Did you ever see a patient taking two laxative at the same time

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Like a stimulant and and a stool softener?

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Frequently used in cardiology and post cardiac surgery to avoid stress on the heart.

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Not unusual, especially post op, when using narcotics, or in preparation for a colonoscopy. Another combo would be a fiber/bulk forming laxative with a stimulant.

A lot of ECFs in this area use something called "lax-log", which is a combo of bran, figs, and I think applesauce. Looks horrible but a small daily dose seems effective.

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Have a homecare patient who uses Milk of Magnesia as directed and an "herb tea" that works great! The herb tea is "senna" tea. Sounds familiar! :idea:: Same ingredient as in Senokot, and works very well.

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Yes--very frequently.

In Hospice and Long Term Care we gave 2 all of the time...sometimes 3...we would also give MOM with a shot of prune juice in it...and ducolax po...or suppository.

In PICU we also would "do what it takes" for patients who were on heavy doses of narcotics.

In home care also give two.

My 86 year old mother takes Miralax, prune juice and a ducolax on a daily basis...as prescribed by her Doctor.

So not unusal at all!

Yes. Anyone who's on long term narcotics, should avoid a vasovagal reaction from straining to have a bowel movement, who's post op and can't rip out stitches, is elderly and has friable perianal tissue, is young and is potty learning and is having difficulty with bowel learning, chemo patients who need to protect their perirectal areas from cuts which could be a great source of infection.

Pretty much any hospitalized patient at some point in time. ;)

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I work with a lot of seniors.Senekot, colace, mom and cascara will all be given at once.Whatever works.

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standard practice in hospice...

More times than I can recall.

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Often. My DH takes 4 to 6 Docusate daily and 2 to 3 Dulcolax weekly r/t opoid related constipation.

gave my patient a shaw's cocktail. nothing happened. the next day she had epson salts and a fleet enema. something happened.....:jester:

Head over to the LTC forum and check out some posts.

I have alot of people on more than one med..I know a lot of pregnant moms taking bowel meds too.

Think about how each med works....one will soften and one will help them go...not uncommon to see both meds ordered.

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