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  1. pookyp

    Getting annoyed with Excelsior

    I've never gotten a response like that. Then again, I was on the enrollment payment plan. Maybe that's why. Wow. That's crazy.
  2. pookyp

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I'm a hospice nurse and at work right now. Ok now this scared me. *looks over at my pt to make sure she's alive*
  3. pookyp

    When you just don't want to go to work....

    Per diem. Best thing that ever happened to me. Lol
  4. pookyp

    Got a cancelation for the CPNE!! Woohoo.

    Good luck!!!!!!!
  5. pookyp

    Least Favorite Things Patients Say

    I'm literally cracking up. Lol
  6. pookyp

    Many of my colleagues are raising their grandkids

    Sounds like my parents. Wow. I had to see if I wrote this. But I'm 32 not 34. Lol I wish my mom divorced my dad too. Not all 2 parent households are cake.
  7. pookyp

    When confidentiality isn't quite the same

    I read this thread from the beginning. Yes. Some credit was given, but one poster stated that he had burnt his bridges and from that, they couldn't take his posts seriously. And then came the 'jokes' like 'cath me!' Etc. then a poster said something ...
  8. pookyp

    When confidentiality isn't quite the same

    Never said I did Farawyn. :) Just stating my opinion on a public forum like you and many others are.. Is that a problem?
  9. pookyp

    When confidentiality isn't quite the same

    OP this is a good post. Very different on how they do things in Zimbabwe, but that would not go well here. I couldn't imagine my family sitting around my bed listening to all of my health problems just shaking their head and probably judging me. *shu...
  10. pookyp

    Do RN's need special training to read PPD tests?

    Wow. Learn something new everyday.
  11. pookyp

    searching nursing schools

    Check vocational schools in your area. They are usually accredited. Mine was.
  12. I remember you. Congrats!
  13. pookyp

    Cost of LPN program?

    Mine was $5500. Not including books and uniforms.
  14. pookyp

    LPN to RN help??

    That's what I wanna know.
  15. pookyp

    LPN Jobseeker in Broward County, FL

    I was doing a search on something and came across this! Lol To the OP the jails hire new grads. That was my first job. Try there!