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~PedsRN~ has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Acute Care Pediatrics.

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  1. ~PedsRN~

    PICC in wrong place

    We suture the line... is that not standard? I only do kids. And all placed in radiology. When they come back from placement, an order is given in the form of a "nursing communication" from the doctors that the PICC has been cleared for use.
  2. ~PedsRN~

    How did you decide your specialty?

    For me, it was all about where I felt like I fit in. I never expected to be a pediatric nurse. I actually started this journey sure I would work in adult oncology, or hospice. Took me just a few shifts of clinical in a children's hospital to realize that this was what I was made for. Pediatrics. I love it. :) Good luck!
  3. ~PedsRN~

    Which unit to choose....

    I would want to spend my time on a general peds med/surg floor. I have worked on the floor for my entire career (I could go to PICU, but have no interest) - and have learned SO MUCH. Seen diseases that I never even knew existed. Especially if you are in a larger urban area with a large children's hospital! It's a great place to get grounded, learn, and then from there you can go anywhere. :) Good luck.
  4. ~PedsRN~

    Ok to do basic care?

    As long as 1) it's not because someone else isn't doing their job and 2) it's not interfering with your job. I have no issue in doing "tech work" - and actually just took a job that has no CNAs - but if there is a tech on the floor sitting on Facebook, then they can get up and empty a bedpan, etc. They do get paid as well. :)
  5. ~PedsRN~

    PICC in wrong place

    That was a big miss, especially by the first nurse that started using it before the X-ray. :/ But don't they usually X-ray in interventional as it is placed? Or maybe that's a kid thing.
  6. ~PedsRN~


    What they said! Just know brady, tachy, and can you shock it. :) Good luck!
  7. ~PedsRN~

    Nervous about starting in Peds

    Your biggest ally and your biggest enemy will be parents. :) But if you talk to your patients on their level, you'll get it. Some of it will just take some time to get used to it. Good luck and congrats on your new position.
  8. ~PedsRN~

    NG Tube Leaking, Tips?

    I'm in peds, a newborn diaper is a perfect speci trap. :)
  9. ~PedsRN~

    How important is it to you to be a nurse?

    I've been a nurse for going on 5 years now, and I do love it. I am currently out of work (we are relocating, my new job starts in July!) and it's WEIRD and I miss it. Even on the worst days I love what I do.
  10. ~PedsRN~

    Can I only ever work with children?

    I have always been a peds nurse and will always be a peds nurse. :) That being said, the majority of my clinical hours were definitely spent on adults, and our peds rotation was VERY short and very hands off. I did my preceptorship time in pediatrics though (it was highly competitive but I got my first choice) and was eventually hired into work at that hospital after graduation. :) Good luck!
  11. ~PedsRN~

    Sterile water to flush feeding tubes?

    Would you want to drink saline? :)
  12. ~PedsRN~

    Heparin Flush vs. Saline Flush (PICC and CVC)

    There is a certain PICC that likes to be saline locked and requires no heparin. You should have a policy relating to all of these at your facility.
  13. ~PedsRN~

    Is this request unreasonable? Diabetic question.

    At that point I would do it with my initial assessment as well - but I do wonder why no one thought to check it while in the ED....?
  14. Working in pediatrics,I think the males would tell you that they aren't assigned the heavier assignments - but we do lean on them quite a bit when we need something heavy lifted. HA! And for those scary walks to the parking deck at 0300.....
  15. ~PedsRN~

    Pediatric Acute Care -- How did you get there?

    In my case, during school I knew that the local children's hospital was where I wanted to be after doing my clinical hours there! I kept my grades up, worked hard, and when the time came for our preceptorships - I was awarded one of the two in the hospital. I then spent the entire 80 hours or whatever it was acting like I was on the most important job interview of my life. :) I worked hard, I learned SO MUCH, and when the time came - I connected with the managers of the unit where I had worked and kept in touch. When I graduated, the unit where I had worked did not have a position available - but they sent my information and good words up to another floor... where I interviewed and was eventually hired. :) In my area, each floor has an "allotment" for new grads, they can only have so many because they are expensive to train. So you have to dress to impress, so to speak. Good luck!
  16. ~PedsRN~

    Cell phone in your thigh?

    I read an article a couple of years ago on this, and found it fascinating! I wish I could find it. I'll look for it later and see. It basically was studying these occurrences, and found that when people get text messages, their body releases endorphins/seratonin. When they looked at these people getting the phantom buzzes, it was almost as if it was their body's new response in cheering them up! Basically, it was your body trying to knock you out of a funk.... you started feeling a little low, so your brain sent you a buzz that had worked in the past for cheering you up! It was an interesting article.

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