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    NCLEX in March, CA results

    With the new computerized system, people get their results so quickly. When I took the NCLEX, it was an agonizing 6 week wait for results in the mail. The only way we could tell was, if it was a LARGE folder sized envelope, you failed (those were the instructions on how to take it again), and if it was a small, letter sized, it was your license. Good luck and congratulations to all those taking the tests and waiting results. It is an exciting time and I remember the feeling well!
  2. rn1965

    Reported to NPDB

    The OIG list is not difficult to be removed from. YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR LICENSE to be re-instated for that. All you have to do is meet the minimum requirement to be on that list (that is how long the BON in your state said you must remain suspended or revoked). Once that time frame is up, you send a letter, ask for an application, and return it completed. Took me 4 weeks from start to finish and I did not have my license back yet. As a matter of fact, I am still in the process of getting my license and have been off the OIG exclusion list for over two years now. Go to their website and follow the directions. Good luck to you! https://exclusions.oig.hhs.gov/
  3. This is a tricky topic. For one, yes, the nurses who need the accountability and strict rules can/do (in most cases) benefit. For others, it may be an unwarranted ticket to stress, loss of money, and frustration beyond our imaginations. I am an alcoholic, in recovery now for 14 years. I earned my seat on this ride, and I will do my time with a smile on my face and gratefulness in my heart. I am allowed to be a nurse again. However, as Perse mentioned, there are nurses in monitoring, who are here because of a DUI many moons before being a nurse, and in some cases, before ever going to college. Even if the cases were sealed, etc, those nurses, wanting to be truthful, mark yes on their initial app, and wham, slapped with 3-5 years of monitoring, the expense of evaluations, pee tests, etc. I hope there are nurses out there who get the eval and are able to move on, but, most of us do not know of any. They probably (likely) do not scour these forums for support. We have heard stories of nurses falsely accused by a disgruntled ex, or former co-worker. Not being a party to that persons private life, we can only take what we hear here on face value. But, those nurses have stated, even without ANY evidence (clean tests, negative evals), they are hit with a monitoring program, because, for lack of a better way to put it, better safe than sorry, in the eyes of BON (or monitoring programs). There are those, too, who may have a mental health issue, but are forced into the one size fits all program. Drug screens, evals, IOP, etc. What most people here are saying, I think, is that the programs are useful and DO protect the public --- WHEN WARRANTED. But, for those stuck for something that happened waaaayyyy before they donned the white cap, they feel persecuted and punished unfairly. We hear of monitored nurses who have vindictive case managers. Who have had one thing told to them, and turn around to find something totally different is done/required. Again, I , myself, earned my seat and I am grateful to be allowed the chance to be a nurse again. But, I sympathize with those who are thrown in for some past transgression, or who have uncaring case managers, and receive inconsistent communications. Just my two cents...
  4. rn1965

    Nurses being reported on their spare time?

    Do not speak to anyone at your job regarding this. Consult an attorney, just in case the ER nurses and MD decide to report it, as they have the right to. Next, dump that friend. No true friend would purposely put your professional license in jeopardy. Good luck to you!
  5. rn1965

    Losing job due to injury

    I am wishing you well in your recovery. I am guessing, like most HR departments, they are following their protocol. I hope your manager will be able to find you a spot, once you heal properly. In the meantime, since you were hit by another driver, you want to make sure that your time off, and lost wages are covered. If you have not already, you may want to seek legal counsel. Not to become a millionaire, but, to make sure that your time off is compensated. It will certainly help with the living expenses, not just the medical. Good luck to you!
  6. rn1965

    To TPAPN or not...

    It sounds like you are doing everything to push forward. You are taking control, and in monitoring land, that is really hard to do! keep up the great work, my fingers are crossed for you and I am sending well wishes your way!
  7. rn1965

    The light at the end of my tunnel just got brighter....

    Wonderful news. So very happy for you!
  8. rn1965

    False positive/postive confirmed??

    Oh man, I would have been so angry. Good for you, that you stuck with it! So happy it turned out in your favor. That must have been such a roller coaster, that close to the end!
  9. rn1965

    Light at the end of the tunnel?

    Well, it has been a long road for me. My license was revoked for my failure to complete and comply with the BON confidential alternative program. That was 17 years ago. I moved to a new state, have been clean and sober and decided I want my nursing license back. I have completed my refresher course and now am just waiting on placement for the required clinical hours. I am aware I will be stuck in monitoring land for at least three years, but, I am more than willing to do so. The hoops I have jumped through have been many, but, I am so excited to get on this journey and get this monitoring over with and return to nursing. I have spent hours on these forums reading words of wisdom and hope and elation (when the program is over) and I thank you all. Not going anywhere, just wanted to share my good news! We can do this!!!
  10. rn1965


    IT does not take that long to be removed from the OIG exclusion list. I submitted my application and was off within 4 weeks. I am not sure about California. You will need to check with them, but, I am attaching the link for the OIG. https://oig.hhs.gov/exclusions/reinstatement.asp Follow their directions. You do have to write to them and request the application for removal. Good luck to you! Trust me, it was not that difficult. Keep in mind they only update their database one time per month. RN1965
  11. rn1965

    Is it worth it

    Persephone, This is exactly the reason, after all this time, I swallowed my pride and came back to nursing. (Well, as soon as I get the last clinicals done!). I will forever remember what took me down and work hard to never repeat it, but, you hit the nail on the head with your insight! RN1965
  12. rn1965

    It is DONE.

  13. rn1965

    As seen on TV

    The worst was that series, The Night Shift. Every dang episode had the ER docs and surgeons going into the field, and doing some sort of miraculous rescue. Um, no, just no!
  14. rn1965

    Florida IPN

    Yes, sometimes I feel like it is a money thing and they will recommend monitoring for that reason. I know it seems harsh, but, I would seriously doubt ANY evaluator who says they do not have a dog in the hunt. They all have something to gain. Good luck to you and keep your chin up.
  15. rn1965

    Alcohol free hand sanitizer

    I do not, and have never, relied on hand sanitizer, in or out of monitoring. I may be old, but, a good hand-washing is best, in my opinion.
  16. rn1965

    To TPAPN or not...

    I only mention having a job without narcs is because often, not always, you will have a restriction for at least a year. No passing, wasting or witnessing, or keys.
  17. rn1965

    I am DONE! Finally

    Congratulations! Well done, friend!
  18. rn1965

    To TPAPN or not...

    From what I know, you will be referred, as the employer is required to do so. I would call TPAPN, but, if you can afford it, seek legal guidance first, with an attorney who specializes in license defense. Next, start going to meetings, and just get a random sheet online, and start having it signed. Get another job now, if you can, and start socking away money. The monitoring programs are costly, and you will need the extra cash. If you can find employment where you do not pass narcs, do so. Dialysis, psych, or a community clinic. Good luck to you, come back to this forum for support from all of us. Hang in there and do not beat yourself up. The BON will do enough of that for you!
  19. rn1965

    Remember pagers?

    Yes, I had a pager, in 1997. My most vivid memory was when I had it on vibrate only, in the middle of a NRP certification class. No sooner had I tubed the "baby" when my pager vibrated and I yanked the tube and the "baby" clear across the table. I was already nervous in class, then that! But, the instructor laughed so hard, she had to cross her legs. She said, try not to do that in real life, through tears streaming down her face! Good times.
  20. rn1965

    2 offers may result in no job....

    Congratulations! Have a wonderful fist day and play nice with the other kids!
  21. rn1965

    2 offers may result in no job....

    Congratulations! I hope to have this problem when it comes time for me to get to work as a nurse, hahaha. All kidding aside, I guess I would call the first place and let them know, in a kind manner, that you had another offer, but wanted to see where they were in the process, as you would prefer to work for them?!?! I don't know, it is a sticky situation, at best. Please, since it has been a week, let us know how it turned out! Good luck to you, whatever path you choose!
  22. rn1965

    Florida IPN

    I am guessing ingestion of an edible. Knew someone in the military who went to a holiday party, ate some of the cookies/brownies, etc. Only one person thought it would be funny to bring laced cookies to the party and not tell anyone. My friend nearly lost his rank, pay and military career, after being randomly tested at work, two days later. And yes, random. He worked in an area that was known for their dangerous and classified jobs so they were tested often. Luckily, the hostess came forward and let his CO know what happened at the party. The person who brought the edibles was questioned and confessed. My friend did get a bit of a reprimand, but not as harsh. Basically, he was told, you are judged by the company you keep. Anyway, sorry for the long story, just pointing out that someone can be totally blameless and still end up in a whirlwind of doo!
  23. rn1965

    Uds 1 day before completion!

    Does this mean you have to wait for the results before released? Proof positive it is all about the MONEY!!!!
  24. rn1965

    Affinity drug panel C-737675

    Thank you!
  25. Many moons ago, while still in nursing school, I worked for a group of anesthesiologists. One of whom was a devout Catholic. When an abortion or sterilization was "on the books", we just knew not to book John (his name) in that hospital on that day. Our scheduling staff was small (2 of us) but we managed to make sure he never had those cases. As for working directly with the hospital, check with them to see if they even allow those types of procedures there. Chances are, they probably do not.