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Big Blondie has 32 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN.

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  1. Big Blondie

    Are these costs tax deductible?

    I was able to file these costs on my taxes as a business expense because I was a contact NP while in the program. I have seen others file them under medical.
  2. Big Blondie

    Peer assistance program fee

    Ask your Board of Nursing.
  3. Big Blondie

    Texas RN- Brand new to TPAPN

    Have you been referred to TPAPN?
  4. Big Blondie

    Is this a breach?

    I work in a pedi clinic. An MA sent a group text that her son had a seizure and she needed someone to work for her. The following day I asked her if her son is ok as I heard he had a seizure from one of the MAs on the group text. She said yes. I asked if she brought him to ER and she said he was treated in our office by another Provider. (I am an NP and treated her child in the past). She said this was his third seizure. She elaborated saying her mom and aunt are epileptic. I asked if she was going to neurologist. She said no the NP said they would treat each seizure as one and would refer if he had another seizure, and that she was referred in the past but didn’t go. I said why not, she said I don’t know. I said why wouldn’t you go? It’s free. I told her my grandson had three seizures and was put on meds but after 2 yrs driving it was dc. The next day I got to work and she reported me for a HIPPA violation. I was questioned, told my story. I don’t feel this is a breach. She sent group text, I didn’t even know he was seen in the office until she told me. What do you think?
  5. Big Blondie

    In the 44 days since end of contract for me, I have.....

    Oh I’m one year out October 13ish. Can’t even remember the date. And I’m over it. Monitoring that is. I got what I needed from it at the time. Now the best thing I got was off the opiate train. Yes I have drank alcohol but it’s not my vice. Just living the good life I should’ve had all along!
  6. Big Blondie

    NOW what?? Terrified...

    Wait for the results. By the grace of God THC won’t show up. Show work your scripts and it may save you. If you fail the drug screen due to THC You are SOL. I self reported without a drug screen because I was one sick person and couldn’t get off opiates on my own.
  7. Big Blondie

    Do you miss it?

    No Spanked I don’t miss opiates and I don’t miss the hell opiates caused me. If you aren’t an addict then a responsible drinker is your business. Just get through this sentence. The best is coming!
  8. Big Blondie

    Today I get my life back

    Welcome to some normalcy. It’s freaking awesome. No bs fear of a positive drug screen because you used spray Pam. It’s liberating. Happy for you!
  9. Big Blondie


    Happy for you. Have a happy life!
  10. Big Blondie

    Diluted urine drug test!!

    I had a dilute twice. They called them non negative. What the h. Anyway. No repercussions.
  11. Big Blondie

    What would happen if I just surrendered my license?

    I successfully completed TPAPN. I also thought of surrendering my license. I think it’s a normal thought in this process. I’m glad I didn’t. I make a good living. Not all positions are a fit for me. All jobs have stress. Leaving a profession I worked so hard at wasn’t really ever on the table. I just didn’t want to deal with the paperwork, requirements, or spend my money. But I did, and I walked away a stronger person, and my career is intact. Do people know. Yes some do. But I don’t care. I don’t feel like I’m black balled. Actually I’ve had support when I needed it. More people are recognizing the epidemic of drug addiction and implications on a person. Some, I’m sure may look down their nose at me, but my head is held so high I have no idea who they are. My advice. Don’t give up. This is temporary. Good luck.
  12. Big Blondie

    Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    It’s common. I’ve completed program twice. 19 years apart. It is confidential. A third time likely wouldn’t be based on my board order. I
  13. Big Blondie

    How much power does BON have?

    Wow. I was allowed to leave the country. Plus every July for 5 years I went to my summer house that was 90 miles from any approved sites for 10 days and they didn’t test me. On CME days they didn’t test me. I asked in advance with no hickies. Some of these Casemanagers are young or inexperienced and don’t have a clue. I had restrictions taken off from the beginning. Now a days some Casemanagers aren’t even nurses. In my state it is called Peer Assistance. I always reinforced that concept when I felt the stipulations weren’t assisting me in a manner to help me. When I was issued the 4th Casemanager and she was resisting a request I asked for my request to be “staffed” during their weekly meeting. That’s where they round Robin what’s going on. The team approved my request. If your state has an advocate assigned to you they can help you navigate the nuances of the program. Unfortunately many people have difficulty standing up for their self in fear of retribution. Luckily I was not that person. To answer your question, yes they do hold power, bu if you have $ and a good atty you may have some success. Good luck.
  14. Big Blondie

    Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty.....

    Congratulations. Let me tell you life after monitoring is great! Being drug free with freedom from monitoring and dreadful drug use or drug cravings is the best. Life is great! Enjoy!
  15. Big Blondie

    TPAPN question.

    They asked for my doctor. If you see psych they may ask for specific records. Never asked for hospital, just MARs
  16. Big Blondie

    I'm free!! TPAN is over. Three years in the books

    Congrats Kel. Life is so good post TPAPN.