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Big Blondie has 33 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, APRN.

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  1. Big Blondie

    Question for CRNA’s in recovery

    Wait until time to renew.
  2. Big Blondie

    VA HPMP legal

    In my county you can view warrants online.
  3. Big Blondie

    UDS required by TPAPN

    I am a two time graduate of TPAPN and never had an observed urine at Quest where I did all my drug screens. I know a nurse that would go to another site (not Quest) and they observed all tests. Likely you will be told at the time you sign in to Reco...
  4. Big Blondie

    Failed pre employment drug screen in Texas, now what?

    Yes I did.
  5. Big Blondie

    Assistance Program Tips

    Sage advice except I don’t agree that you will mess up in your first year. This is doable without relapse or messing up if a person reads and knows and follows the rules to a T.
  6. Big Blondie

    Anyone recovering by choice?

    Wow. You need a break for sure. So. Since you asked. I did have a choice not to be in monitoring. I had a choice to stop using. I’m a two time participant. Worked in ICU, busted, fired. Voluntary participant...18 years later. Worked ER, busted after...
  7. Big Blondie

    Dilute urine

    I had one dilute. They called it a non negative. Got a letter saying if it happened again they might have me see a nephrologist if I couldn’t explain it. Never happened again.
  8. Big Blondie

    Is this TPAPN order fair?

    Fair? Hmm. Nope. But if you want the privilege of practicing nursing in the State of Texas buckle up. It’s gonna be ride. You can do it. Before you know it you will be done. Good luck.
  9. Big Blondie

    Is this a breach?

    My employer determined that I did not violate any workplace rules. The MA that turned me in realized she offered information in a group text that is not confidential, and also during our conversation. This really opened my eyes!
  10. Big Blondie

    Happy New Year

    Life is great! Enjoy!
  11. Big Blondie

    Discussion at nurse's station

    The CNA breached HIPPA. The Casemanager and the nurse have to communicate information about the patient. The nurses station is a place where report is given. CNA is part of the team. She should be reprimanded and educated on HIPPA.
  12. Big Blondie

    Is this a breach?

    I work in a pedi clinic. An MA sent a group text that her son had a seizure and she needed someone to work for her. The following day I asked her if her son is ok as I heard he had a seizure from one of the MAs on the group text. She said yes. I aske...
  13. Big Blondie

    And just like that... it's over.

    Good for you. Moving on from hellashios monitoring is the good life! Happy for you!
  14. Big Blondie


    Happy for you. Have a happy life!
  15. Big Blondie

    Diluted urine drug test!!

    I had a dilute twice. They called them non negative. What the h. Anyway. No repercussions.