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  1. Kel, So happy for you! It feels so good doesn’t it! To a job well done, cheers!
  2. 90 day countdown.

    I guess it is fermented so has tiny amounts of alcohol in it. I am sure it depends on the quantity and brand. I did try to avoid it though if I thought I may be tested..!
  3. Tpapn weekends

    Weekends are not restricted in TPAPN, that I know of. I was in it for 3 years and never had a problem. The first 6 months they say no narcs or call, and you can never be a supervisor, but for the most part, nights and weekends are fine.
  4. Allergies on TPAPN

    Zyrtec, claritin, Xysol are all fine with tpapn. Benadryl is a different story and they "could" test you for it. Stay away from all the "D" meds, with dextromethorphan. They test for that too.
  5. 90 day countdown.

    Kel, I am pretty sure you know how my release went. I was on my 4th case manager of my program and I am pretty sure she was not very computer savvy. She was very nice though. I emailed her on my day of completion asking if it was indeed completing t...
  6. Living while in TPAPN

    I don't really know for sure if it would really affect a drug screen. But, I know that when I was in monitoring, I would have been way to scared to risk it. I went through monitoring super paranoid though, so I may have been over the top.
  7. RN with stipulations looking for work in DFW

    Yes, the nurse who worked at Kindred had a public board order. Hang in there!
  8. RN with stipulations looking for work in DFW

    I second UHS. I worked for one in the beginning of my monitoring but did not have public stips, but I worked with other nurses that did.. It can be tough but it is worth it get through what you have to and have a job. I also know a new grad that work...
  9. So much for "step down year" in TPAPN!

    They will probably hit you with 3 in a row pretty quickly. That seemed to be the pattern for me the last year. I did have 18 in my final year and was not tested again after that. But, as some on here said they got out early, I did not. I had to conta...
  10. It is DONE.

    Well, in a very anticlimactic finish, I have completed my 3 years in TPAPN. It is funny how I have dedicated 3 years of my life to checking in and being paranoid, for it just to come to an end like that. It doesn't feel real. Tomorrow I don't have to...
  11. To TPAPN or not...

    You will make it through this. Best case scenario for you is EEP. If you are not an addict or alcoholic, then TPAPN is not really appropriate for you anyway. Definitely ask about EEP. Your employer has a duty to report under the state law, and it is ...
  12. I am DONE! Finally

  13. Texas BNE

    How disappointing. I would contact TPAPN at this point. It may have fallen through the cracks on their end, but either way, you have a right to know where the hold up is coming from. So sorry.
  14. Probation Questions

    TPAPN is 3 years for RNs and 5 years for APRNs. There are jobs out there that are TPAPN friendly, you just have to find them and be willing to keep an open mind. Most behavioral health facilities are TPAPN friendly. Big name hospitals, THR, HCA, Bayl...
  15. I am in TPAPN, my license has remained a compact license the whole 3 years. A nurse I recently met at one of my meetings was reported to TPAPN last spring (after the new enhanced compact came out) and she stated her license was changed to a single st...