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~PedsRN~ has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Acute Care Pediatrics.

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  1. ~PedsRN~

    Who are the lucky ones not working the holidays???

    My PRN contract states I have to work one major winter holiday. And I worked Thanksgiving. So. :)
  2. ~PedsRN~

    Is this real? Vein light

    We have one, as well as another one which is just a "light". They work well but at the same time, they don't. Nothing compares to just the good old "feel" method. I think they give patients sometimes a false sense of hope, if that makes sense.
  3. ~PedsRN~

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    A Mac will last you forever if you take care of it. I have a laptop that is over 5 years old that still runs like a charm! I want a watch. For no other reason than I love gadgets. LOL!
  4. ~PedsRN~

    Com'on, you got one...What is your heart wrenching moment?

    I have been there with that dad. It's a horrible feeling isn't it. ((HUGS))
  5. ~PedsRN~

    Com'on, you got one...What is your heart wrenching moment?

    A chronic patient who I had a very special bond with came in extremely sick.... admitted straight to the ICU. I would go down and chat with him when I could on my breaks. As the days went on, he began to deteriorate. He was an older teenager, and I believe he had come to grips with his death long before any of us. One night I went down to visit with him, and I took one look at him and I just knew. His mother was still upbeat, in denial somewhat, but I knew. And he knew. And as she chattered on about this and that and what he was going to do for the rest of the summer, etc.... I kept my eyes locked on his. He motioned for me to come closer to him (he was unable to really vocalize at this point), so of course I did. He reached out with one arm, and grabbed me around the neck and pulled me close. He put his forehead on mine. He squeezed. Then he let go. I cried all the way back to my floor, and all the way home the next morning. I knew he had said goodbye to me. He died later that day. I will never ever forget just looking at him in the eyes, and having that unspoken conversation. Miss that kid. He was awesome.
  6. ~PedsRN~

    The Perfect Shift: Are cameras on us?

    We had one of those shifts recently. It was one of those nights that started out with that ominous feel..... Low patient census, nurses called off - it was the kind of night that could have gone very badly had the ED decided to blow up. We ended the night with one admission. Unheard of!!!!!
  7. ~PedsRN~

    High-Value and Low-Value Patients

    I'm glad this post got dredged up..... I find it interesting and in a lot of ways it echoes my sentiments exactly. I work in a large children's hospital. 12 floors of specialties and med surg. We get a lot of press and we are a huge community staple. And our oncology floor is the ringer. Someone holds a fundraiser for the hospital? Its the cancer kids who are profiled to pull the heart strings. Benefits and survivor stories are all over our social media. I work on a floor with patients who suffer from another chronic and terminal illness. The disease gets no federal funding, no research dollars. You never see their sweet faces on the front pages, and it ****** me off. I actually called our hospital out on it. LoL... Bedside pediatrics does not equal sad cancer kids. There are so many horrifying battles that kids face out there, they are no less sad. I have people always ask me... How do you do it? How do you watch kids die of cancer? I don't. I see them die in other ways. But because their disease does not project the same Fault in our Stars tingly feelings, you just don't know about it. It's a soapbox for me.... And I will tell you it did inspire me to work my ass off for *my* kids.
  8. ~PedsRN~

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Ok, I haven't read through all 25 pages - but I have just one to add. One of our residents keeps a list of names she has come across in med school thru to the present. The BEST one that had me laughing for days: Sh' Now, when I guessed how to pronounce it, I guessed Shpostrophe. Wrong! It's...... Shcommatothetop.
  9. ~PedsRN~

    A Tribute to Nurses Through Time

    Awww. This is a great video. Thanks for sharing.
  10. ~PedsRN~

    What color scrubs do you wear?

    Children's Hospital here = Fun Scrubs.
  11. ~PedsRN~

    What do I do all day?

    I am a fourth semester ASN student. Technically, I'm finishing up my fourth semester her in a month so I'm NEARLY a LAST semester nursing student. My friends and family seem to think that I walk around changing band aids all day in clinical. Anyone else get that kind of feedback? One of my friends actually said, after she found out I was volunteering for a Flu Shot clinic last semester... "THEY LET YOU GIVE SHOTS?" And I do change band aids.... on 12x14" decubitis ulcers.
  12. ~PedsRN~

    Queens ASN Fall 2011 Perspective Students

    Good luck! I will graduate this fall from Queens. :) I know that they are cutting enrollment for fall to 40 students, so the criteria has definitely increased.
  13. ~PedsRN~

    Has anyone completed online RN-BSN at UNC or ECU?

    I had no idea UNC-CH had an online RN-BSN! I might have to check them out - although, basketball wise... I have always hated Carolina. LOL!!!
  14. ~PedsRN~

    I hate nursing school....really thinking about leaving?

    If your heart is not in it, definitely don't stick around, you know?
  15. ~PedsRN~

    Only wanting one area of nursing?

    I don't have that calling for Geriatrics, but I am with you on NOT wanting to be in the hospital. When I first got into nursing, that is all I could think about - working in the hospital. Now, I have no desire whatsoever. I am hospital bitter, just after clinicals. LOL! I can't imagine working in one right now. Maybe my opinions will change?