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  1. Ash2213

    90 day countdown.

    I guess it is fermented so has tiny amounts of alcohol in it. I am sure it depends on the quantity and brand. I did try to avoid it though if I thought I may be tested..!
  2. Ash2213

    Tpapn weekends

    Weekends are not restricted in TPAPN, that I know of. I was in it for 3 years and never had a problem. The first 6 months they say no narcs or call, and you can never be a supervisor, but for the most part, nights and weekends are fine.
  3. Ash2213

    Allergies on TPAPN

    Zyrtec, claritin, Xysol are all fine with tpapn. Benadryl is a different story and they "could" test you for it. Stay away from all the "D" meds, with dextromethorphan. They test for that too.
  4. Ash2213

    90 day countdown.

    Kel, I am pretty sure you know how my release went. I was on my 4th case manager of my program and I am pretty sure she was not very computer savvy. She was very nice though. I emailed her on my day of completion asking if it was indeed completing that day, and she responded yes, that would be my last day in the program, and a big congratulations. I still logged in for 2 days after because of my paranoia. The last month was the longest ever and I fumed each morning at log in thinking if I was going be picked again to test. 18 tests that final year for me. Good luck, hang in there, you are so close and freedom is amazing!
  5. Ash2213

    Living while in TPAPN

    I don't really know for sure if it would really affect a drug screen. But, I know that when I was in monitoring, I would have been way to scared to risk it. I went through monitoring super paranoid though, so I may have been over the top.
  6. Ash2213

    RN with stipulations looking for work in DFW

    I second UHS. I worked for one in the beginning of my monitoring but did not have public stips, but I worked with other nurses that did.. It can be tough but it is worth it get through what you have to and have a job. I also know a new grad that worked at a Kindred hospitals with stips. So it can be done, even as a new grad. Good luck!
  7. Ash2213

    So much for "step down year" in TPAPN!

    I hear ya Kel. They were doing the same thing to me in July/Aug. Now, here it is 36 days later and I haven't tested. Longest for me to go ever. If that 18 tests in the last year is true I should have 3 more by December. It is all so strange.
  8. Ash2213

    It's Official!

  9. Ash2213

    Headaches, TPAPN.

    Thank you. Topamax is what one of my doctors at my hospital recommended to try. Appreciate your input!
  10. Ash2213

    TPAPN aa

    TPAPN doesn't talk to anyone in AA about your attendance. All you do is submit the forms in Affinity. There is a place to upload the hard copy if you scan it, or you can just manually enter them. Not one single time in monitoring have I shown them an actual hard copy of my signatures. I don't think they have time for that. Once you get past 2 years you won't have to submit the meetings anymore, as long as you're compliant with everything and they send you a step down year email. My advice to you is to have a little contact as possible with your case manager! Good luck and take care.
  11. Ash2213


    I thought I would add to this rant. I feel like TPAPN is stalking me lol. I had posted about having bad headaches a few weeks ago and fearing that I would need to go see a doctor to get on something for them. I have not done that yet but am still having headaches multiple times a week. I have this paranoid delusion that TPAPN read my post and knows it is me and is testing me extra! I am in my step down year and have been pulled 4 TIMES since July 20th to test. two in one week. IDK what is going on! Did my CM take me off step down testing?? I don't want to talk to her, EVER, until she sends me the "you're done" email. It is just so typical! I am so bitter about this and this whole program I want to scream. UGH. 4 more months unless I pee sideways wrong. And, I think it is total BS that we do not have access to our original "online" participation consents and forms. The whole program is a money grabbing joke, and if you get sober in the meantime, good for you, but we are still going to wring every last dime we can out of you.
  12. Ash2213

    Still in PNAP contract expired?

    I feel like this is terrible to do to someone. Makes my blood boil. I hope you hear something soon.
  13. Ash2213

    Psych unit

    This sounds very much like my first job when I entered monitoring. I will be blunt here. It was terrible, dangerous and taxing. I was the day shift nurse on the pediatric unit. Behavioral health. I loved those babies with all my heart though. It changed my perspective of working with kids as I had come from critical care trauma. Those kids were mostly traumatized, abused and in the system. This was a UHS facility and everyone knows their reputation. I stuck it out though, prayed for the safety of the kids and staff each shift as we were really understaffed. I had to threaten safe harbor multiple times. Often it was just me, with 20 plus pedis and 1-2 techs. I don't recommend it. But, I made it through my required year and made connections and got the heck out. I miss those babies sometimes but now I have a job in a much safer environment, most of the time. I cannot wait to get out of monitoring so I will have more options. Best of luck on your endeavors. You can do it.
  14. Ash2213

    Headaches, TPAPN.

    Thank you all for your responses. Sometimes it is just so overwhelming being in this program. I have to remember that I am just one of probably close to a hundred of people that my CM manages. I have only been selected for option 1 since like last spring, the cheapest of all tests. I have become so paranoid about testing, which is what they want, that I forget to use my common sense and medical background. I mean, really, a Benadryl for itching d/t bites or a rash is not going to show up 3 days later on an option 1, for example. It is very wrong that these programs are so cookie cutter. Someone who has a hx of alcohol use disorder should be able to take an antihistamine, assuming they weren't abusing IV Benadryl! What the heck..? Common sense.
  15. Ash2213

    Headaches, TPAPN.

    I see a place in Affinity to add prescriptions. Is this the new process? Do I have to fax over an entire assessment form along with an Rx for something like Imitrex?? It is in the safe drugs class A list on Talbotts..
  16. Ash2213

    Headaches, TPAPN.

    I have started having these headaches and am not sure the cause. They are getting to where they are interfering with my daily life, lasting up to a couple days, even through the night. Last night I was having strange thoughts, seeing flashes of lights (only a couple times). I believe they are migraines. Thing is, I have never had this before. I am 40, no health problems and I take no meds for anything. The strange thing is, ibuprofen has not helped at all. I have never not had ibuprofen provide at least some relief for pain. I tried Excedrin Migraine as well and that just kept me up all night, awake with a headache. So, I was thinking of seeing my doctor today. I never go to the doctor and have not seen one while in monitoring d/t no meds. My DOC is alcohol. I have done well to fly under the radar, not seeking medical help at times as I do not want to have to bring in all the Tpapn forms and have a doctor fill it out for prescribing me something like amoxicillin. But now, with 4 months left I think I am going to have to! I am hoping to try something preventative like imitrex or propanolol. I honestly don't know if I need a CT to rule out something. The strange thoughts I mention, are just like picturing the wrong thing in my head for the word I mean. For example, I was lying in bed last night thinking about texting my house "sup" but pictured it spelled soup and thought of chicken noodle. Does that make any sense? Am I losing my mind?? Any migraine sufferers out there? and if so, is that what it is like? This post is all over the place I know. I guess what I am asking is, do I have to report every med prescribed? I really don't know since I haven't dealt with it. I have mentioned this before but I am on my 4th case manager in less than 3 years and have no rapport with her.