desire to live without alcohol! Take care of yourself first and foremost. Second, CLAM UP! DO NOT TELL ANYONE (nurse friends/healthcare) about your stint in rehab. No matter how close you think you are with a person, trust me, they can turn on you in a heartbeat! Stay quiet and say NOTHING!
  9. rn1965


    Try dialysis or a plasma donation center. Also, wound care in LTC and maybe MDS nurse? There are options, and I know it is hard and heartbreaking, but hang in there!
  10. rn1965

    Unfairness at work

    Too bad, so sad (for your manager). YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SCHEDULING AND STAFFING. Go to HR, tell them you requested time off well in advance and find out your rights. Then if they still say no, ask them what the policy for paying out PTO will be. You should not be forced to lose it when you cannot use it! Next best option -- call in sick, from the plane!
  11. rn1965


    I am in TX and I think that would warrant a new eval and an extension of the contract. It could possibly mean it would go from "confidential/alternative" program to board ordered. Sorry this is happening to you, and you already know that if you choose to stay with nursing, that means no more drinking, no matter what and do not take anything not approved by your CM, at least for the duration of the program. You can do this! Take a deep breath and move forward, whatever your decision. We are here for you. Hang in there!
  12. rn1965

    Are these costs tax deductible?

    I was just looking over my Affinity account, and the amount of money I have spent so far for this program. I am wondering, are these costs tax deductible? I think because they are REQUIRED expenses in order to do our jobs, it should be. Has anyone been successful in that arena?
  13. rn1965

    Funny not Funny

    I take a super B complex every single day I am working. I take beta-blockers and need the boost from a B vitamin to get through my days! LOL. Been doing it since January, when my probation started and have never tested positive. Now, I am a bit worried about continuing this. I do have it on my list of OTC meds for my CM but I am guessing it would not make a difference if I tested positive for something else. UGH!
  14. rn1965

    Recovery for LPN

    First, congratulations on one year of VERY hard work! Take care of yourself through all of this! Next, remove your real name from your profile. Too many people (employees of BON, etc) read these threads and you will want anonymity when expressing your thoughts here. Lastly, please get an attorney who can navigate the BON for you. They may be able to help with this issue better than we can. You can do this! Many of us have walked your same path, and still are. We are here for you!
  15. rn1965

    Florida IPN

    I second that! DO NOT DO IT! It is not worth it. I am sorry about your back pain, as we nurses suffer with that along with bum knees and constant aches and pains. Try to find a non-pharmacological way to treat it, at least while in the program.
  16. rn1965

    False Positive for THC just before residency (RRNA)

    1. Go get a hair follicle test. Expensive, yes, but it may help. 2. TAANA.org will help you find an attorney who can help you in this matter. If you did nothing wrong, ADMIT ZERO and get an attorney. Do not tell anyone what is going on and do not discuss the situation on social media, etc. Good luck!