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  1. Wiggly Litchi

    Southwest Tn Community College Nursing 2019

    Hey there! At the macon bookstore they're selling the ATI TEAS book instead of the old red NLN one - don't panic though, it's all the same content really. This is the ISBN for the book I used: ISBN-10: 0763762717
  2. Wiggly Litchi

    Leaving Nursing Program

    Wow that's overly harsh from someone who knows nothing of the arrangement that my fiance and I had. Like many, I had stopped working when I entered nursing school. I devoted myself wholly to it and my GPA reflects the effort I put in. When my fiance and I broke up, I had to leave the home, which again is the norm for people who break up. Currently, I'm working again and I'm holding my own just fine. I am an independent adult thankyouverymuch. I owe very little in student debt and when I do return to nursing school, I will be footing the bill, even if it means having to work extra to make ends meet. I won't be starting from scratch per-se, I have all of my prerequisites in order and luckily for me I was only 2 trimesters into the program. My current school has given me a year out to get back on my feet, which I've managed to do pretty quickly. The original post was written in somewhat of a panic when everything was hitting the fan at once, and I'm still not completely familiar with the American education system (I'm foreign), everything's a learning curve. Thanks for your concern.
  3. Wiggly Litchi

    Leaving Nursing Program

    Thanks ThatChickOmi! I am sure everything will be okay. I might not be able to get back into school this year, but I know it'll definitely happen in the future 🙂 I've come too far to give up!
  4. Wiggly Litchi

    Leaving Nursing Program

    Hi there! I took the NLN @ Southwest Tennessee Community College here in Memphis, TN. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your job, that's really sad news. :( I hope that you will be ok!
  5. Wiggly Litchi

    Leaving Nursing Program

    I'm ok if the nursing classes don't transfer just as long as I can get into another program
  6. Wiggly Litchi

    Leaving Nursing Program

    Thank you so much! This is great news, I'll have to start looking at colleges again 🙂
  7. Wiggly Litchi

    Leaving Nursing Program

    So some words of advice/encouragement are needed. My fiance and I broke up over the holidays and I'm forced to leave my nursing program because I can't rely on him for financial help anymore. I will be moving to another state and I'm hoping that I'll be able to re-enter another program. Because I didn't fail out and I left on good terms (4.0GPA, passed all classes, filed for a leave of absence), does anyone have any experience joining another program later/in another state and being successful? I'm not sure how the American College system works still - I'm not sure if I'll be penalized/refused entry to other programs, so any words of advice are absolutely welcome. To say I'm heartbroken about this whole thing is an understatement though... Life is full of roadblocks, but this is getting ridiculous now :/. Stay awesome everyone and thanks for reading!
  8. Wiggly Litchi

    Earning your LPN license

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll check with my state's BON :)
  9. Wiggly Litchi

    Earning your LPN license

    Thanks for the info Caliotter!
  10. Wiggly Litchi

    Earning your LPN license

    Hi everyone, I figured I'd post in the LPN board since i have a question for you all :) I had heard that there were a few ways to get your LPN license, one of which was to complete the first year in a nursing program and then apply to the BON to take the NCLEX-PN. is this true, or does it vary state-by-state? I'm curious because I'd like to get my LPN license so I can work as one while I finish out the rest of my degree, but I'm not sure if it's possible to challenge the LPN course. Sorry if this is a bit of a daft question - I'm not originally from the USA, so I'm still learning how things are done stateside. Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day!
  11. Wiggly Litchi

    Job vs grades while in school more important?

    Depends on what kind of student you are - I know people that work part time (around 20hrs a week) and still make awesome grades. I work 2 days a week and I'm still making A's, but it's tough - I don't have a social life at all, and what little time I do have is spent in my books. Do what you feel you can manage; if you're usually a good student and pick things up quickly, you might find that working 1~2x a week may be okay. If you struggle, then you might need that extra time to study.
  12. Wiggly Litchi

    Stress Test (aka Burning Man)

    Stress can affect us in many ways, but this may go to show how serious/prevalent mental health issues are and how we need good psych nurses out there - I'd be absolutely lost without the wonderful psych nurse that takes care of me and I'm so glad to be one of her patients. Some folks can ease their stress just by talking it out with someone, and others may need a little something extra - that's okay too! just be sure to use the resources available to you if you need them. Good luck with your studies!!
  13. Wiggly Litchi

    How to ask questions the right way

    [omit] sorry, wrong post :3 You changed topic just as I'd posted! haha
  14. Wiggly Litchi

    First clinical nightmare

    I love your assessment post!! That's incredibly helpful!
  15. Wiggly Litchi

    I was not close to anyone during nursing school.

    I'm a current student and I haven't really made any friends since I've been here. Sure, I'm cordial to folks, but I haven't really met anyone I'd sit with at lunch etc. but I've always been a bit of a loner to be honest. I don't regret it - I like being able to study on my own. I like quiet and calm. I'm sure that some days it would be nice to have a small group of friends to chat with, but for now, there's me and my pile of textbooks I second what the previous poster says! What's important is that you get/got your degree, and didn't make a bunch of enemies! :)
  16. I am with everyone else here who's said that the heart and vessels is an interesting unit - this one is where I got most of my ah-ha! moments when I took pathophysiology because it really started tying everything together. As the previous poster said - learn the flow of blood through the heart and lungs now; it really will serve you well later on. Try to relax, review often, and always go with your gut on tests unless you get that magic ah-ha! moment. There's not much else that I can say that others haven't said already - youtube vids are amazing supplements to your slides; they were a godsend for me when I was going through A&P and got hung up on certain concepts. Rock on etc. I think you'll be fine!