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  1. Big Blondie

    Where to start?

    Admit nothing. Get a lawyer and fight it.
  2. Big Blondie

    It is DONE.

    Congrats. Happy for you!
  3. Just finished 5 years. Never had a blood test
  4. Big Blondie

    Texas BNE

    Wondering how long it took for TPAPN nurses on Board Order to have their Board order fulfilled and license changed from single state to whatever it says when you have no restrictions. The letter from TPAPN says a few weeks but it is over 4 weeks since I completed. The letter also says not to contact the board that TPAPN will. I'm tired of waiting. I'm really pissed. I want to move on in my career and can't due to this not being resolved. I have job opportunities waiting until this is completed.
  5. Big Blondie

    Finally working again!

    Hang in there. It will be over before you know it
  6. Big Blondie

    Herbal supplements

    Don't do it
  7. Big Blondie

    Board hearing

    I was in peer assistance program and when the board got to me they ordered me to complete the program I was already in. Total of 5 years of monitoring.
  8. Big Blondie

    Board hearing

    15 months
  9. Big Blondie

    Uds 1 day before completion!

    Your Casemanager sucks. They knew that was going to happen. I guess they think it's funny messing with people at the end. That's the stuff that keeps me from being an advocate for the program, plus a few other things. One more day. You got this!
  10. Big Blondie

    Cost of IOP

    My IOP was 30.00 a night. My insurance only approved so many sessions and I miraculously was ready for discharge the last day that was approved. Medicine is about money at all levels. I hate to admit that. It is a business and rehab is a cash cow.
  11. Big Blondie

    Stick a fork in it!

    Oh and after 18 drug screens my last year they didn't test me again and I was paroled 5 days early
  12. Big Blondie

    Stick a fork in it!

    I got letter on Affinity as message and I was also told to keep logging in. When I got the letter I copied it and never logged in again. As far as I know I could still be logging in. The letter said I was done. So I was done. Lol. I got hard copy in the mail 3 days later.
  13. Big Blondie

    99 days

    Hang in there! My stress level after monitoring is zilch, nada, you got this!
  14. Big Blondie

    Stick a fork in it!

    I'm done! Letter in hand. Bam!
  15. Big Blondie

    A Recovery Poll, Sort Of

    I had 4 Casemanagers and I think we should say no to being tossed around.