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Do you attend patient funerals?


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xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

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I have been to a few. They are usually tough, but the families have always been grateful I was there to support them.


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That BRILLIANT Press Gainey idea, NOT. THAT is probably the most tacky and irreverent idea ever.

I have once. When I was a CNA. Nice lady. Me and a couple of my friends went to pay our respects to her and support her family.

~PedsRN~, BSN, RN

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I kind of envy those of you who just have no interest and keep it 100% professional 100% of the time... There are a few nurses that I know that have this kind of rare ability, but alas - I do not possess it. :) It would definitely save some heartbreak!

I have gone to two. Both were chronic kids who I took care of for years. It was very emotional for everyone on the floor when they passed, and each time we had a decent amount of nurses attend the services. It is hard not to become attached to these kids and their families when you take care of them for so long, day in and day out. The families have always appreciated us being there.

I know I will go to more in the future. :(

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In hospice nursing going to the funeral or visitation IS professional, it is often part of the POC for the family, AND it benefits the emotional health of the professional who deals with the death of every patient on a routine and regular basis. Attending funerals is not about putting aside professional objectivity or crossing some boundary.

HappyWife77, BSN, RN

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At times it is a challenge to just get my mind off of work after I am physically out of the building.

I couldn't imagine taking ( my caring) a step further to go to funerals.


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My uncle died after 9 weeks in CCU. Not only did his favorite nurse from his cardio's office come to the visitation, two of the nurses from the hospital came by also--one still in scrubs after getting off work. They came on their own, not forced to by the hospital, and it really touched the family that he had made such an impact that they would take the time to pay their respects that way. Nicole and Jessica and Liz had done so much for so long, and it was nice to also be able to thank them for everything they'd done. It was a long, roller coaster, heart-breaking ride, and they were amazing.