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Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative
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loriangel14 is a RN and specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

I am an RPN in Ontario Canada. I am a single mom of two girls.

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  1. loriangel14

    CPNRE - test times

    Tests are usually June, September and January.
  2. loriangel14

    Care Partners?

    Just a visiting nurse in the community. Glad to hear positive feedback. Fingers crossed. I only applied yesterday.
  3. loriangel14

    Care Partners?

    😂 Thanks for the reply. I did spend 8 years as a PSW in the community before I was an RPN so I am used to the sights ( and smells) of the community. You never know what you are walking into. I feel fairly confident of working on my own since I have over 10 years of experience. I am considering giving community a try. I just quit a retirement home job that was a nightmare. I'm still trying to find something that is the right fit for me.
  4. loriangel14

    Care Partners?

    Did you enjoy it? Were they supportive?
  5. loriangel14

    Care Partners?

    Has anyone here worked for Care Partners? Specifically in Ontario? I've heard mixed reviews.
  6. loriangel14

    RN in France or Italy?

    Do you speak fluent French or Italian? Getting a work permit will be a hurdle.
  7. loriangel14

    Timing of PRN pain meds to scheduled meds

    I have many patients that receive the short acting along with the long acting regularly. If the scheduled ones are long acting they aren't going to have an immediate effect. I would give any PRN about an hour before using a stronger one.
  8. Oh heavens my social circle is mostly coworkers. We are close and hang out all the time. Parties, lunch and we vacation together
  9. Why would you major in something else first? Just do the prerequisites and apply to the BSN
  10. loriangel14

    Night shift schedule?

    I eat before I leave for work, so 1700-1730. Then I munch whenever I can at work. I take fruit, veggies and salads. When I get home I have tea and toast or some porridge and go to bed.
  11. loriangel14

    Being Managed By Someone Younger

    It never really occurred to me this was an issue. I don't care if someone is younger. I was 41 when I started so many are younger than me.
  12. loriangel14

    What Do You Do When Co-Worker Falls Asleep on Night Shift?

    I work mostly nights and we all sleep during our breaks. We get 2 hours
  13. No. Even if you worked for an agency you would still need to meet the requirements
  14. loriangel14

    Nursing and Tattoos

    The reason you keep getting different answers is because different places have different policies. My work place has no trouble with tattoos. I have a few coworkers with large visible tatts.
  15. The OP is going to need to grow thicker skin if he is going to continue. I had to learn this too.
  16. loriangel14

    Don't wake that patient!!

    Why would you wake the patient? I work on a low acuity floor. We check Q2-3h but we don't wake them.