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  1. pookyp

    Job placement of Jersey College

    I graduated from there this year. Graduates have come back to give updates, They've been hired at Broward general in their new grad program, the StarN program. We had some go straight into trauma at Memorial. No one has had problems getting jobs. I went to the broward health job fair and had 2 interviews and they were very interested. Jersey is now accredited and they will be doing clinicals at the major hospitals next year I heard.
  2. pookyp

    Getting annoyed with Excelsior

    I've never gotten a response like that. Then again, I was on the enrollment payment plan. Maybe that's why. Wow. That's crazy.
  3. pookyp

    Having second thoughts..

    Try home health or hospice.
  4. pookyp

    Those who work in jail or prison

    Happens at my jail all the time. Even lawyers get down with the inmates lol.
  5. pookyp

    African American patients - a cultural question

    I'm AA. I've never experienced this. But I have experienced this with older Haitian patients.
  6. pookyp

    Before Hospice

    At my job you needed at least 1 year in a hospital or a skilled nursing facility for them to consider you. I'm glad they gave me a chance. I only had a month in a skilled facility before I ran outta there.
  7. pookyp

    Must we "pay our dues" by working night shift?

    I've seen posters in this very thread attack posters in the past saying 'if you're this rude, I can only imagine how you are with your pts' or 'look at how you respond to us in this thread, I can only imagine how you respond in real life' so please stop being hypocritical because your E-friend SBE was called out for being rude. I would quote the ppl who I wrote this post for, but I may get a message saying I'm attacking other posters lol. No comment on the actual OP.
  8. pookyp

    Negative Post on Facebook About New Nurses - I'm Fired Up!

    And here's a pic of the arm if it wasn't posted. Are we allowed to post the pic? Hope I'm not violating TOS..
  9. pookyp

    Negative Post on Facebook About New Nurses - I'm Fired Up!

    I saw this on my facebook feed the other day. When I saw her rant I said I'm 90% sure she's a member here. She's said what many vet nurses here say but with curse words thrown in. Lol
  10. Where I used to work it was mandatory that we clocked out and go back to the floor and work...while on your break!!
  11. pookyp

    Hospice: What You Don't Know Can Hurt

    I'm new to hospice as well. Enjoyed the story! I'll be putting some things that were said to the family in my memory!
  12. pookyp

    Emetophobia and Nursing

    I have emetophobia. It has held me back from having my dtr so late. Was afraid that I was going to vomit. I had no Morning sickness thank god! I still have the fear but is getting slightly better since having my dtr. I never thought in a million years I would be cleaning someone's vomit! But kids are unpredictable. As a nurse, I try to zone out and find my happy place. I used to run at the sound or sight of vomit! No lie! Like full blown running! Lol When it's contagious like norovirus I wash my hand constantly and wipe everything down. I'm super paranoid still.
  13. pookyp


    Cool. Never knew this! Learned something today!
  14. pookyp

    Ok, I am a little creeped out!

    I'm in hospice. My 99 yr old pt was on crisis care for pain management. Very AAOx3. At some point during the night around 3 am she was saying 'get out of here!' I asked hr what was wrong and she said 'get my dead mother out of here! I'm tired of seeing her face!' She pointed to the end of her bed. I politely asked her mother to leave and she never mentioned her anymore that night. She died 3 days later.
  15. pookyp

    Feeding oral meds to children